Game rules

Portland, Maine
August, 1928.
Steven Gilbert is a wealthy businessman, a leading exponent of the bourgeoisie of the roaring twenties. He sees his heritage project going up in smoke, when Timothy, his only six-year-old son, disappears.
A group of investigators will try to find his missing son. The group may include:

1) Police detectives
2) Private detective hired by Gilbert
3) Relatives or friends strongly motivated to find the missing kid

But Timothy´s disappearance is not the only gloomy burden weighing on the Gilbert family. Alyssa, Timothy's mother, committed suicide one year ago, and the reason for such an extreme action is still obscure.

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Game rules

Postby robertod » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:07 pm

Please use:

Normal font to describe your character actions/moods/thoughts
Pick up a color font for dialogues.
Use "OOC:" and orange color to include out of character messages in a game thread.

Rolls will follows thes rules:
1) You communicate what your character does. In the same post, you roll for the skill you think is required for that action. If you are unsure about what to roll, just describe your action.
2) If you did´t roll or you roll has nothing to do with your action, I roll for you.
3) I describe the new situation.

Initiative is simplified into 3 phases:

"Everyone faster than the NPCs"
"The NPCs"
"Everyone slower than the NPCs"

When your turn comes up, you may indicate which combat options you will take.
Also indicate what defenses you plan to take if counterattacked this round.
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