Ch 1b - The mysterious ride (Sir James Henderson)

On the lunar calendar, it is the twelfth of July, 1920; in three days' time, the good people of China will celebrate 中元節, the festival of the dead. The great festival is an ancient tradition shrouded in dark rumours and whispered tales. Now, this festival will be celebrated publicly in Peking city, open to the gazes and inquiries of foreigners. During this month, the 阴气, the aura of death, is at its strongest; it will be during this month that the dead may influence the living realm with an eldritch plot of horror and madness...

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Ch 1b - The mysterious ride (Sir James Henderson)

Postby HelplessBystander » Sat May 05, 2018 12:26 pm

Sir James entered the ride given to him, going along with the three strange men. The man sitting in between the two were obviously the boss, as he smiled and introduced himself. "Greetings, Sir...Henderson, was it? I don't believe we've met. My name is Cadjost Usairi Waters. Pleasure to meet you. We are off to discuss a deal concerning a corporate expansion into Hong Kong, with a few associates of mine."

He smiled as he stared at Sir James, an expression of bemusement and a practised smile painted on his face.
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Re: Ch 1b - The mysterious ride (Sir James Henderson)

Postby Henderson » Sat May 12, 2018 1:27 am

Sir James entered the ride, placed his briefcase firmly between his feet and leaned back, resting the cane against his good leg. As Mr Waters adressed him, he nodded somewhat, although the introduction warranted a slight correction in his opinion.

"Sir James, Sir James Henderson or Mr Henderson, Mr Waters. 'Sir Henderson, unfortunately, is the combination that does not work."

He nodded again at the information regarding their destination and purpose.

"I believe that was the purpose of the meeting, yes."
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