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Site Guidlines

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Site Guidelines

The purpose of this site is to enable the site members to play Call of Cthulhu[sup]TM[/sup] (and other predominantly horror based RPG's) in a PbP (Play by Post) online forum.

Site Membership
Registration is mandatory to participate and requires validation; this cuts down on 'spam accounts'. New members may have limited access to the site until they post in the Welcome Room forum.

From time to time we 'prune' registered accounts that have not posted within a reasonable time from registering (at least three months), removing them from the database.

Game Participation
New games (or the intention of starting a new game) are advertised in the ... I'm Thinking Of Running A Game forum. Members are encouraged to reply if they wish to be considered to join the game.

Topics should be 'locked' once the game is under-way.

Members should refrain from posting in Games that they are not participating in but are welcome to read along.Some games, at the The Keeper/Moderator's discretion may have an 'OOC' topic that allows non-players to post comments and feedback.

Being a member does not give you an automatic right to participate in a game being run, that is up to the Moderator or Keeper of the game to decide.

Game Organisation
If you wish to run a game on the site then there are various threads where you can let other members know your plans. The ... I'm Thinking Of Running A Game Forum exists to advertise your new game, once you have gathered enough interest to get things started send a 'private message' to the 'global moderators' group to request that a game forum be opened up. The person running the game will also be given moderator permissions for the new game-forum and also be added to the 'Keepers' group. Details of the information required in order that a game-forum can be opened will be posted as a 'sticky' topic in the ... I'm Thinking Of Running A Game forum.

The Existing Games Looking For Players is to be used to advertise any open slots or positions that may open up in games that are already under-way.

Topics should be 'locked' once the game is full, the topic can be re-opened, or a new one created to advertise for new players.

Game Longevity
Completed games will be moved to the appropriate 'Hall of Fame' category and locked, disallowing new posts. Games will only be moved with consultation with the Keeper/Moderator and allow suitable time for any 'wrapping up/feedback' posts to be made.

Abandoned games will be moved to a separate archived section, after an appropriate amount of time. It is possible to move the game back to the main 'game category' should the game be re-started.

Should a member drop out of a game then, at the discretion of the Keeper/Moderator the character (being played by the member) can offered to a different member to run in the game or removed from play.

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