Finished Characters

You are gathered together in the offices of Professor N.E. Brown, Dean of the College of Sciences at the Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Mass. It is Friday evening, March 21st, 1919....

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Finished Characters

Postby Priest » Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:43 pm

Please post finished characters here. When all are finished we will start
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Re: Finished Characters

Postby HoneyDog » Sat Dec 14, 2019 3:42 pm

Name: Richard Neville
Player: Honeydog
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Occupation: Geologist, Field Researcher
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Richard Neville.jpg

STR 50
CON 60
SIZ 50
DEX 40
APP 50
INT 80
POW 60
EDU 70

Sanity: 60
Current Sanity: 60
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Luck: 50
Current Luck: 50

Hit Points: 11
Current Hit Points: 11
Magic Points: 12
Current Magic Points: 12
Damage Bonus: 0
Build: 0

Appearance & Personality:

Neville is the second son of a middle class Denver family. He became interested in geology through exploring the Rocky Mountains on family trips, and decided to pursue his interest occupationally, beginning by studying at Miskatonic University. After graduating, he found employment in the oil industry and has spent time accumulating a great deal of experience in investigating potential fields in the US and further afield, in particular the Arabian Peninsula. This has also enabled him with a knowledge of the Arabian tribes and their nomadic lifestyles, as well as a command of their language. Now he is back in the US, and thinking of changing course and using his knowledge to pursue a career in academia. He continually seeks to expand his understanding of the world.
As a rule he is generally held in regard by peers and colleagues, although considered a little aloof. He is unmarried and appears to be quite satisfied with his current situation, despite his advancing years. This is not a man who will settle down, but is continually seeking out new challenges, be they in the field or behind a desk.

Skills: (professional ones in italics, .private preceded by a dot)

Accounting (05%): 40
Animal Handling (10%):
Anthropology (01%): 40
Appraise (05%):
Archaeology (01%): 40
Art/Craft (05%):
Bargain (05%) 50
Charm (15%):
Climb (20%): 50
Credit Rating (00%): 60
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Demolitions (01%):
Disguise (05%):
Dodge: (25%):
Drive Automobile (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%):
Fast Talk (05%):
Fighting (Brawl) (25%):
Firearms (Handgun) (20%):
.Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%): 45
First Aid (30%): 60
Geology (01%): 70
Hide (10%):
History (05%):
Hypnosis (01%):
Intimidate (15%):
Jump (20%): 50
Language (English) (70%):
Language (Arabic) (01%): 60
Law (05%):
Library Use (20%): 50
Listen (20%):
Literature History:
Locksmith (01%):
Mechanical Repair (10%):
Medicine (01%):
Natural World (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (10%):
Operate Heavy Machine (01%):
Persuade (10%): 40
Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (10%):
Read Lips (01%):
Ride (05%):
Science (01%):
Sleight of Hand (10%):
.Spot Hidden (25%): 45
Stealth (20%)
.Survival (10%): 30
Swim (20%):
Throw (20%):
Track (10%):


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