In the jungle of Brazil, an ancient legacy best left undisturbed was found. Only the players can save it from falling into the wrong hands.

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Two months latter In the museu of the Miskatonic University:

"... and two golden cups. I think this all now. In a couple of week we should be able to open to the public."
"Wow, where did they got all this?"
"Well, they were looking for a lost city, but all they found were this objects that had been buried by Incas who were escaping the conquistadores."
"Pity. At least it wasn't a completly loss of money".

Germany,Castle of Wewelsburg, in a cave

"I do do you explain for this failure?"- said one men, all dressed in black
"They were waiting for us, with lot's of guns. And it was the choice of the Hauptsturmführer Stellenleiter to make a land attack before the place was secure. The men simply didn't understood anything of tactics".- answered another one very nervous.
A third voice, very soft and polite of a men with glasses interrupted.

"I am sure you have done your best. And this mission wasn't a failure: We now know that objects of mystic powers exist. And that we are not the only one looking for them. We will be ready for a next attempt. This was just an experiment".
"And what will you say to the Fuher? "
"He doesn't need to know the details. Only that we are in the good track. Besides, I have another objective. But this time you will not fail"- and his eyes were suddenly cold and the other men palled with the not very subtle menace.
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