Silent Legions: "That Gossamer Thread"

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Silent Legions: "That Gossamer Thread"

Postby Bewilderbeast » Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:32 am

At a church in New Mexico, parishioners speak of hellfire and brimstone and the sanctity of marriage in the pews above, while conducting hideous rites below in a basement that smells of sweat, blood, and viler things.

At an up-and-coming talent agency in Los Angeles, a young pop singer from Russia is trying desperately to break into the U.S. market. Her new agent, all sharp-toothed smiles and slicked-back hair, promises her guaranteed fame and beauty and power and glory... but at a terrible and an unspeakable price.

In the libertarian playground of Silicon Valley, a young programmer wanted for years to get invited to one of the CEO's legendary house after-hours parties. Last week he went, and saw things and did things he cannot forget. The next party is this weekend, and he has to go. He has to. He just wants it to stop.


"That Gossamer Thread" is a Silent Legions campaign. Silent Legions is an OSR (old school renaissance) sandbox Lovecraftian horror game created by the fantastic Sine Nomine Publishing. It uses D&D like rules and lots and lots of random charts to create a very unique cosmic horror experience. This particular campaign is set in the American Southwest, with particular attention paid to California and the neighboring states. Players are human beings who know that the supernatural exists, and have chosen to stand against it. It's a sandbox game where players set their own goals and ambitions and choose how to pursue them.

You don't need to own Silent Legions to play, I'd be more than happy to assist you in creating the character you want. I'm also interested in recruiting player GMs; please direct message me if you're familiar with Silent Legions and interested in this.

Look forward to playing with you!

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