Death Toll

A group of strangers at a highway truck stop must cooperate to survive as the world becomes overwhelmed with legions of the living dead. But more terror awaits them as they race to prevent the end of mankind and the coming of the Zombie Apocalypse. (This is a Blood Brothers Campaign based on Call of Cthulhu Rules and the films of George Romero).

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Death Toll

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This is a running list of all the characters who have died in Chapter 1 and a short statement for each about how they met their doom. There may be spoilers for threads in which you do not have characters, so read with caution. In situations where I don't want players to realize that certain characters are dead yet, I will delay adding them to the Death Toll thread until such time as I feel it can be revealed. I'll update this thread as the death toll escalates, so check back if you see a character snuff it.

Current through May 7, 2020:
Baldwin- Driven berserk by the combination of the skinheads and the crisis, he threw his life away in a futile attempt to kill them right before he would have driven out in his truck. While he survived the grenade, he did not survive the shotgun blast.

Father Roger McCormick- Ventured outside to retrieve the weapons from the dead skinheads only to have them rise up and attack him. He chose fight when he should have chosen flight, and as a result he became a tasty meal for them.

Michael Walters- He finally encountered alien life, but first contact was not friendly. He did his best to stop the creatures and took out most of them, but he sacrificed his life in the process. At least Jenny is still alive thanks to his efforts...for now...

Randall- Injured repeatedly in vehicular crashes and from being bitten by zombies, Randall was a tough man, but even he had his limits. He was devoured by zombies, but at least his death gave others a chance to escape and survive.

Thomas- Fell in with the skinheads for the sake of surviving and protecting Ashley, figuring that if he could survive his abusive father, he could survive Horst. However, his father had never sent him down a pit leading to unspeakable horror.

Ashley- Taken hostage by skinheads and brought far underground, she was eaten by something far, far worse than a zombie.

Luke- Decided to hunt the most dangerous game - man. Unfortunately for him, man can shoot back.
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