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IC-Ep 1-Introduction(Everyone may read)

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:55 am
by Mr. Handy
London, England
September 7. 1940

Leutnant Friedrich Kurtz sat in the front gunner's seat of the Dornier Do 17 as it flew towards London from the east, following the winding serpent of the Thames River, which made an excellent navigational aid. It was especially effective due to the fact that the docks in East London were burning brightly thanks to the incendiaries dropped on them in the first wave hours ago. The pilot, Oberleutnant Hans Schultz, sat beside him on his left. He had settled into a steady course as part of the overall formation. The Dorniers flew low, but not too low - barrage balloons on mooring lines made sure of that. So far the Messerschmitt fighter escorts had kept the RAF off of their backs, but British resistance had been minimal so far from what he heard on the radio. No antiaircraft guns were firing, and not many Spitfires and Hurricanes were flying against them. The British had clearly not been prepared.

The bomber flew over the flaming port towards the denser, more populated parts of London. This was retaliation for the bombing of Berlin a couple of weeks ago. Friedrich was from Berlin, and though he didn't know anyone who had been killed or injured in the air raid, he was still determined to pay the British back in kind. Of course, he didn't really have to do anything unless an RAF fighter got past their escorts, which hadn't happened yet. "Bombs away!" called Hans. The bombardier pulled a lever, and the Dornier's deadly 250 pound bombs fell away. The aircraft was instantly much lighter, not to mention more maneuverable, and Hans didn't hesitate to pull out and turn the plane around before the British could mount any defense.

Then something thumped against the underside of the fuselage. "Vas ist los?" asked Friedrich. Surely it could not have been flak, as no guns were going off on the ground. He peered out the right side and looked down, but saw nothing but the blacked out city below, illuminated only by fires.

"Gott im Himmel!" screamed Hans, just before the windscreen shattered and his screams became anguished. Friedrich looked up just in time to see the pilot being dragged out of the cockpit by...He had no idea what it was, but one look at it filled him with absolute terror. Acting purely on instinct, he unstrapped himself, threw open the canopy, and stepped out into darkness...