Portland, Maine
August, 1928.
Steven Gilbert is a wealthy businessman, a leading exponent of the bourgeoisie of the roaring twenties. He sees his heritage project going up in smoke, when Timothy, his only six-year-old son, disappears.
A group of investigators will try to find his missing son. The group may include:

1) Police detectives
2) Private detective hired by Gilbert
3) Relatives or friends strongly motivated to find the missing kid

But Timothy´s disappearance is not the only gloomy burden weighing on the Gilbert family. Alyssa, Timothy's mother, committed suicide one year ago, and the reason for such an extreme action is still obscure.

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Timothy´s disappearance

Steven Gilbert said Timothy has not come back home yesterday. The last time he was seen he was at school, in the morning. He was playing with his classmates in the school yard. The gym teacher was with them, and when he took the students back into the school, Timothy was no longer with them. The school doesn´t know how that could happen. The janitors didn´t see anyone moving in or out. Timothy´s school friend Murray saw Timothy going towards the hedge before disappearing. In the point of the hedge indicated by the child, the branches of the bushes are broken, as if something had passed quickly through it. Something has passed through going from the field towards the wall lying beyond the hedge. Many leaves fell on the ground. Judging by the broken points, something of a child's stature might have passed through. Beyond the hedge is the stone wall. At this specific point, the wall is dotted with cracks and holes, many of which can serve as climbing grips. A lady who lives nearby the school saw one of the kids coming out of school over the wall, the day Timothy disappeared. The boy climbed into a car. The person at the wheel had a long double breasted winter overcoat, one of those with very large notch lapels. He was also wearing gloves, a scarf and a flannel-lined oilskin hat, the one the fishermen use. The driver was quite short and his face was covered by the scarf.

Timothy´s drawings
The investigators found some drawings inside Timothy´s bedroom and at school. He made several drawings representing a beach and lighthouse landscape. These drawings were found at school and in his room as well. The drawings are very accurate, being realistic representations. The drawer knew how to play with grey nuances. The drawings look like works of a semiprofessional artist. If they were made by a six-year-old, he has an impressive talent. There are dozen of drawings, but the landscape is always the same. A lighthouse appears at the end of a long breakwater. The only difference between one drawing and the other is the sea level. The drawings sequence suggest huge tidal variations. At its lower level, the sea seems to disappear, at its higher level, the waters almost cover the breakwater.

Timothy´s dreams
The investigators visited Timothy´s school. His friend Murray said Timothy had some dreams. He was swimming in the sea and was heading to the rocks. A cave entrance appeared between the rocks and Timothy entered the cave.

The housekeeper
The investigators interrogated Steven´s housekeeper. She told about a fact that happened one year ago, soon before Alyssa comitting suicide.
"Something strange happened the night Alyssa committed suicide. One year ago. I heard Mr. Gilbert screaming with rage from the upper floor. I couldn´t hear what he was saying, but that seemed very strange to me. He and Alyssa had never fought this way. When I left my room the screams had already ceased. As I got into the hall, I saw Timothy running down the stairs. He looked at me... he was scared. He hid behind a piece of furniture. Soon after, I saw Alyssa running down and heading to the garden. I didn´t know what to do. I didn´t want to intrude their private life, so I went back to my room. Since I didn´t heard any other noise, I went back to bed. The next day I knew Alyssa had hanged herself at the park during the night. Since that night, I´ve been feeling somewhat guilty. What if I had stopped her?!? What if I had talked to her?!? Maybe she would be still alive. Timothy was very close to her mother and changed a lot after she died... he became more introverted. Mr. Gilbert didn´t allow Timothy to se her mother dead. He didn´t want him to partecipate to the funeral. Sometimes I ask myself... What if Timothy decided to go and look for his mother? Maybe inside his mind.. she´s still alive somewhere."

The newspaper page
A brief news has been circled in pen. On August 11 1927, just 4 days before Alyssa's suicide, an old sailing schooner, called Acadia, attempted a fishing trip in the Bay of Fundy. The Acadia is one of the few remaining schooners, whose propulsion has not been motorized yet. The crew was caught by a sudden and unexpected storm. The fishermen lost control of the ship, which crashed into the Bay Rocks, 5 miles off Coney Island. The fishermen saved themselves by using the ship's dories. The fishermen of the Acadia are from the coastal village Greyton. The Bay of Fundy is known to have huge tidal variations, like the landscape in Timothy´s drawings.

Violence on Timothy
Mr. Allen, Timothy´s gym teacher, noticed something that happened one year ago, a few days after Timothy's mother committed suicide. He noticed that Timothy had marks around his neck, as if something had wrapped around it tightly. The same day, Mr. Gilbert came to pick him up after school. Before taking his hand, he lifted the collar of the child's shirt, staring at the neck as if he wanted to hide the marks from someone´s else view.

Alyssa´s former boyfriend
Before she married Steven, Alyssa had another boyfriend. His name is Jason, he was from a northern Mayne town called Greyton. He was a janitor at the Normal Gorham School, the collage where Alyssa studied to become teacher.
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Re: Cues

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The Acadia and Martin Thompson
Ivy investigated some copies of local newspapers of Northern Maine. The page in Alyssa's studio was actually one of these newspapers: August 11th, 1927, a sailing schooner, called Acadia attempted a fishing trip in the Bay of Fundy. The Acadia was caught by a sudden and unexpected storm. There are also news of a few days later. It then became known that a young man disappeared at sea during the accident and is still missing. It seems that he was accompanying the fishermen. His name is Martin Thompson, and he´s son of a high school teacher of literature in Greyton.

Alyssa´s madness
O'Shaugnessy forced Gilbert to give an explanation about the marks on Timothy´s neck. Gilbert revealed something terrible:
"Something happened the night Alyssa died. I was in my studio, she stayed in bed all day, then suddenly she woke up and went into the boy's room. Suddenly ... I heard Timothy screaming. I ran there. Alyssa ... her hands were tightening Timothy's throat.... She was trying to strangle her own son ... with all her strength ... If I had not stopped her ... Timothy would have died. When I finally took her hands out of him, he run downstairs and hid somewhere. Alyssa ran away. Timothy was afraid ... he didn´t want to leave the house and I did´t want to leave him alone at home. We both were schocked and didn´t know what to do. We´ve been waiting for her to come back home. Next morning, they her body hanged in the park. Now you know it Mr. O'Shaugnessy..... Alyssa wanted to kill her son."

Normal Gorham School
Emma, Kathry and Ivy interrogated Elisabeth White, a former classmate of Alyssa. The girl told a sad story:
"Jason Carson was the janitor of the campus, and he used to do a little bit of everything. He could repair almost anything. Meanwhile, she frequented the library. She wanted to enroll as a student at some point. He had come from Greyton, a small town of the northern Maine coast. Jason was a big timer, Alyssa was a flapper. They got engaged. But at some point, he told her they had to break up and he could not explain her why. Then, Alyssa met Gilbert and got married."
Elisabeth showed a picture of Alyssa and Carson. The two are smiling, they are in front of a lighthouse. The landscape behind them was the same in Timothy's drawings.
Elisabeth continued: "She had this picture taken seven years ago, when she went to meet Jason in Greyton, a couple of months after he went to his hometown. When Alyssa came back from Greyton, she told me they had broke up definitely."
Emma remembers about Alyssa being away for a week, in that period. However, she told the family she went to see a girl, a former classmate.
Elisabeth thinks something happened during that stay in Greyton. One year ago, Jason came to the campus to meet Alyssa, a few days before she committed suicide, they were in the courtyard. Jason was showing her something, looked like a newspaper page. He was yelling at her, he seemed worried and scared about something. Alyssa took the page and ran away crying. Jason headed back to the train station. Elisabeth thinks their love was for some reason impossible and they never menaged to forget each other. "
That day, Alyssa took common didactic books from the library. Elisabeth thinks she came to meet Jason.
Elisabeth also said that Martin Thompson is a friend of Jason, a guy in Greyton. Alyssa met with him when in Greyton. She said Jason and he were often together and she complained she wanted Jason to stay with her.

Alyssa´s dreams
Once they leave the library, Emma turns to the two women. "There's something I need to tell you. Some time before her death my sister has told me about a recurring dream she had. She was lost in a cave and trying to escape, but would always wake up before succeeding. I wasn't sure whether it was of any importance, until now. I wonder if some freak accident has happened during her stay in Greyton."
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Re: Cues

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Simon Michaud : local businessman who works in the fish industries.

Darcy Mooney: woman from a fisherman´s family who became rich after becoming Michaud´s lover. Apparently, she´s got more character than him. She´s the former girlfriend of Jeremy Clark.

Jeremy and Selma Clark: A young local fisherman and his sister. Selma works at the Inn as a waitress. Selma is hanging out with Darcy, but Jeremy hates that. He has trouble with Michaud, saying he exploits the fishermans´work. Darcy belonged to the fishermen community before becoming Michaud´s lover. Jeremy is afraid they are leading his sister astray by giving her alcohol. Selma says Jeremy is just overprotective and gelous.

Father Colby: the local priest. In town, is known as a gruff person. Colby thinks there´s nothing good in the soul of the people of Greyton.

About Jason Carson
Jeremy said is a nice person, perhaps one of the few in Greyton. Darcy sees him as a worthless person and a loser. Jeremy remembers one summer Jason came with a girlfriend he had met in Portland. Colby said Jason has been living the life of a drifter for a while and this because of the torments of his unhappy childhood. He never knew who his father was and his mother died when he was born. Colby raised him, but the absence of true parents became a void that tormented his life.
Jason always said he wanted one day to learn more about his past. Colby said he might be in Coney Insland, within twenty miles from the shore of Greyton. His mother came from there. Colby would really like to see him again.

About Matin Thompson
Darcy heard talking about him. She heard he got involved in something… and then got out from Greyton by sea. He was on a schooner that went out for fishing. There was a storm and he got lost at sea. She said a fisherman called Thomas Cornel was the captain of the schooner. He can be found at the harbor. She has a girlfriend called Amanda, in a poor neighborhood. Strangers are not welcome there. Martin is just a few years younger than Jason. They were close friends. Colby said Martin is a cultured person. He´s the only person who respected Jason and defended him from the evil gossip of Greyton's people. Never he had set foot on a boat. He still don´t understand why he was off at sea that day of the storm.

The cave
Jeremy said there´s cave called Wellington. One cave entrance is up the West hill. The other one is down at Kenneth beach, near the breakwater, just in front of the lighthouse.

About Alyssa

Colby confirmed Alyssa has spent some time in Greyton together with Carson. She befriended other girls during that period."
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Re: Cues

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Martin Thompson

Darcy heard talking about him. She heard he got involved in something… and then got out from Greyton by sea. He was on a schooner that went out for fishing. There was a storm and he got lost at sea. She said a fisherman called Thomas Cornel was the captain of the schooner. He can be found at the harbor. She has a girlfriend called Amanda, in a poor neighborhood. Strangers are not welcome there. Martin is just a few years younger than Jason. They were close friends. Colby said Martin is a cultured person. He´s the only person who respected Jason and defended him from the evil gossip of Greyton's people. Never he had set foot on a boat. He still don´t understand why he was off at sea that day of the storm.

Thompson's notebook found at Amanda´s house.

Notes have been written in looping and convoluted handwriting. There are contains confusing notes. They are difficult to interpret at first read, but they look like procedures to be followed to do a kind of spell. Martin hiself has done a work of interpretation, probably based on other sources. According to his references, the original text was written in runic language, but not specific ancient work is named explicitely.

One page has a drawing representing two globes of an unspecified fluid substance. A human hand that grabs them from below, while the liquid drips down. Under the drawing, Martin wrote.
“Something related to the indescribable and unimaginable horror… Unknown and Untranslatable words.”

One page of the notebook are not about spells. In one, Martin wrote
“Tropical year, August 23 - September 22."

He also wrote a symbol: a letter "M" with a loop at its end. This is a Zodiac Sign, the Sign of Virgo.

A letter is interposed among the notebook pages.

It is dated few days before he left with the fishermen

May 5, 1927
Dear Martin,
I won´t tell you where I'm writing from, because I'm wandering like a refugee. My mind cannot help but think about Greyton and all things I've left behind. I´m writing to inform you of something important. Where I am now, I have access to books, they gave me a clearer view of certain things. Don´t venture in search of K’n-yeil. Don´t do that. The waters of the Bay of Fundy are cursed.
You were right. The source of everything lies over there. But, whatever tries to navigate close to K’n-yeil is inevitably destroyed by the sea forces. Don´t sacrifice your life unnecessarily, at least not right now.

Spell 1
The procedures talks about a seal, but no specification is provided. It activates something that is related to a sign. A warped, five-pointed star with a flaming eye in its center.

Spell 2
It is called Enchant pipe. The procedure requires a flute and a blood sacrifice not specified. The enchant is used to imbue power into a flute. Creates a set of pipes suitable in the casting of other spells. The instrument must steep in fresh, warm human blood for two hours.
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Re: Cues

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Coney island

Coney island, an island about thirty miles from the coast, in the Bay of Fundy, has become increasingly isolated in recent decades. While the other remote islands increased contact with the world, the people of Coney Island became increasingly isolated. In the last ten years, no one in Greyton has seen anyone from the island. No one in Greyton has any idea about how life is overthere. Over time, the people of Greyton got used to it and whoever had some relationship with the island forgot about that. However, Greyton somewhat depends on that island. The Andersons, a wealthy family that owns most of the boats and rent them to the fishermen, lives on that island. In recent years, the Anderson. dedicated their time to study the ecology of the Atlantic and its environmental conditions. This allowed them to better understand the fish migrations. There are two persons in Greyton who act as intermediaries between the Andersons and the fishermen. One of these is Sawney Dumbar, the guardian of the Greyton lighthouse. The other is a young woman named Darcy Mooney. She is the woman the group has met at the inn the first night.

Books Martin Thompson was studying at the library
At the library two group finds two old books, along with some notebook papers, written by someone who has studied or tried to study these books. The calligraphy corresponds to that of the notebook found at Amanda's home, so most likely Martin Thompson.
The first text is a book of Nordic mythology, called Poetic Edda an unnamed collection of Old Norse anonymous songs and poems. It is a version in old English. Thompson seemed to be particularly interested in the Song of Njord. In Norse mythology, Njord is a god associated with the sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility. The Song of Njord is a song of protection for navigators who have to embark on a dangerous journey.
The other is an ancient book written in Latin, looking like the transcription from a runic language. Next to this book is a notebook with yellowed pages. It contains notes translated from the runic, by they are confused. Many words are missing, looks more like a failed attempt to translate.

Mothers of Greyton
Still searching in the library, the group found that Greyton experienced two weird cases involving two mothers.
One year ago, a child named Johnny disappeared while playing on Kenneth beach. It was early in the morning. The weather changed quickly, and a storm occurred. His mother, Jane Norris was there, and saw a big wave suddenly submerging his child and taking him away. Everybody thinks the child have drowned, but his body was never found. Five years ago, a woman called Emma Weeks was found on Kenneth beach in a state of confusion. She claims she had been raped, but the doctor visited her and concluded that no raping occurred. Nine months later, she gave birth to an abortion.

The docks
The old seadog who was the chaptain of the ship, said something about Martin Thompson. During the storm he headed on towards the bay instead of getting back to be safe. He also said that no storm was in Greyton while the group was at amanda´s house.
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Re: Cues

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The Wellington cave

When the hypnotizing music stopped, the people who were bathing immediately disappeared and two figured appears in the pool. Something vaguely humanoid was hugging a girl. The thing immediately submerges. The vision of that moment is too brief to delineate this creature clearly, but it was something terribly non-human, whose contact with a human body would be absolutely unacceptable. As the thing submerged the girl´s features became clearer. The investigators recognized the girl. She was Selma, Jeremy´s sister.

Something was holding her up. A number of tentacles emerging from the pool were keeping her suspended upon the waters. The tentacles belonged to a larger figure, standing behind the girl, as suspended upon the waters. It is was a big creature vaguely resembling a frog, as well as squids or octopi. It was 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide and a concave shape made the rough body structure. The skin covering the head and the back works as a kind of armor, protecting the ventral and hollow and part of the body, from which big tentacles departed, appearing those of a giant octopus. One of the tentacles is holding a big flute.

The group ends up in a beach indeed. The beach is deserted. Silence and tranquility reign. Selma is still unconscious, but out of danger. The day is still sunny and the air is cold. As they look outside, they recognize the landscape depicted in Timothy´s drawings. The boy must have copied a picture of this place.

The group found the Wellington cave has an entrance in Kenneth beach, close to the lighthouse of Timothy´s drawings. This cave entrance is hidden among those rocks. They found footprints of two persons walking away from the lighthouse and getting to the cave entrance. The footprints are of adult size. Female shoes. Two different kind of shoes.

The group found three objects in the cave:

1) The flute of the creature. It is made of metal. It is light and shiny like gold. It is about one feet long and slightly trumpet-shaped at its end. It is made of incredibly strong and light metal alloy, not looking like anything already seen before. Unknown hieroglyphics decorate the entire surface, being this a highly precision sculpture artwork.

2) A crucifix found on the cave floor. It is a common wodden crucifix with its Corpus Christi, the inscription INRI, and a metal chain. Cross size is 1,5 inches, while the chain size is 18 inches.

3) The rifle also found on the cave floor. The weapon is not working, being encrusted with salt. It has been submerged in very salty water for a long time, but it can be cleaned and fixed. There is a label on the rifle butt, it is quite faded but still readable "Marlin 1895G, MC shop"

As Selma waked from her uncouscious state, she was deeply confused. She felts sick and tired and barely kept her eyes open. She doesn´t remembers anything of what happened in the cave. She does not even remember about having been inside a cave. Her last memory dates back to the night before, when she left the Inn with Darcy who accompanied her home.
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Re: Cues

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The lighthouse

Inside the lighthouse, the group found a nautical chart of the Bay of Fundy. It is a graphic representation of the maritime area adjacent coastal Greyton and the nearby small Coney Island. The map shows depths of water, heights of land, natural features of the seabed (high density of kelp forests nearby Coney Island and Greyton), details of the coastline, information on tides, currents and winds.

There was a telescope, but strangely, it was not pointed at the sea. It has been recently moved, as the dust on the floor suggests. It was placed in the opposite side of the room, in a point suited to observe the West Hills, the church in particular.

On the table is some gunpowder and burning dust, as if someone had recently cleaned a gun. There were books about the ecosystem of the Bay of Fundy. There were also books of astronomy, in particular about the periodicity of star constellations.

Some parts of the books have aroused the reader's interest. They are underlined and marked with improvised bookmarks.
The Virgo constellation is the main focus of astronomy books with lots of images and drawings of the stars.
The biology books focus on fish migration in the nearby area and Atlantic as well. Who read them had perhaps some interest in maximizing the chances of good fishing. What is less obvious is a strange interest in the kelp algae. The reader was interested in the life cycle of the plant.
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Re: Cues

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Dorothy Carson

Selma knows something more about Jason Carson:
"Carson's mother was named Dorothy and she was a girl from Coney Island. She used to work in the Anderson villa as a maid... they own everything here.
Apparently, Dorothy escaped from their house. When she arrived at Greyton, Father Colby took care of her. She was very thin and undernourished and afraid. She cried endlessly. She stood inside Colby's house, terrified of setting foot outside. A few months later, she gave birth to Jason.
People were told tha Dorothy died of childbirth. But... she did not die in childbirth. After Jason´s birth, she tried to kill her own son with a knife. When Colby reacted by taking away Jason from her hands, she stabbed her own body."

"I don't know how many here in Greyton knew about this story ... but with certainty ... they made life difficult for Carson ... people avoided him, and never treated him like the other boys. Carson obviously understood this and suffered because of it."

Father Colby and his gun

Matt, the shop keeper of the antiquity shop recognized the rifle the group has found inside the cave.
"I remember of this. I sold it to Father Colby some months ago. Actually, I was surprised, I wandered what he was buying it for.. He had never set foot in my shop... and he did it to buy a rifle... I think he has never used a gun in his whole life. Really seems he did not make good use of it... looks like encrusted with salt... "

He also saw Father Colby recently

"I saw him early today. He was moving around the Church. He looked scared or anxious, and seems to be looking for something. And also... he had a bandage wrapped aorund his hand.", replies the shop keeper.

"Sincerely, I have the impression there´s something wrong with him.. but could not figure out what... he´s always been a strange guy.. I wouldn´t
recommend giving back a gun in his hands..."
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Re: Cues

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The house of Father Brian Colby

Inside the house, the investigators found a letter, an ancient rolled parchment, a hand written note and some books. Inside a drawer they found 20 cartridges for the Marlin 1895G rifle along with three containers, one with gunpowder, one with sage and the third with cedar.

The letter

Gorham, April 17, 1928
Dear father Brian,
So many times I tried to leave Greyton, but fate never allowed this decision to go much further. There is nothing left for me to do but follow my destiny. I owe you a lot, dear friend and father, but now the time has come for you to listen to my advice. You still have much to lose. You still can do much for many people in this world, the way you did for me and for my mother. Please, hear my warnings and leave this town.
Things I know outline a desperate and terrifying scenario, about the demise of our unfortunate civilization. Something from the sea, from the deep waters of the Bay of Fundy, has conquered Coney Island long ago, and now is defacing the minds of the inhabitants of Greyton. It exploits something dark and terrible that sleeps in the depths of the human soul, something that comes from the ancestral past of humanity. The dream of a positivist future, in the name of progress and optimism, has comforted us as long as it could last. Such a dream has always been a mere illusion, and our species was somehow destined not to go very far.
The origins and the implications of what you are trying to fight go far beyond your farthest imagination. There is nothing you can do but endure the time you have left, with the help of the immense privilege of ignorance. Stay away from the Wellington cave. Leave Greyton behind, along with the sick minds of the townsfolk. Despite your good faith, and despite the immense power of God our Merciful Lord, there´s nothing you can do. In the name of our friendship, and above all, for the people who still love you, I ask you please to leave Greyton forever and forget about there.
Your friend and son
Jason Carson

The note

"Dear Jason, I have not heard back from you for a long time, and I don´t know if you went back to Greyton, or if you moved somewhere else. I hope you are fine, wherever you are. I have found the book and preachment you were looking for some time ago. Colby told me you'll be going to Greyton soon, so I gave the stuff to him. I hope to meet you again in the future.

The ancient rolled parchment is a manuscript, whose writings are in the runic alphabet. The header is a large symbol, a large cross with strange ornaments at the ends.

The books are two scientific volumes about the Bay of Fundy. One of these is a geology book and talks about the Fundy Basin, which is a sediment-filled rift basin on the Atlantic coast of southeastern Canada. The Bay of Fundy lies in the Fundy Basin. As the rift began to separate from mainland North America, volcanic activity occurred, forming volcanoes and flood basalts. The other book is about the large tidal variations of the Bay of Fundy, explaining how a series of specific natural circumstances make this bay, the place with the largest tidal changes in the world, reaching up to 70 feet.

The framed picture

The group found a framed picture on the desk. The photo represents a young brown-haired woman. Her body is slim, his skin white, his eyes small and his nose pointed. The woman has a sad face, vaguely attempting a stretched smile, but communicating instead deep sorrow and melancholy, in a way that cannot help but affect any observer. She is posing in front of a small wooden house with yellow-painted boards. The house is located at the foot of a hill. In the lower right corner of the picture, someone wrote “Dorothy Carson, Coney Island 1893”. The writing looks female.
There´sa folded paper, stuck between the photograph and the frame. Ten points are drawn on it. They represent the constellation of Virgo.

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Re: Cues

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In the secret room of the Anderson mansion, the group found books about accounting, administration and economics, especially oriented to agricultural and fishing income. The documents show that the Anderson family owns many lands in the Maine countryside and some fishing boats. They are among the main shareholders of many large food companies.

A round disk made of stone, the size of a book, is placed upon the table. The rock has reliefs that draw four triangles, whose tip is directed towards the center of the disk. Although the disk is a single rock, the triangles have different colors, being one of these darker and the other three gradually lighter.

Inside the drawers the group finds two letters and other documents:


July 7, 1921
Illustrious and supreme. Today is the memorable day. A young woman from Portland is staying here in Greyton. I have identified enormous potential in her. She must be one of the vestals. The fruit of her womb will give the strongest contribution to our duty. I ask His Majesty permission to proceed.
Semper serva tua

August 17, 1928
Illustrious and supreme,
Greyton has been eight months into withdrawals. Their thirsty throath is now ready to taste the sweetest nectar. As desired by His Majesty, I successfully brought from Portland the fruit of our holiest vestal womb. The world as we know it nowadays is about to enter the Virgo constellation. It would be essential for His Majesty to accelerate the process of the infant transformation. He´s now on the way to K’n-yeil. The ancient and authentic generator of life will soon be awakened. Return to the origins is close.
Semper serva tua


Documents about the traffic of liquor between Coney Island and Greyton. The Anderson family produces liquor in the island and then markets it in Greyton, giving a percentage of the profits to the local police.

A typescript describing the recipe for a syrup, called Brew Draft of Phan. Its production requires a careful and meticulous selection of algae species belonging to the order Laminariales, an order commonly known as kelp. The syrup also includes fresh poppy tar and bear’s spleen. The typescript is purely technical, it is just a recipe. It describes the preparation, but does not say anything about its purpose and effects. However, the document is meant to prepare a mixture of syrup and whiskey. This recipe also explains how to prepare the alcoholic beverage containing 5% of Brew Draft of Phan.

One document reporting all the accounting for whiskey production in Flowerege. The alcohol has been regularly boarded in Flowerege, and then sold at a low price in Greyton. Mr. Crookey, the owner of the Crockey Inn in Flowerege, is the one who organize the production and transportation. Trade has lasted for many years and, apparently, it was interrupted by the end of December 1928, that is, eight months ago. No reason is mentioned about that.

Among the books, the group finds an old notebook of an anonymous traveler, who was passing by Coney Island along his journey. It is decrepit and the pages are yellowed, it dates 1864.
The writer describe the people of Coney Island as savages. He had the curiosity of an anthropologist.
According to his words, the savages said to be ruled by undefined entities that emergede from the depths of the Bay of Fundy, from a place called K'n-yeil. Those entities created underground tunnels connecting the sea floor with the island. The writer also says the entites organized the people of the village in two social groups.
A first group are called guardians and they are among the richest families. These administer the city and are the only ones who have contact with the entities. The others lives normally as fishermen and farmers, following the lead of the guardians. Guardians have transformed agriculture in the island, by intensifying the cultivation of grain for the production of alchoolic products. Common people don´t wants to become guardians. Some of the guardians' children are said to disappear. The writing ends when the writer decides to do something to meet one of those mysterious entities.
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