Character Concepts & Their Sheets

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Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Laraqua » Mon Apr 30, 2007 11:50 am

Come on, let's all put it in one place so I won't misplace them. I have the dreadful habit of doing that. :lol:
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby SuAside » Mon Apr 30, 2007 3:54 pm

Darft version 0.1

Name: Jason Brown
Age: 15
Birthplace: Kent
Residence: London
Education: Latin-Greek, still attending school
Phobia: paralyzation (conscious, but unable to act).
Medical history: slowly spreading cancer (inoperable) that was discovered a year ago. chemo and radiation unresponsive (more likely to kill him before the cancer does). currently on pain medication, but not much else can be done but monitor the spread of the cancer once a week.
Life expectancy: 3 months (worst case) to 2 years (best case)

DEX 12
APP 12
SAN 85
INT 17
POW 17
EDU 14
Idea 85
Luck 85
Know 70
Damage Bonus -1D4

San points: 85-6-6+8=81
Magic points: 17-8=9
Hit points: 8 - 6 (2)

From afar he looks like a rather small and skinny kid for his age. He wears sneakers, jeans and a baseball cap.

He's a rational, smart and independant kid. He is the smart kid in class, but does not make a particular effort to be the best (as such, he does not have the best grades of the class, but is regarded as the most intelligent).
He has no real close friends, mostly bondless people he interacts with instead. Due to his disease, he has shut others out. His parents do what they can, but both his parents (upper middleclass) have to keep working hard to pay the medical bills and keep the business going. As such, he often spends time alone, but that is fine for him.
It is to be noted that he has already come to terms with his own death. Once the time comes, he intends to end it himself once the pain becomes unbearable. He is an atheist ("If there was a god, i'd continuously curse him anyway for what he has done to me, so maybe it is best for both of us that I simply deny his existence.").

Likes: entertainment (anything to keep him from dealing with reality: music, tv, computergames, books, drawing,...), climbing (often to get away from other people), hacking (mostly harmless analysing of security and then trying to find a way around it)
Dislikes: noisy and nosy people, also people who pitty him.

First Aid (30) 50
Climb (40) 55
Computer use (00) 50
Dodge (24) 65
Art (Draw) (05) 33
Hide (10) 50
History (20) 50
Jump (25) 35
Library use (25) 65
Listen (25/56) 65
Natural history (10) 25
Language - Latin (00) 25
Language - Greek (00) 25
Language - English (70)
Sneak (10) 40
Spot hidden (25/75) 79

Cthulhu Mythos (00): 03

backpack (black eastpack)
writing tools (pens, pencils, markers, etc)
'The Forever War' by Haldeman
mp3 player/radio
victorinox knife (swiss army knife)
usb stick (various programs)
chewing gum
box of cookies
bottle of water
pack of paper handkerchiefs
mobile phone

edit: inventory / updates on char points etc
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby waferthinninja » Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:38 pm

Daniel Carter, Stockbroker
Daniel is in the hospital recovering from surgery to treat a severe stress-related peptic ulcer. The stress comes from his job - brokering multi-million pound stock deals - and from his ex-wife who is making it very difficult to see his daughter.

He was born and raised in a quiet village in Devon. His parents live in a bungalow in the village of Braunton and in his eyes "never amounted to much" compared to the high flying life he leads in London. Like most things in his life they have been marginalized by his work, and he only sees them very occaisionally, Christmas holidays and the like.

For their part they are proud of him, and his mother does make constant attempts to call him and speak to him regularly, though more often than not he is "in a meeting, can't be disturbed". His father was a military man, set for great things, but was forced into retirement due to ill health. He put a lot of pressure on Daniel to succeed, to be better than he ever was.

Daniel has lots of "friends", but of the superficial type who are either work competitors or who want to brown nose him to get ahead. There is a lot of one-upmanship amongst his circle - who can have the best car, best house, best mobile bloody phone etc.

His Docklands flat is kept immaculate by the cleaners he employs, expensively furnished in an ultramodern style with designer kit and the very best gadgets. He typically only sleeps there for a few hours most days after staggering in late from some hip club, and then leaving early after breakfasting on a double espresso.

Consciously he would say he fears poverty, and having to live like "regular people", but deep down the one thing that would destroy him would be to lose his daughter, the one thing that gives him a glimmer of an idea that there is more to life than money.

His wife Gemma was young and beautiful, from a well to do family, the typical Kensington butterfly rarely seen without either a glass of champagne or a shopping bag in her hand. She was swept off her feet by Daniel, impressed by his willingness to flash the cash, and they married in that mindless way that young couples sometimes do, happy for Daniel to take over from Daddy in paying the bills.

She fell pregnant shortly after the wedding, and she soon realised that she needed Daniel around more than his money. The couple started squabbling and Daniel just retreated even further into his work. Baby Hayley arrived, and Gemma's nagging for Daniel to be around more only got more insistant.

One day after a bad day on the markets, her nagging got too much and he hit her. She moved out and filed for divorce soon after. Only when they were out of his life did he realise what he had lost.

Gemma took their daughter away and while she has agreed a weekly visit, she frequently makes excuses at the last moment. Gemma soon found another father figure, and is threatening to move away with him, making it more difficult still for Daniel to see Hayley.

Place of Birth: Devon
Age: 33
Sex: M
Height: 175cm
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Dark, cut short
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Stockbroker
Colleges, Degrees: BA Hons Economics, LSE
Mental Disorders: None. Yet.

STR 10
SIZ 13
DEX 10
APP 15
INT 13
POW 16
EDU 18

Idea (Int*5) 65%
Luck (Pow*5) 80%
Know (Edu*5) 90%

Damage Bonus: -

Sanity Points: 80
Magic Points: 16
Hit Points: 10

Investigator Skills
[ ] Accounting (10%): 60%
[ ] Bargain (05%): 50%
[ ] Credit Rating (15%): 80%
[ ] Drive Auto (20%): 50%
[ ] Fast Talk (05%): 50%
[ ] History (20%): 40%
[ ] Law (05%): 45%
[ ] Library Use (25%): 50%
[ ] Mech. Repair (20%): 40%
[ ] Medicine (05%): 15%
Other Language (1%)
[ ] Japanese 60%
[ ] Persuade (15%): 40%
[ ] Psychology (05%): 60%
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby imme » Tue May 01, 2007 12:15 am

Name: Jill Adams
Age: 29

STR: 9
CON: 16
POW: 8
DEX: 15
APP: 13
SIZ: 15 13
INT: 16
EDU: 15
San: 40 (-6+8) 42
Idea: 80
Luck: 40
Know: 75

Damage bonus: none
Hit points: 16 - 7 +2(11) 15
Magic points: 8

Archaeology (01): 46
Disguise (01): 46
Dodge (30): 50
First Aid (30): 50+4=54
History (20): 75
Listen (25): 75+2=77
Other language—Latin (01): 51
Persuade (15): 45
Psychology (05): 55+1=56
Spot Hidden (25): 65+2=67
Swim (25): 80
Cthulhu Mythos: 15% (Based around the whole trance thing)
Handgun (20): +4=24

Appearance and personality:

Jill is very tall and slender. She was an accomplished swimmer in college and continues to move with the grace of an athlete. She is a kind, quiet person, shy and reserved with most people. With her friends she opens up a little more. Although still mostly quiet, she will occasionally pipe up with some comment that sends ripples of laughter bouncing around the room.


Jill grew up in the American Midwest with an alcoholic father who regularly beat his stay-at-home mother, but never laid a hand on her. Jill’s mother never left him, and managed to keep up the appearance of a nice, happy family for all the friends and family. Jill was encouraged to project this image as well. Her mother would explain to the young, confused Jill that her father worried about making ends meet and drink was a way for him to de-stress. He wasn’t bad for hitting her, he just couldn’t always help himself. He still loved her and always felt bad afterwards. Jill’s mother explained that it was usually her fault anyway, having done something to annoy him. Jill was always scared by her father when he was drunk, and would run and hide when he beat her mother, but he was very loving when sober. She was never really able to reconcile these two sides of him, and was uncomfortable with her mother’s explanations, but would push her emotions and thoughts deep down inside where she didn’t have to deal with them.

Jill was an awkward teenager, having grown much taller than most of her friends. Luckily, a friend convinced her to try out for the high school swim team, and this allowed her to become comfortable, and even proud, of her body and what it could do. She also gained popularity as a star on the swim team. During her junior year her father’s heavy drinking began to catch up with him and he started to experience serious problems with his health. As they became more severe and he began to have to spend time in the hospital, Jill retreated into her school world, full of friends, swim meets, and the occasional boy. Although some of her friends would sneak alcohol into parties, she refused to drink. In her senior year her father died when his body finally couldn’t stand up for itself anymore. Her friends felt sorry for her, and she comforted her weeping mother, but some part of her was maybe even a little glad that he was gone now. This made her feel guilty, and again she reacted by just pushing the emotions away and focusing on the more enjoyable parts of life.

For college she chose one that was far enough away from home that she could really become her own person, and leave uncomfortable shadows behind. She studied classical Greece and Rome, but spent most of her time in the pool. She became her school’s best swimmer and won several local championships before winning at the nationals in her senior year. In college she also met her husband, Charlie, who was a jock on the basketball team. Not only was he actually taller than she was, he was also a really fun guy. Right after graduation they got married and he began working for a hot new marketing company, while she stayed at home and kept house.

The first two years of marriage were wonderful; they were an adorable couple, obviously deeply in love. Then Charlie started beating her. He wasn’t drunk, but he would come home from work completely stressed, and something would set him off. She was shocked the first time he hit her, and afterwards he apologized profusely and treated her like a queen for the next month. Soon enough he struck her a second time, and then a third and a fourth. Like her mother before her, she couldn’t believe that he really meant to hurt her, and was often coming up with excuses for his behavior. Most of the time he beats her in places where she can easily hide a bruise or two. Occasionally she has to stay inside for a few days to hide more visible marks, and once he broke her arm and she had to make up some excuse for the doctor who set it. While she was in a cast he treated her with great love and care, apologizing and promising to stop. But then his job became stressful again and the beatings resumed.

Two years ago his company moved him to London to work with the office there. She packed up the house, said goodbyes to all her friends, and followed him across the Atlantic. Occasionally at company functions she’ll meet her husband’s colleagues and their spouses, but she has yet to become close with any of them. She has gotten to know several of her neighbors and enjoys spending time with them and their children.

In fact, children always bring a smile to her face. As the big 3-0 approaches, she’s beginning to more and more wish for a child of her own. However, Charlie has made it quite clear that he’s not at all interested in having children, and she’s not sure that she would want a child in their household anyway (remembering back to how things were when she was a child). Still, she loves children dearly and several months ago began volunteering at the hospital, where twice a week she goes to read to children who are hospitalized and whose family members have to work during the day.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby OathinBlood » Tue May 01, 2007 1:19 am

Name: Carson Boyd
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hospital Maintenance/Janitor
Birthplace: Seattle, USA

STR: 10
CON: 10
SIZ: 11
DEX: 9
APP: 4
INT: 11 (Idea - 55)
POW: 9 (Luck - 45)
EDU: 15 (Knowledge - 75)

Sanity: 45 -1 (44)
Phobias/Mental Disorders:
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 11
Magic Points: 9
Damage Bonus: +0

Appearance & Personality: Carson Boyd is not an attractive person. His face, while not malformed in any way, is far from the least bit attractive – the tone of his skin is pallid and his gaunt face always appears to be in a cold sweat. His eyes are a soulful grey-green colour, and often appear somewhat haunted. His hair is black, although appears grey due to the large amounts of white hair resulting from his stressful history and life-style. However, inside, he is a kind soul, despite suffering from several severe mental problems. He often wears his dirty grey-green hospital janitor suit everywhere, even when he’s not working.

To support his drug habit, Carson will commit petty crimes like stealing blank prescription pads or the occasional pill bottle lying around, but he would never do anything that would hurt someone or cause them pain.

Background: Born several weeks early due to his mother’s sleeping-pill addiction, Carson has always been weaker than other people. His addict mother died giving birth to him. Hoping for a fresh start and a better life for his son, his father took him to London. Arriving there, his dad was unable to get a hold on life and ended up nearly homeless, living in a cockroach-infested motel room with his young son. At just several months old, his father failed an attempted suicide, and now resides in a catatonic state inside the very same London hospital that Carson now works at as a janitor/general maintenance man.

Carson’s childhood was a blaze of being passed around from one foster home to another, until he ran way to the streets. Picking up dirt jobs to support himself, Carson finally ended up at the London hospital, as a janitor/maintenance man, for two reasons. The first and foremost was that so he could be closer to his dad, even though he was in a vegetative state, and the second was that he could get sedatives such as Rohypnol and other sleeping-pills to support his addiction. He currently has no home and sleeps on park benches and in un-finished houses, but some people that know him will let him sleep in their houses for a night or two out of pity. He tries not to do this often, because he doesn’t want to trouble them.

Family Members: Carson knows no family, since his mother died during childbirth and his dad went catatonic when he was a baby. No family members have attempted to make contact to him.

SKILLS: (Important! Non-default skills BOLD, Professional Skills ITALICS, Hobbies preceded by a DOT.)
Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (05%):
Astronomy (01%):
.Bargain (05%): 20%
Biology (01%):
Chemistry (01%): 93%
Climb (40%):
Computer Use (01%):
Conceal (15%): 25%
.Craft – Scrap Metal Sculpture(05%): 36%
Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Disguise (01%):
Dodge (DEX×2): 18%
Drive Auto (20%):
Electr. Repair (10%): 63%
.Electronics (01%): 12%
Fast Talk (05%): 25%
First Aid (30%): 45%
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
History (20%):
Jump (25%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (25%):
Listen (25%):
Locksmith (01%):
Martial Arts (01%):
Mech. Repair (20%): 81%
.Medicine (05%): 28%
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
Opr. Hvy. Mch. (01%):
Other Language - Spanish(01%): 10%
Own Language (EDU×5%): 75%
Persuade (15%):
.Pharmacy (01%): 61%
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (05%):
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%):
.Spot Hidden (25%): 35%
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Fist/Punch (50%):
Head Butt (10%):
Kick (25%):
Grapple (25%):

Handgun (20%):
Machine Gun (15%):
Rifle (25%):
Shotgun (30%):
SMG (15%):

Carson Boyd, when on duty, rolls around a cart containing several bottles of various cleaning chemicals, and a small toolbox with wrenches, nails,
hammers, and the sort. Off and on duty, he keeps a small pill bottle of various sedative pills which he consumes at home.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Mr. Handy » Tue May 01, 2007 3:28 am


Name: Sarah Carpenter
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Occupation: Nurse
Current Residence: London, England

STR: 7
CON: 10
SIZ: 11
DEX: 17
APP: 11
INT: 14 (Idea - 70)
POW: 15 (Luck - 75)
EDU: 14 (Know - 70) [includes +1 from age]

Sanity: 75 -3 +1 -1 -1 (71%)
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 11
Magic Points: 15
Damage Bonus: +0

Appearance & Personality: Sarah Carpenter is about five and a half feet tall, with straight shoulder-length blonde hair and alert green eyes. She is dedicated to healing people and saving lives, but she also has a life of her own. She often goes out with friends after work to have a good time. Sarah is kind and compassionate, and it pains her when others suffer, but nothing makes her feel better than helping the sick and injured.

Background: Sarah's mother, Beatrice, died of a stroke when Sarah was six years old. Sarah had been home alone with her mother at the time. She had called for an ambulance and tried everything she could to save her mother's life, but there had been nothing she could do and the paramedics arrived too late. Sarah blamed herself for her mother's death and resolved to learn how to save lives. This inspired her to become a trauma nurse, and she often assists in surgery. In spite of her skills and those of the surgeons, on occasion patients die on the table and each death affects her intensely.

After her mother's death, her father Lionel raised her with help from his parents, doing everything he could to comfort his daughter. The two of them formed a tight bond, and they are still very close. Lionel never remarried, unable to find any woman he loved as much as he had Beatrice. He is the most important person in her life, and she dreads losing him more than anything.

Sarah has never had much luck when it comes to romance, and her last relationship ended very badly to say the least. Her boyfriend was a young lawyer named Lyle Hamilton who at first had seemed very charming, and she fell for him hard. After a few months, however, she came to realize that he was acting very possessive and controlling, always wanting to spend time with her and not considering that she had a life of her own outside of him. She had a talk with him and told him that she was feeling smothered, and that she thought it best that they put some distance between them because she needed a little space.

Lyle didn't take this well at all, and he lashed out at her verbally. This hurt Sarah deeply, and she broke up with him. Lyle then began to stalk her. She went to the police, but as a lawyer Lyle knew exactly where the lines were and was very careful not to cross them, so there was nothing they could do. Sarah decided that she'd have to look out for herself, and she took self-defense courses.

These paid off one night when Lyle, in a drunken rage, broke into Sarah's flat and attacked her. She fought back with everything she had, and in the end she killed him in self-defense. Though the police absolved her quickly, she found it harder to forgive herself for what she had to do, especially since she had once had feelings for Lyle. Since then she has been rather reserved around men, reluctant to open up to or trust them.

This happened about a month ago, and afterwards Sarah could not bear to stay in her flat any longer. Her father took her in until she found a new place, a nice flat within walking distance of the hospital where she works. She just moved in a week ago and still hasn't finished unpacking. Though her physical bruises have healed, the mental scars have not. Lionel has been very supportive of Sarah throughout her whole ordeal, and he has helped her keep it together.

Some of the people who work in the hospital might have heard about it, but the press gave few details and Sarah quite understandably doesn't like to talk about it. Patients and visitors would be unlikely to know unless they had been following the local news closely or were privy to hospital gossip.

Family Members: Dr. Lionel Carpenter, age 62, is Sarah's father. He also works in the hospital (though it's possible he's not there at the time the story starts). Sarah's mother Beatrice died 24 years ago, and Sarah is an only child. Lionel's parents died five years ago, within a couple of weeks of each other.

Skills: (Non-default skills BOLD, Professional Skills ITALICS, Hobbies preceded by a DOT)
Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (05%):
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%):
Biology (01%): 31%
.Chemistry (01%): 25%
Climb (40%):
Computer Use (01%):
Conceal (15%):
Craft (05%):
Credit Rating (15%): 25%
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Disguise (01%):
.Dodge (DEX x 2): 60%
Drive Auto (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%):
Electronics (01%):
Fast Talk (05%):
First Aid (30%): 70% +5+5 (80%)
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
History (20%):
Jump (25%):
Law (05%):
.Library Use (25%): 35%
.Listen (25%): 45%
Locksmith (01%):
.Martial Arts (01%): 25%
Mechanical Repair (20%):
Medicine (05%): 55% +1+2 (58%)
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
Operate Heavy Machinery (01%):
Own Language: English (EDU x 5%): 70%
.Persuade (15%): 26% +1+1 (28%)
Pharmacy (01%): 36%
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%): 36%
Psychology (05%): 40% +5 (45%)
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%):
.Spot Hidden (25%): 50%
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Fist/Punch (50%):
Grapple (25%):
Head Butt (10%):
Kick (25%):
Knife (25%): 70% +4+1 (75%)
Pepper spray (DEX x 5): 85%

Handgun (20%):
Machine Gun (15%):
Rifle (25%):
Shotgun (30%):
SMG (15%):

Green scrubs (worn)
Green fleece overcoat (worn)
Surgical mask (worn)
Safety goggles (worn)
Clear surgical gloves (worn)
Stethoscope (worn around neck)
Butcher knife (Large knife, 1d6 damage, 75% skill, carried in handbag)
Cael's combat knife (Fighting knife, 1d4+2 damage, 75% skill, worn on belt)
.38 automatic pistol (1d10 damage, base skill 20%, range 15, rate of fire 2, Malf 99, carried in right coat pocket: contains 4 bullets)
Bundle of assorted medical supplies and surplus equipment (slung over left shoulder)
Change of clothes (stored in bundle)
Handbag containing sundry personal items (worn on left arm)
Pepper spray (stun for 2d10 minutes, base skill 85%, range 8.5 feet, Malf 00, carried in handbag: contains 25 squirts)
Mobile phone (clipped to the inside of her pocket)

EDIT (7/15): Added link to original character creation rolls and photo; fixed description to match
EDIT (7/26): Changed color of skill increases, added inventory, fixed spacing
EDIT (7/28): Forgot to include stethoscope on inventory list earlier
EDIT (8/5): Added new inventory items
EDIT (8/12): Adjusted inventory
EDIT (8/16): Gained 1 Sanity on 1d4, added 4 skill points
EDIT (8/22): Lost 1 Sanity, added gun to inventory
EDIT (8/30): Lost 1 Sanity, added pepper spray to inventory
EDIT (10/5): Added skill points, changed color of Sanity gain/losses
EDIT (10/9): 3 skill increases, adjusted inventory
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby paradys » Wed May 02, 2007 3:05 pm

Name: Leroy Watson
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Occupation: Hospital Orderly
Born: London

Leroy was born in the Shepherds Bush area of London to a Jamaican father and Irish mother, with one older brother and one younger sister. He currently lives in a flat in a lowrise block of social housing near to the hospital and enjoys a casual relationship with a hairdresser called Sandra, although recently she has shown signs of wanting to make things more permanent. He is trying to work out a way of ending the relationship which means he'll still get to sleep with her now and then, at least until something else comes along.. perhaps one of the pretty nurses at the hospital.

"relationships" he thinks "they're tricky aren't they"

He has a two year old son by another girl Marsha who he sees every second weekend. Thinking about his son makes him feel guilty so he tries not to. The only other person who can make him feel guilty is his mother Belle, who brought the family up on her own when his father Derek abandoned them. He sometimes wishes he could make her proud but doesn't see any way to go about it.
As a teenager he got into a lot of what he calls 'mischief' - stealing cars, selling grass, a little b&e, but managed to avoid getting dragged into serious criminality or gang culture. He can't stand those guys anyway, throwing a hissy fit every time you say the wrong thing or look at them the wrong way. Not the kind of dudes you can kick back and party with, and Leroy loves to party. He can fit his shifts at the hospital in with whatever weird hours he's keeping, turn up a bit wasted and not have to think much about what he's doing. Now he's 'matured' he tries to stay out of trouble, well, apart from the stolen prescriptions he's selling, but the other guys taking most of the risks so thats alright, a bit of extra cash for the weekend.

"and this weekend" he thinks "its going to be a large one"

Str 12 Con 12 Siz 11 (9) Int 14 Pow 10 Dex 11 App 10 Edu 11

HP 12 (11) MP 10 San 50 (41) Damage +0 Luck 50 Idea 70 Know 55


Bargain 45%
Computer Use 41%
Conceal 35%
Dodge 22% 29%
Drive Auto 30%
Electrical Repair 45%
First Aid 60%
Grapple 45%
Hide 10% 11%
Listen 25% 26%
Locksmith 31% 34%
Mechanical Repair 40%
Medicine 25%
Pharmacy 41%
Sneak 35% 40%
Spot Hidden 35% 37%
Fist 60%
Axe 20% 26%
Club 45%

Mythos Points 02
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby jtull_84 » Tue May 08, 2007 6:28 am

Name: Bernard Cromwell
Age: 71
Sex: male
Occupation: Security Guard
Current Residence: London, England

STR: 15
CON: 14
SIZ: 13
DEX: 11
APP: 10
INT: 16 (Idea - 80)
POW: 13 (Luck - 65)
EDU: 15 + 5 (Know - 75 originally, 100 for age) [+5 from age]

Sanity: 65 -2 63-360
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 94
Hit Points: 14
Magic Points: 13
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Cthulhu Mythos: 5

Appearance & Personality: Bernard is a tired man. He is 71 years old and his wife just died of pneumonia in Ward 15. He missed it, he had gone to get a cup of coffee. At first glance, he seems like a man in shock. He is still in his work uniform, though it is wrinkled.

Background: He served in the US Army as a Military Policeman after recieving a bachelors in Criminal Justice at Central Iowa State University in 1954. He served 20 years, mainly in Europe pulling garrison duty. He has never seen combat, and he finds this somewhat shameful.

He hates what he sees as the weaknesses of a younger generation: despondency, dead beats, laziness, drug dependency, alcoholism, and extravagance. He thinks highly of people who serve in any military and approves of lower class people rising above their problems.

He needs to be needed. He absolutely fears living alone without his wife. If he could find someone who needs him, he might live a few more years. As it is, his son keeps his granddaughters distant.

Family: Bernard has one son, 30 years old, with two daughters aged 4 and 6. He worries about them now that Martha is gone. Or he will if he gets the chance to think about it. They aren't at the hospital right now, neither is his son.

Skills: Dodge (22) 47 +1
Fast Talk: (05) 55
Law (05) 70
Listen (25) 75
Spot Hidden (25) 75
Persuade (15) 75
Psychology (05) 55
Club (25) 50
Pepper Spray (55) 80
Library (25) 40
Craft- Carpentry (05) 55 +1
Bargain (05) 30
First Aid (30) 70
History (20) 50 +1
Locksmith 30
Mech Repair (20) 40 +1
Pharmacy 26
Sneak (10) 36
Electronics 26
Grapple 50
Fist 60

Uniform with equipment belt
Motorola radio
Various Pills: Aleve, a box of OTC sleeping pills, etc. Nothing he's addicted to.
Protein Bars, Snack Food
Pillowcase as bag
Pillowcase cut, to be used as mask
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Zombiedla » Wed May 09, 2007 8:55 am

Character Name: Roger Woodward
Occupation: Firefighter
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Birtplace: London, England


STR 13
CON 12
SIZ 11
DEX 11
APP 10
INT 15 Idea 75
POW 8 Luck 40
EDU 17 Know 85

SAN 40 - 4 (36%)

Damage Bonus: 0
Sanity Points: 40
Magic Points: 8
Hit Points: 12

Skills (Occupational skills in bold)

Axe: 75%
Climb: 60%
Computer Use: 40%
Dodge: 42%
Drive Auto: 75%
Fire Fighting: 75%
First Aid: 60%
Jump: 45%

Law: 35%
Mechanical Repair: 40%
Own Language - English: 85%
Pharmacy: 30%
Roping: 65%
Spot Hidden: 45%
Swim: 35%
Listen: 25% +3 = 28%

Appearance and Personality:
Roger is was some people would call a broken man. When his wife and daughter left him he was devastated. His sorrow
soon turned to anger and hate and he took on heavy drinking. He found himself without friends or loved ones and it
was this feeling of loneliness and utter despair that drove him to self-annihilation. With an abundance of sleeping
pills Roger failed to commit suicide and is now on his way to the Mercy Cross Hospital.

Roger is an avarage looking man with sandy blonde hair kept short. He used to be a man of pride, happiness and vitality
but during the last few years he turned into a sad remnant of the man he ones was.

Roger was born and raised in a middle class family in central London. During his youth he loved to play sports, especially
soccer. After finnishing school he started working as a salesman but that career was short-lived. His family (consisting
of only mother and father) died in a carcrash shortly after. Since then Roger wanted to save lives and began his training
as a firefighter. While still struggeling with his grief for the lost of his parents he met a fantastic woman named
Luanne with who he shortly married. A few years pass and a daughter is born - Olivia. A few years later, Roger's
indifference towards Luanne's feelings she decides that she want to divorce. This shattered Roger's soul. He was blind to
the whole situation and din't see it coming. Luanne had growed tired of Roger and wouldn't here any more of it and took
Olivia and left Roger by himself. He tried to drench his sorrows in alcohol but it only made him feel worse. He became
bitter and full of hate which made him lose most of his friends. Struggling with his shattered life Roger soon decided
to end it all which led to yet another failure.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Laraqua » Wed May 16, 2007 4:29 am

Dahlia - 8-year-old patient
7hp - 2 (5hp)

9 Con
5 Size
Is it bad that I listen to this about ten times a day?

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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby TheKingInYellow » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:43 pm

Aidan O’Connell, Child Welfare Worker

Age: 32, Height: 182cm, Weight: 86k
STR 7 CON 8 POW 12 DEX 10 APP 11 INT 15, SIZ 14 EDU 15
Idea 75, Luck 60, Know 75, SAN 63, HP 11
Mental Disorders: Depression

Bargain 45, Drive 30, Electronics 30, Fast Talk 65(66), First Aid 45(50) Law 85, Library Use 65, Listen 35(36), Photography 40, Psychology 55(57), Psychoanalysis 17

Equipment: Cell phone, economy car, briefcase with case files, flashlight (in the car), roadside kit (flares, cat liter, tools, first aid kit, matches, change of clothes, etc, also in the car).

Background: As a child, Aidan wanted to grow up to be a police officer and often fantasized of him being a debonair, hardboiled cop like in the movies. However, he grew up frail and awkward and had to accept that he couldn’t realize his ambitions.

He fell into the idea social work in college, never having taken an interest in the field before, but becoming very excited about the prospect of doing something to help people. After graduation he spent three years working odd jobs before finally getting a position in his desired field- Child services.

However, the job exposed Aidan to things he wasn’t prepared to handle. The depravity and abuse that some people could inflict on their own children disturbed him deeply and he’s been struggling with depression ever since. It’s been suggested that he quit and find a new line of work, but the guilt of abandoning children in need has kept him in his current position for the past seven years, despite the detriment to his emotional wellbeing.

Aidan reasons that his problem isn’t actually depression, claiming his condition isn’t medical or mental, but simply a result of the things he sees. Most people regard it as a thinly-veiled defense and most know that he’s been seeing a psychologist on and off and occasionally takes anti-depressants.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Wrl101 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:17 am

Though I've probably made some mistakes, here's my attempt at Geoff:

Name: Geoff Palmer
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Paramedic
Birthplace: Manchester, England

HP: 14/14
MP: 14/14
SP: 65/70

Strength: 14
Consitution: 17
Dexterity: 15
Power: 14
Appearance: 9
Size: 11
Intelligence: 15
Education: 18

Sanity: 70
Idea: 75
Know: 90
Luck: 70

db: +1d4

Appearance & Personality:
Appearance & Personality:
Geoff has a youthful face which might be quite attractive were it not for his pimples, his greasy black hair and a body so thin it looks like a sharp gust of wind would snap him in half. The fact his eyes and neatly trimmed goatee are vaguely reminiscient of Anton LaVey probably doesn't help matters.

When dealing with people, Geoff has always maintained a laid back approach to life. More then anything, this is just a facade created to help him cope with the strain of his job. He does his best to zone out of things so as to just do his job without letting his nerves slow him down but, under heavy pressure, he starts to crack and ends up either running his mouth off or locking up. Out of such situations, he is quite approachable, conversational and friendly, happy to help wherever he can.

Background & Family:
His father, Stephen, is a fairly successful lawyer and rather distant to Geoff now, having stopped talking to him when his son chose to study Medicine over Law. Geoff elected to study Medicine after his uncle's death, much to the outrage of his father, who had hoped his son would follow in his own footsteps.
Young Geoff had always felt closer to his uncle, a surgeon by the name of Daniel Kaufman, as he and his mother often went to stay with him when his father worked away. Dr Kaufman died several years ago. The cause of death was labelled as 'cerebral haemorrhaging', more than this, Geoff doesn't know.
It has been some time since he has even spoken to his father, but he calls his mother, Karoline, from time to time. He considers himself far too busy with work to be able to visit her though regrets not being able to.

Occupational Skills:
Chemistry (01%): 55%
Drive Auto (20%): 60%
Electronics (01%): 45%
Fast Talk (05%): 63%
First Aid (30%): 65%
Medicine (05%): 55%
Navigate (10%): 65%
Pharmacy (01%): 45%

Hobby Skills:
Biology (01%): 40%
Cythulhu Mythos (01%): 05%
Electr. Repair (10%): 35%
Listen (25%): 30% (34%)
Operate Heavy Machinery (01%): 22%
Own Language-
\English (EDUx5%): 70%
Persuade (15%): 45%
Spot Hidden (25%): 45%

Notebook (and heavily chewed pencils)
Mobile Phone (battery is presently dead)
Medical Kit
Trauma Shears
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby trixie » Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:07 am


Name : Brianna Collins
Age : 9
Height : 4' 11"
Occupation : none
Birthplace : Dublin, Ireland
Mental Disorders : severe self consciousness

CON 12
DEX 13
INT 11
POW 14 Luck 70
EDU 9 Know 45

San: 65 -5 = 60
Magic points: 14
HP: 10


Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (05%):
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%):
Biology (01%):
.Chemistry (01%):
Climb (40%): 60
Computer Use (01%): 40
Conceal (15%): 19
Craft (05%):
Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Disguise (01%):
.Dodge (DEX x 2): 42%+1 =43
Drive Auto (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%):
Electronics (01%):
Fast Talk (05%): 60
First Aid (30%):
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
History (20%):+1=21
Jump (25%): 45
Law (05%):
.Library Use (25%): 40%
.Listen (25%):
Locksmith (01%):
.Martial Arts (01%):
Mechanical Repair (20%):
Medicine (05%):
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
Operate Heavy Machinery (01%):
Own Language: English (EDU x 5%): 45%
.Persuade (15%):
Pharmacy (01%):
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (05%): +1=6
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%): 50
.Spot Hidden (25%): 45%+1=46
Swim (25%): 35
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Fist/Punch (50%):
Grapple (25%):
Head Butt (10%):
Kick (25%):
Knife (25%):

Brianna was caught in a severe car wreck that burst into flames, to which she lost both parents. The car rolled onto it's hood, and Brianna was caught inside for several minutes while the flames envelopped the vehicle. She is in the hospital, post fire, to which she's had a few months recovery. She has not escaped unscathed, however, as she has significant scars down one side of her face, and matted, missing bits of her hair from the burns. She is happy to have survived, but all is bitter sweet, of course, because of the recent loss of her parents.

Brianna was born in Dublin Ireland, and then moved with her parents to England when she was 5. She remembers fleeting bits and pieces of her life in Ireland, with her Nana and Papa living just down the road. The last few years has been a difficult path for her, after starting school with a thick Irish accent in a new neighborhood.

Appearance and Personality

Brianna has long dark wavy hair, but of course it's beauty is significantly reduced because of the burned bits and matted sections now atop her head. She is a small slender girl, who clearly would have been beautiful when she grew up, but now you can only see one side of her pretty face to be able to tell that. The other side is badly scarred and the skin is so burned that it appears purple and over stretched over her delicate bone structure.

Brianna is a feisty girl, with a heart for adventure. Despite all her recent hardship, she is determinedly steadfast and will take up a challenge at the drop of the hat. She has never been the type of child that will listen to direction unchallenged.

Family Members

Parents are passed away, no siblings. Survivors are Nana and Papa in Dublin, Aunt Penelope in London, and her children Ben and Claire, who have come to visit several times, up until the storm.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby DSIGFUSS » Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:12 am

Name: Ronald Perry Age: 35
Birthplace: Minnesota
Education: Bachelor’s in Creative Writing
Phobia: Blood and guts

CON 12
SIZ 11
DEX 14
APP 10
INT 15 Idea 75
POW 17 Luck 85
EDU 17 Know 85

Damage Bonus:

San points: 78 -2 (76)
Magic points:
Hit points: 12



Ronald Perryis a very excitable middle age man, full to the brim with enthusiasm and good natured fun. Ronald loves children and constantly seeks their approval and the approval of their parents. This is why he became a children’s singer. Ronald has big hopes and dreams of signing a TV contract so he can take his modern children’s act to the public. Now, however he is content helping children overcome their illnesses and feel good about themselves once again.

Ronald’s favorite puppet is Mickey “The Mouth.” Mickey’s personality is slightly more aggressive than Ronald’s and if children are misbehaving, it is always the puppet Mickey that disciplines them. Ronald does understand that Mickey is just a puppet.


Likes: Chess, children, music, board games, puppets


Music (Banjo)((10%) 75%
Stage Magic (10%) 85%
Climb (40%): 60%
Ventriloquism (05%): 83%
Credit Rating (15%): 20%
Dodge (DEX×2): 69%
Drive Auto (20%): 50%
Spot Hidden (25%): 65%
Listen (25%): 86%
Own language (EDU×5%):
Persuade (15%): 40%
Psychology (05%): 61%
Sneak (10%): 70%

Puppet : Mickey "The Mouth"
Large Back Pack
- various stage magic devices.
- collapsable cage with 1 dove.
- Pens and paper for writing songs and music
- large bag of various Candy. (Ronald also has candy all over his body in convienient hidden puches.)
- Ronald's lunch. Roast Beef and Horse Radish sandwhich.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby AdversusVeritas » Fri Jul 13, 2007 5:49 pm

Name: Father Paul Despi
Occupation: Priest
Colleges, Degrees Bachelor in Sacred Theology and Master in Pastoral Ministry, Holy Rosary Major Seminary
Birthplace: Manila
Age: 29

CON 10
SIZ 10
DEX 12
INT 14
POW 13
EDU 14

Idea 70
Luck 65
Know 70

Sanity 65/65
Magic Points 13/13
Hit Points 10/10

Damage Bonus +0

Occupation and Hobby Skills
Accounting (10%) 21%
Astronomy (01%) 20%
History (20%) 36%
Library Use (30%) 55%
Listen (25%) 40%
Occult (5%) 23%
English* (1%) 75%
Latin (1%) 50%
Greek (1%) 30%
Hebrew (1%) 30%
Persuade (15%) 65%
Psychology (5%) 40%
*Paul's native language is Tagalog

Appearance and Personality
Paul is a Filipino man with an average build, but his poor posture and sullen expression can often give people the impression that he is perpetually ill. Despite the fact that he rarely seems happy himself, he constantly makes sure that those around him are as comfortable as possible, doing his best to keep conversation cheerful and to quash bickering. He keeps his hair nearly crew-cut short and sports a mustache that is not much longer. When not behind the pulpit, Paul rarely wears clothing that identifies him as a priest, prefering a long-sleeve shirt tucked into a well-ironed pair of jeans.

Paul was always academically minded, but he left high school accepting the fact that his father's fishing business was short manned and the family would never be able to support him through college. At the end of the day, after working long hours on his father's boats, Paul channeled his intellectual energy towards the study of religion; many of the books were free, clergymen were always eager to share their thoughts on any number of subjects, and the most fascinating thing was that a field of study could be at the same time so broad and yet so nuianced.

In order to find an outlet for this knowledge, and also to direct attention away from some of the more unorthodox corners of spirituality he had been studying, Paul joined a prison ministry group and wrote letters to inmates every weekend. An inmate named Michael took Paul's words to heart, quickly converted, and looked towards Paul as his personal spiritual guide. Paul began receiving letters from Michael almost daily asking for his advice, asking for prayers, and confessing sins, all of which came to a head when Michael insisted that Paul had a calling and should become a priest. Upon his release, Michael convinced several of his friends to start working for Paul's father, freeing Paul from his responsibilities, and then offered to help pay for college tuition so long as Paul would go to seminary.

Throughout Paul's college career, Michael kept in constant contact just as he had in prison, though his demanding nature had become magnified. Worse yet, Michael had become a criminal again, likely to help pay tuition. Overcome with guilt and the pressure of Michael's presence, Paul besought the Church to assign him to a parish overseas upon his graduation. Eventually, an opening appeared at a congregation in London; however, this congregation has presented Paul with an even greater challenge than Michael. The oldest member is a woman wracked with severe paranoid schizophrenia and her family, trusting the counsel of a priest more than modern psychology, has refused to get her help from the secular world. And so, the task has been left to Paul.

Paul promised the family that he would visit her every week to ease both her heart and theirs, but couldn't predict how difficult--and even dangerous--the woman could be. She claimed that she could sense something evil in his presence and knew that he meant her harm. She would even often lock herself in her room when he came to visit, but today was different. She appeared to be quite lucid, apologized for how she had treated him, told him that--despite her resistence--his visits were helping, and offered to cook him dinner.

After he had taken a few bites however, the woman called him a devil and fled to her room again. Confused, Paul washed his plate and left, only to collapse in the driveway from the anti-freeze she has put in his lemonade. Paul is currently unconscious in an ambulance at the hospital.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Piano man » Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:07 pm


Name: Louie Armstrong
Age: 39 Hieght 6'1" Wieght 180lbs
Birthplace: Yorkshire
Residence: london
Education: High school (Offical member of the Jedi council)
Phobia: Excessive dirt, being alone, not being liked
STR 14
CON 12
SIZ 16 13.6
DEX 10
APP 12
SAN 60 [51]
INT 16
POW 18
EDU 12
Idea 80%
Luck 90%
Know 60%
Damage Bonus __
Hit Points 14
appearance: Louie is 6'1" tall medium build, balding. He has slouched shoulders cause by years of being bullied. He ussually keep his head down and seldom makes eye contact when speeking with others.

Character: Louie is a very meek individual. It seems to others that he keeps to himself, but in reality he is very shy and wants nothing more than for people to like him. He very rarely starts conversations, but is always willing to talk. He loves star wars and comic books and will talk about them to anyone who will listen.

He spends most of his leisure time surfing the net and talking to people all over the world. Louie is an active member of the online Jedi Council, where he answers questions about games and movies. His online Name is Obi two, and he believes that this is clever. He is also a 25th level bladesinger in Dungeons and Dragons. In reality though he is a very lonely, geeky, balding, 39 year old guy who lives with his mother.

In his Youth Louie was an aspiring opera singer, but due to teasing and lack of support from his mother he quit at the age of 18. He sang in a production of Madame a Butterfly, and recieved a standing ovation from all of the adults present. He was told by the director that he had more natural talent then anyone he had ever worked with. Behind the scenes, when he got off stage, he had his pants stolen and was issued a swirlly by his peers.(for those who don't know a swirlly is when they put your head in the toilet and flush). He was then told by his mother that he would never go anywhere by singing and that he was forbidden from ever doing it again.

Louie is prone to depression and sees a counciler once a week to deal his thoughts of suicide. He tries to put on a happy face when others are around so that they aren't brought down. He doesn't know why he does's not like anyone would notice if he was gone. The only way people would notice is that things would start to get dirty around the hospital.


Computer use 70
mythos 40
chemistry 35 (makes his own non-toxic cleaners)
first aid 51
history 25
music 80
electrician 25
lock smith 20
psycology 20
fast talk 15
persuade 15
computer repair 55
occult 45
Hand to hand
No extra training unless abitlity to fly into the fetal postition counts

Fire arms

never even seen a gun close up.

squigee, spray bottle full of water, key ring to every door, pencil and paper, coverals, screwdriver, pocket knife, electrical tape, Jedi dog tags, flashlight, lighter, matches, cigarettes, pocket flask of wiskey, and 2 nicely rolled joints of the finest herb.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby lizzie23 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:13 pm

((OOC: This is my very first sheet. Sorry if it's still rough.))

Basic Info

Investigator Name: Elizabeth Smith
Occupation: Writer/Journalist
Colleges and Degrees: High School Diploma, Doctorate of Journalism University of Maryland
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Mental Disorders: Aviophobia
Sex: F
Age: 23
Sanity: 45
Luck: 45
Idea: 55
Maximum Sanity: 99 - Cthulhu Mythos
Knowledge: 85
Education: 17
Damage Bonus: +0


Health Points: 8
Magic Points: 9
Sanity Points: 45


Listen: 30
Archaeology: 22
Computer Use: 23
Dodge: 48
History: 40
Library Use: 40
Martial Arts: 22
Occult: 30
Photography: 20
Handgun: 35
Sneak: 35


Purple Ford Escort, lavender purse: video mp3, flip phone with camera and GPS, digital camera, fountain pen, compact pen, notebooks, notepad, nail file, tweezers, dental floss, compact twin-mirror, photo book, thumb drive, eye drops, lens cleaner, glasses case, travel pack of q-tips, pack of Kleenex, checkbook, wallet: $100.00 cash, $3.50 change, Discover, Master Card, library card,

Briefly Liz:

Who she is and her history is simple. Ever since she was young, well, younger, Liz would escape the world through words. She would either crack a book or attempt writing her own. She was never popular, always "the brain". The one things that hadn't turned against her yet were: her fountain pen, paper, books, and imagination. To cling to them all these years, unwilling to let go, is remarkable to other people in itself. Her parents are of the average workers, with a large family. Most all of her siblings have moved far away, one or two staying nearby.

She likes to write, watch movies. When she has found a friend to talk to, she will spend her time talking. Her mood swings are untellable. Anything and everything can happen.

Terrible secrets- she has none that are so horrible. At least, not yet.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby Seppuku » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:26 pm

Investigator Name: Mark Thatcher

Occupation: Criminal

Colleges & Degrees: High School Diploma

Birthplace: Salem MA

Mental Disorders: Automatonophobia

Sex: M

Age: 29

Strength: 11

Constitution: 11

Size: 12

Dexterity: 14

Intelligence: 12

Power: 10

Appearance: 6

Sanity: 50 -6?

Luck: 50

Idea: 60

Maximum Sanity: 99 - Cthulhu Mythos

Knowledge: 85

Education: 17

Damage Bonus: +0

Health Points: 11

Magic Points: 10

Sanity Points: 44?









First Aid



Martial Arts



35 +5 (40)

Equip: Small bag of "Thieve's Toolbag", lockpicks, wire cutters, electrical tape, Power tester, Gerber Multiplier(All in one tool) Small Maglite flashlight with red detachable filter, 3 large smokebombs, Small rechargeable drill with Diamond tip bit) Black Jansport Backpack, Black Hooded Sweatshirt, Black Sweatpants, "Lucky Sneakers", a pair of Brass Knuckles, a lighter, Wallet, $73.00, Fake ID, Forged Passport.

Mark was orphaned by a car accident as a small child and sent to live with his Grandparents in Salem, MA. Never interested in his schoolwork Mark was always trying to figure ways to scam, extort, or just plain steal money from the other kids. When he was 9 years old he was arrested for shoplifting at Sears. His grandparents felt that they could'nt discipline the boy like they needed, and sent him to Military school. While the other kids were being whipped into shape. Mark was having the time of his likfe breaking all the rules, but never getting caught. He had learned his lesson that day at Sears. Mark graduated and set out to embark on his highly dangerous career as a Second story man. The training they had given him at the academy put him in top physical conditiion, and although not the brightest bulb in the box Mark has a good head on his shoulder. Honor amongst thieves is his motto. Mark has recurring nightmares about the car crash that killed his parents. He thinks it's part of the nightmare, but there was noone driving the car that killed his family. The police wrote it off as a hit, and run. Mark's noteriety in his porfession makes him quite the world traveler. This particular week he is in London procuring a "special order" for a client, and making a few bucks on the side.

Mark does'nt know what makes him happy. He's basically an adrenaline junkie with no regard for the law, or anyone's hard work they put in to get the things that he is emancipating from them. Pills seem to be the closest things to bringing Mark towards happiness, thus his background in street pharmacy.

What causes Mark greatest despair is easy though... When Mark was 19 he was joyriding with his girlfriend, and saw the red and blue lights behind him. He tried to escape, but ended up in the ditch killing his girlfriend in the crash. Mark escaped with minor physical injuries, and fled police. Haunted by the memory of what he did Mark has the feeling that anyone he cares about ends up dead.
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby ODIOUS » Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:10 am

Investigator Name: Thomas Blane

Occupation: hacker $200000 a year


Birthplace: haysville kansas

Mental Disorders: Trypanophobia

Sex: male

Age: 24

Stats 1

Strength: 13

Constitution: 12

Size: 9

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 13

Power: 9

Appearance: 7

Sanity: 45

Luck: 45

Idea: 65

Maximum Sanity: 99 - Cthulhu Mythos

Knowledge: 75

Education: 15

Damage Bonus: 0

Health Points: 11

Magic Points: 9

Sanity Points: 45
Computer Use 75
Electrical Repair 10
Electronics 75
Fast Talk 25
Library/Internet 75
arabic 12
Physics 12
.357 magmun 75
Listen 47
First Aid 75
Martial Arts 50

Fist 60%


Kick 40%


Grapple (25%)


Head Butt (10%)

Appearance and Personality
Thomas looks likes everbody yet nobody he is of average build and is 5'8
He seems to blend in naturally among people and sometime likes watching people
as they go about there meager lives. He is confident and assertive when it comings to
getting things done. Thomas speaks very little unless he finds it nessacerry or he thinks the
sbject topic is worthwhile.Thomas cloths look normal but are special tayloried to conceal the
45 under his shoulder
Thomas grew up in small boring town in america He was president of the computer club and spent most
of his youth lookign at online porn and plying violent vidoe games. He graduated from princeton with a
PhD ELECTRONICS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. He paid for college by working as a emt which has provided him
with a vast knwledge of frist aid but a side affectd as all that emt training thomas developed Trypanophobia
With all this work and study in college thomas decided he need to live
his life and live it soon. He began stealing credit cards and atm cards whcich lead him to next to stealing
whole idenitys and vast amounts of money which he used to further train himself in firearms and manage to even
collect a few and never travels with out one
Nowadays Thoms does odd jobs for odd people

greatess joy ripping people off
greatess desair emp strike destroys all electronics

Equip: laptop with satile acess card and solar charger and carrying case
items in carrying case "pc reapir kit contaning two phillps head screw drivers and circut tester
neddle nose plyers, tweezer,20ft of wire, 4 alligator clips, 20 razor blades
gerber multiplier knife and flash light on belt
micro digital camcorder and 3 blank micro dvds 3 micro blank cds
pack of smokes, lighter, wallet $200 and ID
shoulder holster with 45 auto with 9 rounds
Rental car 2003 mini turbo
equip in car
Box of 45 shells contaning 30 more shells
Laptop case: in car
2 Ghz+
Serial Port
ethernet port
PCMCIA Type III port
Handheld GPS with Altimeter
Digital Camera/camcorder
Serial Cable
USB to Serial adapter
Cisco Roll-Over Cable Adapter
Straight through CAT5.
Wi-spy Spectrum Analyzer
CrossOver Adapter
RJ-45 to DB9
ethernet cable

Cabling Bag:in car

Impact Tool with both 110 and 66 blades
Drywall Saw
Tone & Trace Set
Telco Lineman Handset
Pull String
Fiberglass Fish Polls
Fish Tape
Can Tool
Hex Tool
Mini-Ratchet (Stubby)
Socket Set
Small Bubble Level
Security Bits
Big Drill Cordlessor
Drill Bit Set
Big Concrete Bit
Cone Bit
KeyStone Jacks

Engineers kit: in car

18-piece Hex and Nutdriver Set - interchangeable blades save pallet space without compromising functionality.
Two Cutters - one for delicate work and the other for heavier cutting.
Soldering Iron and Supplies - everything you need to solder and desolder.
Two Torx Drivers (T10, T15) - the only way to remove these common fasteners.
A complete set of eight screwdrivers - for large and small screws.
Long Nose and Chain Nose Pliers - for tight spots, forming and bending.
Burnisher, Contact
Desoldering Pump
Extension, for blades, 4"
Handle, for blades, 4"
Hemostat, 6" straight
Hexdriver Blade Set, (9) .050"-3/16"
Level, pocket style
Mirror, Inspection, swivel head, 7/8"
Nutdriver Blade Set, (7) 3/16"-3/8"
Penlight, Mini Maglite AAA
Plier, Full-Flush Cutter, 4"
Plier, Cutting, 5"
Plier, Long Nose, 6"
Plier, Chain Nose, 5"
Plier, Pump, 7"
Potentiometer Tool
Screwdrivers, Jewelers Set 5 pc.
Screwdriver, Phillips, #0 x 2"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #1 x 3"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 2"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/16" x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/4" x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 5/32" x 4"
Screwdriver, 4-in-1 stubby
Screwdriver, Torx, T10
Screwdriver, Torx, T15
Scissors, 5"
Solder, Pocket Pack, 10' x 1/32"
Soldering iron, 25 watt
Tweezers, angled, 6"
Wire Stripper, adjustable
Wrench, adjustable, 6"

Personal Tools: in car

Multi-Tool (Gerber or Leatherman)
Colored Pencils
Survival Mirror
Tape Measure
Extra Batteries & Printing Tape for Labeler
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Re: Character Concepts & Their Sheets

Postby trixie » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:07 am

Name : Shilo McTavish
Age : 23
Height : 5'4"

Episodes of insanity : Shilo was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and was admitted to a 'place of rest' by her intolerant family. She spends a great deal of her time in the psych ward at the hospital, and has been showing steady signs of improvement since an episode where she attacked a city man painting the walls in the ward. They changed her medication and since then, Shilo has been permitted good behaviour visits to places such as the theatre, and the convenience store up the road. These visits were supervised until she proved she was able to handle them on her own.

Phobias : cleaning sprays, telephones, balloons, children's china dolls, abandonment, and a fear of change in general
STR 11
CON 10
SIZ 10
APP 12
SAN 29
INT 16
POW 12
EDU 11
Idea %
Luck %
Know %
Damage Bonus __
Hit Points 11 - 5 (6)

Other personalities

Meaghan - a hallucinating, drug addicted, psychopath that is extremely violent when scared
Aleeya - a young girl, about 5 years old, who seems to know things that she shouldn't
Julie - a reserved, ultra shy woman, who is shamefully afraid and has a meek personality
Shauna - an angry, overly opinionated woman with a short fuse
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