IC - Arnoldsburg, Michigan

It''s 1922, books have gone missing from the Kimball house. Stranger still in the year prior, Douglas Kimball the owner of the house had also gone missing. Thomas Kimball, the nephew of Douglas Kimball, now resides in the Kimball house and requests your assistance.

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Re: IC - Arnoldsburg, Michigan

Postby HoneyDog » Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:34 pm

"Go" John whispers, intent on the figure before them. As Harrison and Kimball retreat with their burden, he follows behind, keeping a close eye for any pursuers.
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Re: IC - Arnoldsburg, Michigan

Postby Leonulf » Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:52 am

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Thomas locks the door behind you all as you finish dragging Melodias through into the house. A heavy dark looking bruise is forming around Melodias's right eye and cheek bone with deep scratch marks running diagnonally accross his face. "Poor bastard, I think he's alright but that will surely leave a scar. ".

Just as Thomas finishes speaking, Melodias regains conciousness "Aggh, well nobody has ever accused poor Melodias of being pretty now have they? Or clever for that matter, just wanted to see him one last time now I knew he was there - but it was too late that ain't your Uncle no more."

"I am truely sorry, I risked everybodies life here - I should have just believed you two and left things alone, but it just didn't seem possible. I won't step foot near that place again. ".

Thomas walks over to a chair and slumps down. "Well its over now, thank you. Really thank you. Sterling job I will contact Wagner in the morning and let him know you solved my break in and the disappearance of my Uncle. The deal was for expenses plus $10 but here is $20 extra each.".

Two days later

Rested up and relieved the ordeal is over the two of you step out of a taxi and through the train station to the platform. Shortly after arriving you hear a voice behind you.

Ah hello again Gentlemen, I am afraid you on the wrong platform, turning around you both see Professor Wagner standing behind you with a very serious expression on his face. It isn't time to go home yet im afraid, Thomas tells me you did well and save another man's life. I believe it's time to be formally inducted into our little society over at the University, you have certainly earned your place there.
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