Blog Interviews with this forum's keepers

An irregular Forum containing interviews with members who have/are running games on this site.
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Blog Interviews with this forum's keepers

Post by Laraqua »

Hello everyone! I'm doing a series of interviews with Keepers (DMs, GMs, STs, and others too) on my roleplay-focused blog. I'm also hoping to interview the odd player or two about their experiences. I've already interviewed Mr. Handy (you can view it here) but there'll be more to come. Let me know if you're interested to be involved! I prefer a chance for a bit of back and forth so I'll be doing further interviews with forumites in this sub-forum (and with other off-site folk I'll be using MSN or Facebook).
Is it bad that I listen to this about ten times a day?

Oh, also, check out my new blog on roleplaying and running games:

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