It is 1937. Fascism is on the rise in Europe as Germany and Italy look to expand their territories and Spain has descended into civil war. Britain and France follow a route of appeasement lest the barely-healed scars of the Great War be ripped open once again.

The dark clouds of war and oppression play heavy on the minds of man but other forces also stir, ready to take advantage of the coming storm...

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Re: Characters

Postby Philulhu » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:49 pm

In a change to how it has been done elsewhere, as you all have a character created in the Dhole’s House, please add the descriptive part of your backstory and attach the character sheet pdf. I also want to record any successful rolls (which potentially might lead to skill increases) here too, as it will be easier to track (you can add them by editing the post).

See example below.

Thomas (Tom) Rudge - Author

Tom is tall and stocky, with a smiling face and dark hair. Looking older than his 25 years, he favours casual dress (his fisherman’s jumper being a personal favourite) and he has affected to smoking a pipe, in the belief that it makes him look more sophisticated.

He has written (and has had published) a number of short stories and radio plays. He has a keen interest in the occult and has been invited to a number of events to talk about his own experiences.

Tom is open and talkative, and always keen to turn the conversation to any occult experiences someone has witnessed or even just heard about. He believes that there are forces external to humanity that can effect us all. He has heard plenty of tales of claimed experiences, but has yet to witness any actual events himself.

Tom is close to his parents, particularly his father, who was injured during the Great War. He is happiest exploring places with occult significance; haunted rectories, old churches, long-abandoned villages are frequent places of interest that he will visit.

Successful skill checks

Library Use (Birmingham Central Library)
Spot Hidden (St Paul's Church, Birmingham)
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Re: Characters

Postby thegergcollective » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:10 pm

Tarquin Farquhar, Antiques Dealer.

Medium height, medium build, medium man. Always well presented and beset with a few high quality pieces of jewelry. Tarquin carries around a very long musical case; it houses his rifle. This is because he often has to protect himself from those who wish him ill, usually because a scam or deal he has put in place has not done as well as he hoped. The rifle is quite effective at scaring off his usual threatening customer because they are usually members of the public, not gangsters.

A wide boy who works out of a small shop in a back alley, barely an Antique Dealers at all. Tarquin sells his business to others as if it is the city of Birmingham's most well kept secret. It has a sign above the door that says Farquhar Antiques; antique dealers to the Queen. This is stretching the truth somewhat as the Queen he is referring to is not actually The Queen but a lady who lives down his old road that everyone refers to as Queenie. This gives you a good idea of the kind of man Tarquin is.

He has failed at most things in his life but had quite a posh upbringing. His Mother and father both attempted to go to Cambridge but failed to do so and hence pushed Tarquin far harder than he should have been. He got to Cambridge but left with a Third and not in the subject he began in, which was his Fathers' choice of Lawyer. Tarquin thus has a vague idea of Law but spent most of his first year at Cambridge boating and punting, swimming and shooting. He then was forced to leave under a veil of animosity from his tutors and attempted to hide it from his Father for about a year, whilst he found another specialism. This time he was apprenticed to a Jewellers and Antique Dealers, where he found his calling due to his ability to talk anyone into paying anything for nothing. He managed to buy out the owder eventually, using underhand tactics.

His greatest hero was his Uncle, who fought in the Boer war and of the 3 possessions that really mean a jot to him, 2 are from his uncle. A tie pin/ cufflink set and his rifle, from the Boer war. His fathers' white gold garnet ring was a present from his father, though whether Tarquin will wear it for long, or pawn it, is unknown. His love of his father is not great, his hatred of his father is well hidden but real.

He is an agnostic C of e but really, the one person Tarquin genuinely believes in is himself.
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Re: Characters

Postby Techstar » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:22 pm

Walter Jason Jenkins

Occupation: Laborer
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Residence: Birmingham
Birthplace: Burton-Upon-Trent

A large imposing figure, Walt appears rawboned. Not classically handsome he has a twinkle in his eye and an easy if quiet charm that can put people at ease and create an immediate impression of trustworthiness.

He has a scar on the back of his left hand.

Walt planned to follow his father and grandfather into an apprenticeship, but following the war, due to the loss of skilled artisans he was only able to get a job as a laborer working on a repair team for the brewery.

He met, fell in love with, and proposed to Ginny O'Keef. But on the day of their wedding was left at the altar by both her and his best friend (and man) Jack Sanderson who eloped together.

Following a bender of epic proportions, he moved to Birmingham to start again away from the whispers and stares.

Walt has since had a variety of jobs, some semi-legal but none of them enough to get him in real trouble.

Walt is a Christian, a hard worker and now tea-total.

Born in Burton-Upon-Trent where his family for several generations worked for the brewery. After being left at the altar he moved away to Birmingham to start a new Life.

His most treasured possessions are a locket with photos of Mum and Dad when they were married (was Mum's). Dad's uniform belt. Grandad's tool box and tools and the encyclopedia and Bible he won at Sunday School prize giving.

A quiet, introverted man. He tries his best to be a man of his word and REALLY dislikes being lied to.

When under the influence he has an unpredictable temper.
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Re: Characters

Postby peper757 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:01 pm

Mathew Niles Harrison - Engineer

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Residence: Birmingham
Birthplace: Derby

Mathew is average-looking man who believes wearing a waistcoat is the most appropriate attire whilst both on and off the job. He is slightly taller than usual but otherwise of average build.

He studied engineering at Derby College before moving to Birmingham in his 30's to join a larger engineering firm, where he has found himself rapidly promoted. However, this has meant leaving behind most of his family and old friends, who have remained in Derby.

He has heard rumors of supernatural doings and beings through his coworkers and occasional jobs working alongside members of the public but is skeptical without any proper proof.

In his spare time, he enjoys listening to the radio and discussing engineering problems with his peers.

Successful Skill Checks:
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