Dramatis personæ

Two M.U. students headed out on a camping trip on the banks of the Miskatonic a few miles west of Arkham. Now one is missing, and the other is found wandering the Arkham streets and a raving madman.

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Dramatis personæ

Postby amarriner » Fri Jan 04, 2008 2:53 pm

Completed character sheets will be posted here ...
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby Riotopsys » Fri Jan 04, 2008 8:00 pm

Ondine Dumont


An Interpreter working in Arkham Mass under retainer with Miskatonic University and Arkham PD. She is fluent in French and Algonquian as she is descended from both stocks. She Settled in Arkham after the death of her mother while she was in attendance at Miskatonic University. Currently she has no interest in her Wampanoag Heritage and attempts to keep general knowledge of it to a minimum.


Investigator Name: Ondine Dumont
Occupation: Interpreter
Colleges, Degrees: Miskatonic University, BA
Birthplace: Danvers, MA
Mental Disorders:
Sex: F Age: 28

STR: 7
DEX: 10
INT: 13 Idea: 65
CON: 9
APP: 12
POW: 13 Luck: 65 SAN: 65
SIZ: 12
EDU: 17 Know: 85

99-Cthulhu Mythos: 99
Damage Bonus: none

Art: Knitting 30%
Bargain 40%
Credit Rating 80%
Dodge 20%
Fast Talk 30%
Law 20%
Library Use 40%
Listen 75%
Other Language: Algonquian 76%
Other Language: English 71%
Other Language: Spanish 31%
Own Language: French 85%
Psychology 30%
Rifle 40%
Spot Hidden 50%
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby Dondero » Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:44 pm



Mickey O’Dwyer was born in New York in 1906. His parents, Michael and Rose were second generation Irish immigrants. A considerable age difference between the couple, Michael met Rose while he was a widower, his first wife having been run down by a horse and carriage.

His parents had set up a small tobacconists shop in a quiet district of New York, and Michael soon inherited a thriving business, with ideas for expansion across the state, branching off into confectionery, floristry and perfumes.

Rose was the driving force behind the floristry business, using cash from Michael’s businesses to produce a lot of her output at a local allotment and greenhouse.

Growing up, it seemed to Mickey that he was always surrounded by exotic plants, flowers and herbs. Constantly absorbed in his botany books from a young age, the other children took great delight in calling him ‘GreenFingers O’Dwyer’, both in reference to his passion for botany and his Irish ancestry. His first of many frequent visits to the Skylands Botanical Gardens at New Jersey during his teens gave rise to his desire to become a botanical scientist.

Having a good relationship with both parents, it was with some ambivalence that Mickey took up his place at Miskatonic University to study botany full time. Eager to pursue his passion, Mickey has found that campus life has taken its toll. Not really into the social side of things, Mickey has formed only a few superficial acquaintances, preferring to spend his time engrossed with his books and plants.


Quiet, shy and a creature of habit, this mousy haired bespectacled twenty-two year old is the stereotypical bookworm. Mickey was born with a cleft lip and palate (harelip) and although he has no inherent hearing problems, he has been going to a speech therapist for most of hs life. Preferring his own company and that of his plants and flowers, he is and always will be somewhat conscious of his appearance
Mickey was educated at a special school, where the teachers heaped praise on his enthusiasm and aptitude for learning, encouraging his love of botany.
Mickey may never have been out on a date with a girl, but he prides himself on being an expert on the reproductive systems of flowers.

Looking forward to graduating, Mickey also works part-time helping Mr Potter, the Groundskeeper at the University.

A true sceptic of the paranormal, Mickey believes that all things can be explained through the rational applied use of science.

Occupation: Student at Miskatonic University
Birthplace: New York


Sex: M
Age: 22



STR: 7
DEX: 8
INT: 12 Idea: 60
CON: 9
APP: 6
POW: 15 Luck: 75 SAN: 75
SIZ: 11
EDU: 16 Know: 80

HP: 10

Cthulhu Mythos: 99
Damage Bonus: none

Own Language: English 95%
Library Use 95%
Student occupational skills - Three areas of study:-
Natural History 95%
Chemistry 86%
History 85%

Listen 40%
First Aid 50%
Pharmacy 11%
Photography 50%
Astronomy 16%
Biology 21%
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby zielonobrody » Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:33 am

Donald Lutherhagen
Sex: M
Age: 56


STR 12
CON 12
SIZ 17
INT 11 Idea 55
POW 12 Sanity 59 [was 60] Luck 60
DEX 17
EDU 17 Know 85

Damage Bonus +1d4
Hit Points 15
Magic Points 12
99-Cthulhu Mythos : 99


Accounting 30%
Bargain 25%
Block 80%
Dodge 90%
Fast Talk 30%
First Aid 65%
Head Butt 20%
Jump 80%
Persuade 42%
Psychology 41%

Own Language Danish 85%
Other Language American English 51%
Credit Rating 25%
Kick 40%
Library Use 30%
Throw 35%

Charachter Background
Born in 1872 in Viborg, Denmark, Donald Lutherhagen was quite an athlete back in the day. He found out he was great in goalkeeping in High School, and sports earned him a rather large scholarship. He went on to study Chemistry in Copenhagen and as he was still great at goalkeeping, played in a second league soccer club. In the winter before his graduation(Masters course in chemistry) when he was just starting to think about the future, his parents were killed in an accident. He never talks about it so nobody knows what type of accident it was. Donald fell into a depression and barely graduated. He used his savings to buy a ship ticket to New York to start anew. He left all his possessions in Denmark. His house, which his parents left him in Viborg, his apartment in Copenhagen stand empty to this day.
Upon arrival in New York(barely knowing the English language) He left for Boston which seemed like a nice place and around the climate he was used to. Cold and salty air, wet autumns, snowy winters. There he became a High School gymnastics tutor and after meeting some local acquaintances got pulled into baseball. He instantly loved the sport, the tactics, the finesse. He started playing center field in a local team. After a few years he decided that teaching was his destiny, so he quit the team and focused on teaching sports. Still a gym teacher, he became a peewee league coach. This is where he met his future wife Adelle. They had no children but they lived a happy life together. Adelle got cancer in 1925 and died from it in 1927.
Donald decided to move once again, to leave the past behind. He found a vacancy in Arkham for the Miscatonic University baseball team coach and manager. He's been training the students for a whole semester already and is quite happy with the situation. He found some talent brewing under the nerdy, bookwormish skins of the students at MU and intends to enroll the MU Fiends in next years local league, hoping for at least a minor success.

Appearance and habits
The loss off loved ones has put it's mark on Donald's phisique, but not on his phisical abilities. Tall(185cm) and well built(90kg), he still looks intimidating. Rather messy, not really short black hair, but with a well kept mustache. His face a battleground of wrinkles, and his shoulders a little slumped from the weight of years, which are instatnly forgotten at the briefest mention of action. He speaks slowly with a low and rumbling voice, and although his English isn't perfect, his body language makes up for it(it tends to get loud on baseball fields and soccer stadiums, so he's had years of practice). Lately his mind tends to wander to unknown places. Although he rarely shouts, he does get iritated at ignorance and at people who are not trying hard enough.
Quotes: "I'm getting old..." "Throw the damn ball like I taught you!"
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby Miss Scarlet » Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:12 pm

Character Sheet

Player: Miss Scarlet
Character: Albert Winston
Place of Birth: Arkham
Age: 43
Sex: male
Height: 1,90m
Weight: 80 kg
Hair: brown turning grey
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Colleges, Degrees: Medicine - Boston University; Psychiatry - Vienna University
Mental Disorders: none

STR 10
CON 13
SIZ 13
DEX 13
INT 16
POW 15
EDU 18

Idea (Int*5): 80%
Luck (Pow*5): 75%
Know (Edu*5): 90%

Damage Bonus: none

Sanity Points equal to POW*5: 75
Magic Points equal to POW: 15
Hit Points equal to (CON + SIZ)/2: 13

Sanity lost:
1 - for seeing a corpse at the bank of the river
1 - for seeing a hand beneath the corpse

Current Sanity: 73

Investigator Skills
[ ] Anthropology (01%): 30% (30)
[ ] Biology (01%): 30% (30)
[ ] Chemistry (01%): 30% (30)
[ ] Credit Rating (15%): 41% (26)
[ ] Dodge (DEX*2%): 30% (4)
[ ] Drive Auto (20%): 30% (10)
[ ] First Aid (30%): 60% (30)
[ ] Library Use (25%): 55% (30)
[ ] Listen (25%): 35% (10)
[ ] Medicine (05%): 55% (50)
Other Language (1%)
[ ] Latim: 40% (40)
[ ] German 40% (40)
Own Language (EDUx5%)
[ ] English: 90%
[ ] Persuade (15%): 40% (25)
[ ] Pharmacy (01%): 20% (20)
[ ] Psychoanalysis (01%): 70% (70)
[ ] Psychology (05%): 60% (55)
[ ] Spot Hidden (25%): 35% (10)

[ ] Handgun (20%): 30% (10)

melee/ %/ damage/ hnd/ rng/ #att/ hp
[ ] Fist (50%)/ 50%/ 1D3/ 1/ touch/ 1/ n/a
[ ] Grapple (25%)/ 25%/ special/ 2/ touch/ 1/ n/a
[ ] Head (10%)/ 10%/ 1D4/ 0/ touch/ 1/ n/a
[ ] Kick (25%)/ 25%/ 1D6/ 0/ touch/ 1/ n/a

firearm/ %/ damage/ malf/ rng/ #att/ shots/ hp
[ ] .32 Automatic/ 30%/ 1d8/ 99/ 15 yds/ 3/ 8/ 8

Income & Savings
Annual Income: U$ 7,500
Cash on Hand: U$ 150
Savings: U$ 1,500
Savings in stocks, bonds etc. (convertible in no less than 30 days): U$ 1,500
Personal Property: U$ 37,500
Real Estate: House in Arkham, Massachusetts, Ford

Psychology and Medicine Department - University of Boston
Psychology and Medicine Department - University of Vienna
Alexander Mayhill - banker in Boston, his brother-in-law

Medical bag, first aid kit, magnifying glass, binocular, flashlight.

Albert Winston was born in April 18th 1884 in Arkham, Massachusetts. He was the first child of Margareth and Thomas Winston. Three years after, another member was added to the family, his younger sister, Elizabeth.

Since childhood, Albert wanted to be a doctor and he studied for that. The human body was fascinating for him. Finishing high school he went to Boston to study Medicine. He was graduated with honors, but by that time it was the human mind the main object of his interest.

He worked a couple of years at the General Hospital to raise funds to go to Europe and study with one of the newest doctors in the Psychology area, Sigmund Freud. He went to Vienna and studied for four years discovering the meanders of the human mind. He stayed there for another couple of years practicing with another Psychiatrist to get more experience then he came back to Boston.

At this time his sister had married an important banker in Boston, Alexander Mayhill and he decided to open his office there. Unfortunately, a few years latter, his father and mother died within the period of a year and he decided to go back to Arkham, since there was an open chair at the Psychology Department. He wanted to spread the knowledge he got in Vienna. He also uses the ground floor of his parent’s house for his office.

Now, he teaches at Miskatonic University and has his practice in his home office and sometimes he goes to Boston to treat some of his old clients.

Winston has brown eyes and hair, but his hair is turning grey because of age. He's 1,90m (6'23), 80kg (176,4 pounds).

Albert Winston

Albert Winston at this graduation in Medicine - Boston University

Albert Winston in Vienna

Albert Winston's car - Ford 1927
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby HellBlazer » Tue Jan 08, 2008 7:26 am

My Character

Jack Roberts

Occupation: Private Investigator

Home town: Chicago IL.

Appearance: Jack is a Caucasian male aged 35 with brown hair and brown
eyes. He stands six feet tall and weighs a little over 200 pounds. Jack has sort of a rugged handsome look about him , he has the marks that thirty five years on earth would give a man but he still looks quite dashing when fully shaved and not wearing his lucky old brown fedora and trench coat .

Background: Jack was born in Chicago and has lived there his whole life , he is the type of guy who couldn't live anywhere but the big city. Jack did good in school and after graduating from high school decided he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. He became a Chicago police officer and was a model cadet of the force. While in his rookie years he met a women named Lisa and they fell in love and were married. Jack became a detective in the homicide unit and was there for five years. Until Lisa died giving birth to his child. Jack took a leave of absence from the police to deal with his wife and unborn child's death's. A year went by and Jack felt that he couldn't go back to the life he had left behind and decided not to return to duty . He still however held the same values and wanted to continue to help people but wanted to do it at his own pace. He became a freelance private investigator and opened his own office in down town Chicago.
Jack's little outfit is just starting up and is waiting for the next big job to come his way........
In the mean time Jack likes to sample fine scotch in the comfort of his office while chain smoking camel cigarette's.

STR: 9
INT: 11
Current Sanity: 45 (Edited by amarriner)
Cthulhu mythos: 99
Hit Points:11
Occupation Skills
Fast Talk:55%
Library use:30%
First Aid:40%
Spot Hidden:35%
Equipment: Colt M1911 .45 automatic 1d10+2 damage, ( 7 rounds in clip plus two extra magazines all carried in a shoulder holster under jacket) wallet with $100 cash and state I.D/drivers license and P.I I.D , wrist watch , keys to apartment and downtown office , "zippo" style wick lighter and a pack of camel cigarettes.
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby Samuel » Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:33 pm

Gregory Atkinson, Esq.

White male, age 33, single, Lawyer E.E. Saltonstall & Associates, birthplace/residence: Arkham, MA.

STR: 6
DEX: 10
INT: 11
Idea: 55
CON: 8
APP: 10
POW: 13
Luck: 65
SIZ: 10
SAN: 65
EDU: 18
Know: 90
MP: 13
HP: 9
Damage penalty: -1d4
Sanity Points: 65

Background: Gregory (Greg to his friends) is an only child. He has always been a bit of a loner, and this was reinforced by his experiences during The Great War. After an accidental exposure to Mustard Gas, he developed Tuberculoses that left him gaunt and weak ever since. While recovering in England he found that both his parents had been killed. He returned to the States and, with his mild inheritance, put him self through College and Law School at Misk U. Due to lingering effects of his illness and his rather introverted nature (especially for a lawyer), he has not yet been able to establish himself as much more than a competent attorney, and currently is a new associate at the firm of E.E. Saltonstall & Associates. He has only been there for a few months, but has worked at other firms, as well as independently and a short stint in the Public Defender's office.

Appearance/Mannerisms: Six feet tall, but thinner than average due to the illness, brown hair and eyes, really unremarkable and average looking except for the unnatural thinness. Was quite fit before the war, so the lack of strength is frustrating. He tends to be standoffish and likes his books and throws himself into paperwork to fend off feelings of loneliness. Not unfriendly per say, but it takes a lot to get to know him. Generally not the ego and personality to be a truly successful trial lawyer.

Character: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/search/147753/

Bargain: 50
Credit: 50
Fast Talk: 50
Law: 80
Library: 80
Persuade: 50
Psych: 75
Latin: 50
Handgun: 45
Rifle: 60
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby TakeSolo » Thu May 29, 2008 6:36 am

ARCH ACKLAND - Freelance Photographer / Veteran of the Great War

Age: 32
Colleges/Degress: Somerville College - Univ. of Oxford (dropped out after 2nd year to serve in the war)
Birthplace: London
Mental Disorders: Suffers from claustrophobia as a result of the trench warfare during the Great War.
Sex: Male

Brief History: Attended Somerville College at the age of 17. He dropped out during his second year (18 years old) to serve in the Great War. He had a very high interest in photography and took many photographs from the front lines. He was honorably discharged in 1916 after receiving various wounds from an artillery strike. He still has a bit of trouble hearing out of his right ear. He became a freelance photographer, and in 1925 he moved to the United States to look for some diversity in his work. He settled in nicely, and found a flat in Arkham, Massachusetts. He still works freelance, selling his photographs mainly to the local newspaper, Arkham Gazette.

CON 11
SIZ 12
DEX 10
APP 10
SAN 65
INT 17
POW 13
EDU 14


db +0
HP 12
MP 13

http://invisiblecastle.com/search/?roll ... n=&latest=

Profession points: 280
Hobby points: 170

Accounting 40
Chemistry 75
Conceal 30
Fist 70
History 50
Library Use 50
Persuade 50
Photography 85
Physics 20
Psychology 40
Rifle 65
Spot Hidden 70

Photography Bag
-Kodak High-End Camera
-Film, 24 exposures
-Misc. Small Tools
Pocket knife
Worn black suit w/ slacks
Apartment keys
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Re: Dramatis personæ

Postby Dave Syrinx » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:00 pm

Name: Rascee Timms

Occupation: Woodsman-Ranger
Colleges, Degrees:
Birthplace: Arkham, MA
Mental Disorders:
Sex: M
Age: 46
STR: 10 DEX: 13 INT: 15 Idea: 75
CON: 15 APP: 8 POW: 12 Luck: 60
SIZ: 14 SAN: 60 EDU: 12 Know: 60
Hit Points: 15
99-Cthulhu Mythos: 99 Damage Bonus: none


Accounting 10% Anthropology 1% Archaeology 1%
Astronomy 1% Bargain 5% Biology 1%
Chemistry 1% Climb 65% Conceal 15%
Credit Rating 15% Cthulhu Mythos 0% Dodge 26%
Drive Auto 20% Electrical Repair 10% Fast Talk 5%
First Aid 80% Geology 1% Handgun 20%
Hide 10% History 20% Jump 25%
Law 5% Library Use 25% Listen 65%
Locksmith 1% Machine Gun 15% Martial Arts 1%
Mechanical Repair 40% Medicine 5% Natural History 45%
Navigate 10% Occult 5% Operate Hvy. Machine 1%
Persuade 15% Pharmacy 1% Photography 10%
Physics 1% Psychoanalysis 1% Psychology 5%
Ride 5% Rifle 85% Shotgun 30%
Sneak 10% Spot Hidden 65% Submachine Gun 15%
Swim 25% Throw 25% Track 85%
.22 Bolt-Action Rifle* 85% Fist/Punch 65% Head Butt 10%
Kick 25% Grapple 25% Wood Axe 50%

Companion: Buff the Bloodhound
Description: Forest Ranger/keeper, loner, quiet, no kin. The guy your grandmother scared you with if you didn´t eat your pie!
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