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Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:11 am
by HoneyDog
Hi Everyone

There's a lot of information provided in this adventure - a lot of it is small clues which when pieced together help you to work out what has been going on in the Forby household. As it takes so long to play this game, it might help to collect some of these details in a thread so that you can refer to them easily, and maybe make connections between them. I've started with a list of some of the things you've discovered, perhaps you guys can continue:

The Green Man - what is it? Scares the crap out of Forby.

Secret passage - used by Nicholas to spy on his wife and Lehman?

Priest hole - containing missing pages from Nicholas' diary

Lehman - Aleister's real father?

Firedog - riddle in missing diary pages indicates location of treasure


Nicholas' diaries - what clues do they contain?

Aleister's diaries - what clues do they contain?

Rhoda's diaries - unread