Finished characters

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Finished characters

Postby kabukiman » Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:49 am

Only post finished character.
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Re: Finished characters

Postby Starspawn338 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:02 am

Name/Title: Arnold "Butch" Ronson
Age: 48
Sex: Male

Archetype: Grease Monkey
Occupation: Engineer

Pulp Talents:
Hardened (Ignore sanity point loss from attacking other humans, viewing horrific injuries or the deceased)
Handy (Reduces difficulty level by one level or gains bonus die to Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair and Operate Heavy Machinery)

STR: 30
SIZ: 80
DEX: 55
APP: 55
INT: 70
POW: 65
EDU: 70

Luck: 58
Sanity: 65

HP 29
Magic 13
Damage Bonus: 0
Move 7

Skills: (Non-default skills BOLD, Archetype Skills prceeded by x. Occupational Skills ITALICS, Personal Skills/Hobbies preceded by a DOT.)
Accounting (05%):
Animal Training (05%):
Anthropology (01%):
xAppraise (05%)
Archaeology (01%):
xArts and Craft (05%):
Artillery (01%):
Charm (15%)
Climb (20%):
Computer Use (00%):
Credit Rating (00%): 50%
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
.Demolitions (01%): 60%
Disguise (05%):
Diving (01%):
.Dodge (Half DEX) (27%): 51%
.xDrive Auto (20%): 50%
.xElectrical Repair (10%): 60%
Fast Talk (05%):
Fighting +10% specialization bonus for Brawl skill
Fighting - Axe (15%): 25%
Fighting - Bow (15%): 25%
xFighting - Brawl (25%): 50%
Fighting - Chainsaw (10%): 20%
Fighting - Flail (10%): 20%
Fighting - Garrote (15%): 25%
Fighting - Sword (20%): 30%
Fighting - Whip (05%): 15%
Firearm +10% specialization bonus for Rifle/Shotgun skill
Firearm - Flamethrower (10%): 20%
.Firearm - Handguns (20%): 45%
Firearm - Heavy Weapons (10%): 20%
Firearm - Machine Gun (10%): 20%
.Firearm - Rifle/Shotgun (25%): 69%
Firearm - Spear (20%): 30%
Firearm - Submachine Gun (15%): 25%
First Aid (30%):
History (05%):
Hypnosis (01%):
Intimidate (15%):
Jump (20%):
Language (Other) (01%):
Language (Own) (70%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (20%):
Listen (20%): 35%
xLocksmith (01%):
Lore (Specializations) (01%):
.xMechanical Repair (10%): 64%
Medicine (01%):
Natural World (10%):
Navigate (10%): 17%
Occult (05%):
.xOperate Heavy Machinery (01%): 35%
Persuade (10%):
Pilot - Aircraft (01%):
.Pilot - Boat (01%): 35%
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (10%):
Read Lips (01%):
Ride (05%):
Science (Specializations) (01%):
Science (Chemistry) (01%): 35%
Science (Physics) (01%): 50%
Sleight of Hand (10%):
xSpot Hidden (25%): 55%
Stealth (20%):
Survival (Specializations) (10%):
Swim (20%):
xThrow (20%):
Track (10%):

Skill Checks Made:
Own Language, Listen, Dodge, Navigate, Mechanical Repair, Pilot Boat

Cash and Assets:
Spending Level: $50
Cash: $250
Assets: $12,500 (Large Home and Vehicle)

Unarmed (Fighting Brawl) 1d3
Machete (Fighting Brawl) 1d8
.38 Revolver (Firearm Handgun) 1d10 (Range 15 yards)
.303 Lee Enfield 2d6+4 (Firearm Rifle/Shotgun) (Range 110 yards)

Dynamite 4d10 (Range 3yards)
Blasting Caps 2d10 (Range 1 yard)

Description: Butch is typically dressed in khakis and values comfort over fashion. While working, he wears a special harness that has numerous pockets and button straps to keep his various tools always at hand.

Background: My father was well off, but he was a known womanizer and fathered several children. I didn't have a lot of contact with him (or them) but he made sure to leave his children with means to pursue their passions and careers. It wasn't until adulthood that I came to know my half siblings. I became particularly close to Adam, whom I served with in the Great War. At one point, we were only able to survive the horrors of chemical warfare through mechanical modifications to the standard issue gas mask. Because I was able to cheat death through my handyman skills, I became a student of mechanical and electrical applications and began what has become my life long quest to seek out new knowledge to apply to my engineering.

Ideology/Beliefs: You gotta have faith brother.

Significant People: Half brother (Adam Ronson). He and I grew up in different households sharing the same absent father. When Adam enlisted, I joined him and together we fought through the Great War.

Treasured Possessions: My tools.

Traits: Practical, hands-on and hard working.

Tool Outfit
Hand Drill
Gasoline Blowtorch
Electricians Gloves
Tool Belt and Safety Strap
Rotary Tool Grinder
Home Tool Set in a Box
Portable Radio
Outdoor Camping Gear (Backpack, tent, cooking supplies, sleeping roll)
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Re: Finished characters

Postby Snapper » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:33 pm


Name: Capt Balthazar Crowley
Player: Snapper
Occupation: Explorer
Age: 40 Sex: M
Archetype: Seeker
Residence: Arkham
Birthplace: Vancouver

STR 40 (20/8)
CON 65 (32/13)
SIZ 70 (35/14)
DEX 75 (37/15)
APP 55 (27/11)
INT 95 (47/19)
POW 25 (12/5)
EDU 75 (37/15)
Luck 47
SAN 25
HP 27
MP 5
DB 0
Build 0

Master of Disguise

Skills (non-default BOLD, archetype skills preceded by 'x', professional skills ITALICS, hobbies preceded by '.', talents preceded by 't')

X Accounting (05%):
.Anthropology (01%): 41%
X Appraise (05%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art and Craft (05%):
Charm (15%):
Climb (20%): 40%
Computer Use (00%):
Credit Rating (00%): 55%
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Demolitions (01%):
XT Disguise (05%) 40%
Diving (01%):
.Dodge (37%): 47%
.Drive Auto (20%): 25%

Electrical Repair (10%):
Fast Talk (05%):
.Fighting (Brawl) (25%): 40%
Firearms (Handgun) (20%): 75%
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%): 50% (+10% trans)

Firearms (SMG) (15%):
.First Aid (30%): 40%
X History (05%): 70%

Hypnosis (01%):
Intimidate (15%):
Jump (20%): 30%
Language (French) (01%): 31%
Language (Spanish) (01%): 33%
Language (Latin) (01%): 36%
Language (Own - English) (75%):

X Law (05%):
X Library Use (20%): 45
.X Listen (20%): 48

Locksmith (01%):
Mechanical Repair (10%):
Medicine (01%):
Natural World (10%):
Navigate (10%): 40%
X Occult (05%):
Operate Heavy Machinery (01%):
Persuade (10%):
.Pilot (Aircraft) (01%): 41%
Psychoanalysis (01%):
X Psychology (10%):
Read Lips (01%):
Ride (05%):
X Science (01%):
Sleight of Hand (10%):
.X Spot Hidden (25%): 60%
.X Stealth (20%): 35%
.Survival (Jungle) (10%): 20%

Swim (20%):
.Throw (20%): 40%
Track (10%):

Balthazar Crowley was the youngest son of wealthy farmers in British Columbia. A bright student and already keen to see the world, he won a scholarship to far off Cambridge where he read history, completing his studies in 1915. The Great War was in full swing and young Crowley enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps, primarily as he thought flying would be a useful skill. In due course he was commissioned and saw action, surviving a number of mishaps and scrapes until 1917, by then a captain, when he was shot down. Crowley spent the rest of the war recuperating and was ultimately discharged.

With the war's end, Crowley returned to North America, pursuing his passion for finding the lost and hidden history of the world through exploration, working as a history lecturer between times and writing texts on rediscovered cities and temples. Crowley's written work was notable for sensationalist and lurid prose, exotic locations and a general condescension toward the relevant indigenous populace. Unfortunately, Crowley was perpetually unlucky and his explorations invariably ran afoul of dacoits, Thugs, tauregs, triads, yakuza or other sinister bandit types, dragging him into misadventures. Crowley has been forced to move university several times, and is currently a history lecturer at Miskatonic.

Physically, Crowley is a tall, angular, lean man, tanned and streamlined looking.

Spending level $50
Cash $275
Assets $27,500

.45 revolver (Webley Mk VI) (1d10+2 / 15 yards / 1(3) / 6 shot, 5 bullets loaded)
.38 snub-nosed revolver (Colt Detective Special) (1d10 / 15 yards / 1(3) / 6 shot, 5 bullets loaded)
Double barreled 12 gauge shotgun (4d6/2d6/1d6 / 10-20-50 yards / 1-2 / 2 shot)
Gurkha Kukri knife (1d4+2)
Safari suit and pith helmet
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Re: Finished characters

Postby Mephistophilis » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:00 pm


Name: Father Alexander Malone
Player: Mephistophilis
Occupation: Priest
Age: 58 Sex: Male
Archetype: Mystic
Residence: Arkham
Birthplace: Boston

STR 60
CON 50
SIZ 45
DEX 50
APP 60
INT 60 Idea 60%
POW 95
EDU 70 Know 70%
Luck 70 - 12 + 1 = 59
SAN 89 (Max SAN 99-10=89)
HP 19/19
MP 19
DB 0
Build 0

Mythos Knowledge - begins the game with a Cthulhu Mythos Skill of 10 points
Linguist - able to determine what language is being spoken (or what is written); gains a bonus die to Language rolls

Skills (non-default BOLD, archetype skills preceded by 'x', professional skills ITALICS, hobbies preceded by '.', talents preceded by 't', passed skill tests preceded by *):

Accounting (05%)
.Anthropology (01%): 10%
Appraise (05%)
Archaeology (01%)
xArt and Craft (05%) [Specializations]
Charm (15%): 75%
Climb (20%)
Computer Use (00%)
Credit Rating (00%): 38%
tCthulhu Mythos (00%): 10%
Demolitions (01%)
xDisguise (05%)
Diving (01%)
Dodge (31%)
Drive Auto (20%)
Electrical Repair (10%)
Fast Talk (05%)
Fighting (Brawl) (25%)
.Firearms (Handgun) (20%): 50%
Firearms +10% specialization bonus for Handgun
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%): 35%
Firearms (SMG) (15%): 25%
.First Aid (30%): 52%
xHistory (05%)
xHypnosis (01%)
Intimidate (15%)
Jump (20%)
tLanguage (Other) (01%) [Specializations] - bonus die
xLanguage (German) (01%): 30%
xLanguage (Portugese) (01%): 50%
Romance languages +10% specialization bonus for Portuguese
xLanguage (Latin) (01%): 40%
xLanguage (French) (01%): 30%
xLanguage (Spanish) (01%): 14%
xLanguage (Italian) (01%): 11%
xLanguage (Romanian) (01%): 11%
tLanguage (Own - English) (70%) - bonus die
Law (05%)
Library Use (20%)
Listen (21%)
Locksmith (01%)
Mechanical Repair (10%)
.Medicine (01%): 31%
xNatural World (10%)
Navigate (10%)
xOccult (05%): 79%
Operate Heavy Machinery (01%)
Persuade (10%)
Pilot (01%) [Specializations]
Psychoanalysis (01%): 70%
xPsychology (10%): 70%
Read Lips (01%)
Ride (05%)
Science (01%) [Specializations]
xScience (Astronomy) (01%)
xSleight of Hand (10%)
Spot Hidden (31%)
xStealth (20%)
Survival (10%) [Specializations]
Swim (20%)
Throw (20%)
Track (10%)

Appearance and personality
Fr Malone is a small sandy haired man, intense and dynamic looking. His dark gaze constantly darts around the room. When he speaks his voice is soft and low but delivered in a rapid staccato that is both forceful and compelling. It only takes a few minutes to realise this is a man both idealistic and relentlessly questioning of others.

As a priest his catholic faith has hitherto been unshakeable and forms the very bedrock of his values. However, in recent years he has been troubled by strange, unsettling dreams, or, are they perhaps...memories? He doesn't feel safe anymore, his faith is no longer comforting and he keeps a revolver under his pillow at night. He finds himself having unusual ideas, making unexpected connections between ancient heretical practices and esoteric indigenous beliefs. There is something deeper, darker going on, he can feel it tugging at the edges of his conscious awareness. If only he can draw together these elusive and ephemeral impressions.

Alex Malone was born in Boston to a lower middle class family of Irish descent. His family were firm believers and it was no surprise when he joined the priesthood. But he struggled in the stuffy and insular world of the seminary and then the stifling orthodoxy of the Boston church. He jumped at the chance to travel overseas as a missionary and this is where he found his calling. In recent years he has been found in the Amazon basin spreading the word of God to newly identified indigenous tribes.

Five years ago his mission made contact with a previously unknown tribe living deep in the jungle. As was his practice, Fr Malone studied their beliefs and customs in an attempt to identify parallels and commonalities with the Catholic faith as a prelude to teaching the gospels. His studies uncovered hints of loathsome and abhorrent practices yet which also echoed blasphemous and antediluvian ideas he had heard about in the suppressed texts of a more esoteric and heretical flavour he had so enthusiastically devoured in his youth.

The events of that last year in the Amazon are somewhat unclear and his own recollection is fragmented. But after some kind of 'incident' in the jungle, which left him both physically ravaged and raving with delirium, he was repatriated to Boston. Declared unfit to return to missionary work, both physically and mentally, and attributed to some unidentified tropical disease, Fr Malone has struggled to find himself a role in the church he has tried so long to distance himself from.

Brief positions lecturing in divinity ended prematurely due to complaints that both his demeanor and his teaching were unsettling for the young and impressionable seminarians. Unable to continue his life's passion and inexorably drawn to the earliest and most contentious texts of his religious faith Fr Malone has thrown himself into the study of the more esoteric aspects of Christian theology and has managed to obtain a position lecturing in Theology and Philosophy at the Miskatonic University.

Estranged from his family after decades overseas Fr Malone's most significant support is Fr Christopher Weiss, former head of the South American mission and now living in retirement in Boston. Fr Weiss first instilled the love of mission work and the South American people in Alex Malone and tries to bolster Fr Malone's faltering faith as best he can.

His closest companion is Maria Paraguaçu (archetype Outsider), a quiet and distant young woman who has been working with him since his time in Brazil. An indigenous Catholic convert he describes her as his housekeeper but she has been assisting him in his academic work as well as attending to his more material needs. Dr Malone has shared some of his speculations with Maria but her cold demeanour gives little indication of her thoughts or why she chooses to accompany Fr Malone rather than return home.

Unarmed 25% (12/5) 1d3
.32 Revolver 50% (25/10) 1d8 15yds 6 rounds malfunction on 100%

Income & Savings
Spending level $10
Cash $60
Assets $1500

.32 Revolver and rounds
Bottle whiskey

Holy water
Wrist watch
Torch (flashlight)
First aid kit
Large box matches and case of cigarillos
Outdoor Camping Gear (backpack, tent, cooking supplies, sleeping roll)
One keepsake of his time in the amazon is an ugly idol, small, the size of his thumb, and carved in a strange stone. Sometimes he sees it in his dreams, calling...
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Dr. Harry Smith, Jr.

Postby Mr. Handy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:51 am

Name: Dr. Harry Smith, Jr.
Player: Mr. Handy
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Occupation: Professor of Archaeology, Miskatonic University
Archetype: Explorer
Talents: Strong Willed, Rapid Fire
College, Degrees: B.S., Archaeology, Miskatonic University
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


STR 30 (15/6)
CON 80 (40/16)
SIZ 60 (30/12)
DEX 90 (45/18)
APP 30 (15/6)
INT 80 (40/16)
POW 65 (32/13)
EDU 65 (32/13)

Sanity: 65
Current Sanity: 65
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Luck: 70
Current Luck: 55

Hit Points: 28
Current Hit Points: 28
Magic Points: 13
Current Magic Points: 13
Move: 8
Damage Bonus: 0
Build: 0

Appearance & Personality: Harry Smith is a very athletic man, and what he lacks in strength, he makes up for in endurance. His once normal features have been marred by years of scarring and sunburn in the far corners of the world. He is about five feet and eight inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He is very determined, and he does not let obstacles stand in his way, always looking for a way to get around or through them.

Background: Harry Smith got his love of archaeology, history, and travel from his father, Harry Smith, Sr., who had gone on Heinrich Schleimann's expedition that discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Troy in 1890. What had once been considered by many to be a mere myth or legend had been shown to be fact, and young Harry had never tired of hearing his father's tales. He too longed to delve into the unknown and find lost cities. He became an archaeologist himself, going on various expeditions. His specialty is the Inca Empire, which dominated South America before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

Skills: (professional ones in italics, .private preceded by a dot, archetype preceded by !; non-base scores bolded)

Accounting (05%):
!Animal Handling (10%):
!Anthropology (01%): 36%
Appraise (05%): 25%
!Archaeology (01%): 66%
Art/Craft(Photography) (05%):
Charm (15%):
!Climb (20%): 55%
Credit Rating (00%): 15% (+8) 23%
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Demolitions (01%):
Disguise (05%):
.Dodge (1/2 DEX): 65%
Drive Auto (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%):
Fast Talk (05%):
.!Fighting (Brawl) (25%): 55%
.Firearms (Handgun) (20%): 60% (+6) 66%
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%):
.!First Aid (30%): 55% (+3) 58%
Geology (01%):
History (05%): 55%
Hypnosis (01%):
Intimidate (15%):
.!Jump (20%): 55%
Language (English) (EDU%): 65%
Language (Latin) (01%): 1% (+2) 3%
!Language (Quechua) (01%): 31%
!Language (Other) (01%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (20%): 50%
Listen (20%):
Locksmith (01%):
Mechanical Repair (10%):
Medicine (01%):
!Natural World (10%):
!Navigate (10%): 60%
Occult (10%):
Operate Heavy Machine (01%):
Persuade (10%):
!Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (10%):
Read Lips (01%):
!Ride (05%):
Science (01%):
Sleight of Hand (10%):
Spot Hidden (25%): 55%
!Stealth (20%):
.!Survival (Jungle) (10%): 20%
Swim (20%):
Throw (20%):
!Track (10%):

.45 revolver
pith helmet
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