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The truck stop is in a shambles. Many survivors remain, and the Air Force has arrived to take control, but are they more trouble than they're worth? Other survivors have scattered in various directions. Four have reached Warren Air Force Base, but it may not be as safe as it appears. Others are in the skinheads' compound, fighting desperately for their lives. Still others are in a secret underground facility full of mystery and peril. And a small group winging its way to Omaha in a helicopter must land at an airfield to refuel. The fate of the world may depend on them, but will they survive to reach their destination?

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Re: OOC-Chapter 2-The Quick and the Undead-General Discussio

Post by aine »

Same here, looking forward to it, Mr H.
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Re: OOC-Chapter 2-The Quick and the Undead-General Discussion

Post by dustakr »

Hello Mr. Handy,

I have been meaning to get back on RP wagon..from last few weeks...but wasn't sure ..today I got time to reply back...can make myself available twice a week.
if there is something for me, let me know..

I see that Dave and Steph not yet started their journey..

ps: pm are not getting sent from my inbox
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Re: OOC-Chapter 2-The Quick and the Undead-General Discussion

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Welcome back, dustakr! I did receive your PM. I'm hoping to get Chapter 2 rolling in May. The other game I'm running, The Horror in the Blackout, is nearing its conclusion, so it might not be a good time to join, but after it wraps up I plan to start the sixth game in my Doctor Who/Call of Cthulhu campaign, which will be set in Renaissance France. You could play someone from that time, and I'm also looking for a replacement player for one of the Time Lord's companions.
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