Sarah and Aidan

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Re: Sarah and Aidan

Postby Mr. Handy » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:45 am


"RUN!!!" screams Sarah, terror seizing her. She is already racing up the stairs, legs pumping furiously, heart pounding in her chest, blood pounding in her temples. The sight of the constable being brutally slaughtered is etched in her mind, and all she knows is that she doesn't want the same thing to happen to her. Step after step passes beneath her in a blur. Run, Sarah! she thinks. Run like the wind! Don't look back...don't look to get to the to get out of here... She can only hope Aidan is behind her.
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Re: Sarah and Aidan

Postby Laraqua » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:48 am

Nurse Sarah, her nerves on fire, rushes upstairs before Aidan has the chance to respond. Whether or not he follows, he will lag behind her as she crosses the Fourth and Fifth floor toward the roof (she has higher Dex) and hears her speak briefly to a man who says something about covering her. Then a three-round burst of gunfire is heard (if you follow Nurse Sarah, this will occur moments before you reach the Fifth floor landing and you can post as such). This entire scene will have taken about six-eight seconds - about the time it takes for your average middle-aged fellow to mount two and flights of stairs in an extreme situation.

OOC: Sorry I didn't wait up for Aidan but I figured that it's not such a big deal since nothing all that huge happened until just now. If you wish to post that Aidan does something other than going upstairs, post it here. if you go with the flow and rush upstairs, join the Andrew - Cael thread.
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