Equipment stats

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Equipment stats

Postby Silver Priest » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:39 am

The below are the relevent statistics for the various weapons and armor you find in game. If your agent has it and wants to use it, refer to below.


Kevlar Vest: 3 points of armor

Helmet: 1 point.

Light Pistol:

Damage 1d10.


Flash Bang Grenades: Used with Athletics skill. Range: 20 M. Radius: 10 M. Causes all victim's skill rolls to be made at -40%.


Shotgun (slug) Damage: 2d6. range: 75. Ammo capacity: 5.

Submachine guns:

Submachine gun: 1d10 damage. Range: 50 m. Lethality: 10%. Ammo capacity: 30. Can fire bursts or spreads.
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