Character Creation

Several people arrive at the Appledown Train Station eager to be on the last train north to Ashford. Unfortunately nothing is at seems and everything goes downhill from there.

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Character Creation

Postby Laraqua » Fri May 20, 2016 1:18 am

Remember you have 20 investigative points and 65 general ability points.

If you choose a language, please let me know what you're choosing and I'll try to work it into the storyline.

I'm going to play with Sources of Stability a little differently and instead of having them be people (since it's an isolated game), I'm going to have them be coping strategies your character can use to regain a point of stability. Thus the lower your Stability, the fewer your options to regain them. This could involve bickering, alcohol, drug abuse, flirting / romantic entanglements, cups of tea and comfort food, talking it over, sitting and avoiding people, picking a physical fight or asserting your dominance. Please place these in spoiler buttons.

Please also give me in spoiler buttons (I can add them into your post if you don't know how, if you PM them to me), what your character is currently dreading in their lives (i.e. exams, family reconciliation, breaking off an engagement), what your character is looking forward to (i.e. shopping in Ashford, birthday party in a week), what irrational fear your character holds (i.e. spiders, darkness, enclosed spaces, heights) and why your character is heading north to Ashford or beyond.

If your character doesn't fit into the occupations listed in the book, please let me know. For those whose occupational ability is all about accessing information from external parties, don't worry, I'm going to use memories to help make it worth your while. Oh, you have just what you need back at the shop? Well your experience with that item leads you to believe that…. You can only use that ability once in this

Art History
Cthulhu Mythos
Library Use

Assess Honesty
Cop Talk
Credit Rating
Oral History

Evidence Collection

Electrical Repair
First Aid
Mechanical Repair
Sense Trouble

Is it bad that I listen to this about ten times a day?

Oh, also, check out my new blog on roleplaying and running games:
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Mr. Handy » Fri May 20, 2016 5:28 am


Player: Mr. Handy

Name: Kate Lacey
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Background: Nurse
Drive: Curiosity
Pillars of Sanity:
  • There'll Always Be An England
  • While There's Life, There's Hope
Sources of Stability:
  • Spoiler:
  • Spoiler:
    Taking a nap
  • Spoiler:
    Crying uncontrollably
  • Spoiler:
    Drinking tea

Investigative Abilities:

Anthropology 0/1
Bargain 1
*Biology 1
History 0/1
Languages 2 (French, German)
Library Use 1
*Medicine 1/2

*Assess Honesty 1/2
Bureaucracy 1
Credit Rating 2
Flattery 2
Oral History 1
*Reassurance 3

Art 1
Chemistry 1
Craft 0/1
Outdoorsman 1
*Pharmacy 2
Photography 1

General Abilities:
Athletics 5/8
*First Aid 9/12
Health 12
Mechanical Repair 3
Preparedness 3/6
Psychoanalysis 1/4
Sanity 7/8
Sense Trouble 0/3
Stealth 2/3
Stability 6/12

Kate's brother Michael is away at sea in the Royal Navy, and she's been worried about the danger he's in. She dreads that one day a telegram will come informing the family that he's been killed.

Kate is looking forward to getting together with her best friend and fellow nurse Jenny Stewart for a night out on the town in Ashford once she's settled in there.

Kate is terrified of being buried alive.

Kate is transferring to a larger hospital in Ashford.

House keys
Identity card
Ration card
Gas mask (in cardboard box)
First aid kit
St. Christopher's medallion
Changes of clothing
Ancient Roman coin
Letter (partially in Arabic)
Doctor Who/Call of Cthulhu Campaign:
(viewforum.php?f=176)The Terror Out of Time
The Ninth Planet
The Shadow Over Dunwich
The Brotherhood of Death
The Horror in the Blackout
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Re: Character Creation

Postby jimjam » Sat May 21, 2016 12:24 pm

Name: Ilona Aston
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Background: Antiquities Saleswoman (Antiquarian)
Drive: Bad Luck
Pillars of Sanity:
  • The right people can keep the world on track
  • The future will be better than the past
Sources of Stability:
  • Spoiler:
    Outright denial
  • Spoiler:
    drinking a nice hot cup of tea in quiet
  • Spoiler:
    Continuous babbling about mundanities

Investigative Abilities:

Accounting 1
Anthropology 1
*Archaeology 3/4
*Architecture 2
*Art History 3/4
*History 3/4
*Languages 2 (Arabic, Latin)
*Law 2
*Library Use 2

Assess Honesty 1
*Bargain 2
Bureaucracy 1
Credit Rating 2
Oral History 2

Evidence Collection 1
Photography 2

General Abilities:
Athletics 3
Driving 3
First Aid 3
Fleeing 12
Health -9/8
Preparedness 5
Sanity 8
Scuffling 1/3
Sense Trouble 6
Stability 9
Stealth 7

Diamond necklace

She's currently dreading losing the business that was handed down to her by her late father. When her father ran the store, the lease was cheap as a favour to him from the landlord but now he's passed, it's gone up to it's normal price, one she might not be able to afford if business doesn't pick up.

she recently purchased a lovely collection of antiquities from an old house at quite a low price.

Kate is terrified of drowning (swimming).

Kate is on her way out to her antique store in Ashford.

    Handbag Equipment,

    Change purse
  • Small change (amount up to you)
  • A folded up bounced check from a customer

    Paper clipped to her notebook:
  • few of her own business cards, mostly bent and one having obviously had her tea cup resting on it
  • A bunch of hand written receipts
  • A picture of herself with her mother and father
  • An overdue payment notice for her antique store rent

    Scribbled in the notebook
  • Addresses and names
  • Various doodles of antiques
  • The start of a letter whose words have been struck out in pen:
    “To James, Dearest Dear James,
    I’m so very sorry
    I regret to inform you that I can no longer afford to keep

  • A small handful of pens that don’t work and some that do
  • Small antique statues that were small enough to fit in her handbag instead of taking up room in her luggage
  • A pair of mens reading glasses with a big magnification in the lenses.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Overlord87 » Sat May 21, 2016 10:01 pm


Nome: Jonathan Alden
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Background: Author
Drive: Artistic Sensitivity

Pillars of Sanity:
    - Some people are destined to greatness, I am one of them
    - Creating art is humanity's saving grace
    - The beauty of the natural world

Sources of Stability
    - Collecting my thoughts on my notebook

    - Repeating numerical series as a way to calm myself down

    - Spending some time alone in the countryside

Investigative Abilities

*History 2
*Languages (French, Russian) 2
*Library Use 3
*Cryptography 4
*Physics 4
Art History 0/1

*Oral History 2
*Assess Honesty 2
Credit Rating 4
Bureaucracy 1

*Art 4
*Outdoorsman 2
Astronomy 1
Photography 1
Evidence Collection 0/1

General Abilities

Athletics 1/3
Conceal 3
Driving 5
Firearms 4
First Aid 4
Fleeing 10
Health 9
Mechanical Repair 6
Sanity 10
Scuffling 2/4
Stability 0/10
Stealth 1/5

Current Dread
Ending up all alone in the world.

Looking Forward
The publication of my next novel.

Irrational Fear

Reason for heading north
Need to meet my editor in London

After having spent an happy childhood in the countryside, surrounded by a loving family, Jonathan moved to London to study Mathematics. It was only after three years spent over mathematical formulas that he realized his true calling was elsewhere. So, he began to write. His efforts were fruitless in the beginning, but slowly his talent emerged. At 35 years of age, Jonathan's career is finally on the rise. He has published a novel, The Howling, that has sold decently well and received some good reviews. If it wasn't for the war, that has slowed everything down, he is sure he would have already achieved success. But still, his time will come soon. He is currently close to finishing his next work, and is already in talk with an editor for the publication. Unfortunately, Jonathan had to return home because of his mother's death, the last family he had. His father had died fifteen years earlier in a train crash. His sister was brutally killed by some sociopath in London. And now his mother. Without a wife or even a fiancée, Jonathan has found himself more and more alone as the years progresses. He still has some good friends in London, but as the time passes and they put up family, Jonathan fears a future of loneliness for himself, and the thought terrifies him. Still, now is the time to look at the upside: his work, and his next novel.
The morning after his mother's funeral, Jonathan has reached the station, wanting to leave as soon as possible. Too many sad memories now in his old town. Thankfully, he could receive a lift to the station from an old friend of his mother. Now, on to London, and to his future.

Pen, notebook, cash (not too much, just what he expected to need for the trip), house keys, identification, wallet, train ticket, gas mask, watch (valuable), a letter from his editor, lucky charm in the shape of a scarab bought during a holiday in Egypt.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Ejstricker » Sun May 22, 2016 5:44 am

Name: Katherine Bathory, Countess of Blessington
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Background: Dilletante
Drive: Curiosity
Pillars of Sanity:
  • Where there's a will, there's a way.
  • Experiencing art always improves a person.
Sources of Stability:
  • Spoiler:
  • Spoiler:
    Going off alone for awhile
  • Spoiler:

Investigative Abilities:

Cthulhu Mythos 3

*Art History 3
*Geology 2
*Occult 3
Physics 2

*Credit Rating 5
Cryptography 2
Intimidation 2
*Flattery 3
*Reassurance 3

Astronomy 1
*Art (Music, Painting) 5
Craft 2

Athletics 6
Filch 5
Firearms 6
Fleeing 6
Health 10
*Riding 4
Sanity 6
Stability 10
Sense Trouble 8
Stealth 6
Weapons 3/6

for some reason she's terrified of leaving the art gallery.

she is very excited to attend her first exhibit in a bona fide art gallery in Ashford despite her husband's wishes.

Kate is terrified of silence.

only stopped in Appledown on her way to her exhibit in a small art gallery in Ashford.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Ritterton » Mon May 23, 2016 3:24 pm

Name: Artemis Richter
Player: Ritterton
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Occupation: Scientist
Drive: Antiquaritarian
(1) Making a better future by helping others.

(2) American's Creed - learned in school, won an essay in Jr. High about the importance of this and continues to believe in the important role America plays in the world and the opportunities it provides.

finding something to laugh about - gallows humor


Visiting a museum - history or art - and loosing self in that place

taking control of the situation

Investigative Abilities:

Art History 1
History 3
Languages 2 (German, Latin)
*Library Use 3
Occult 2
*Physics 3
Theology 2

Assess Honesty 2
*Bureaucracy 1
Credit Rating 3
Flattery 2
Reassurance 2

*Astronomy 1 (using this for meterological knowledge)
Craft 0/1
*Evidence Collection 1/2

General Abilities:
Athletics 1/3
Driving 1
*Electrical Repair 6
Explosives 2
Firearms 10
First Aid 3
Health 10
*Mechanical Repair 4
Preparedness 3
Sanity 7
Stability 6/12 -> -1; -1; -1; +1
Scuffling 2
Sense Trouble 5/7
Stealth 3
Weapons 3 (bayonet training)

Current Dread
Nazi invading England. He sees this as a very, very real possibility in light of the events of the past year or so.

What he is looking forward to
Usually letters from Trice, but he is planning to take a train to London and meet with a curator of the Roman gallery and tour the collection that is on display and a few special religious items in storage.

His irrational fear is
Rats. There was this one trench taken back from the German advance and rates were feasting on the mutated remains of the French defenders. Rats.

Why he is heading north
He attended the antique auction in Appledown using the old bicycle of his landlady who has provided him with an attic room while in town, but will use the bike to make that train to Ashford and the onto London for the museum tour and visit with some antiquarian book dealers he has written to, but never visited as he arrived in Ashford to assist the British

Wounded in battle, walks with a limp and occasionally uses a walking stick or sturdy umbrella. Returned and went to college in Philadelphia. Gained a reputation for researching unusual events and artifacts. Smaller in stature, thinning black hair, green eyes and mustache.

1. Leather journal cover with a pocket flap in the back cover. Gift from parents with a picture of the family tipped into the front that was given to him when he went over seas. It has a series of notes written on the inside in dark ink from his parents and sister. The pocket contains a list of various clients, bank address, and also some "emergency funds" ($100). He also has kept his military identification.

2. Small 1 1/2" sterling silver cross on a rather thick chain that he wears. Design is a bit unusual with there being a small silver disc at the center which is nearly worn smooth on the front. However, unbeknownst to Artemis, the disc is actually a silver coin of the Augustan vintage that has been passed down in some form for nearly 2000 years with this cross being a few hundred years old. Chain is relatively new.

3. Lucky coin - a silver chain cent from the American Revolution that he found in an old box in the attic of his parent's home. He carried it all throughout the war, and continues to do so.

4. Dog tag from his service in WWI kept in his pocket with the above coin.

5. Wallet has 25 pnds, pictures of family, worker id from Goodyear, Theosophical Society membership card, IOOF membership card, VFW membership card.

6. Wearing a "1937 Coronation" watch he found when he arrived in Port, his having broken and it was on sale - Benson watch someone had brought in and traded up on a new watch.

7. Brown leather, expandable camel hump style brief case - has the following: Letters, notepad, pen, flashlight (due to the blackout), gas mask in a cardboard case plus a new journal in the worn leather journal cover noted above.

8. Deep blue suit, dark gray wool overcoat, stetson fedora dark gray.

9. Cane - harden oak with silver and aged brass attachments reflecting his service and places he had visited. Silver ball cap at top covering an iron ball and shaft that extends well into base of cane. Bottom of cane is a sold steel cap.

From the Train Station
A. Creepy art pamphlet found in the lower men's bathroom and shared with others;
B. Silver medallion
C. Flashlight
D. Rope - tied around bed post in upstairs room 2 that is hanging out a window down to the platform.

Traits and History
More cautious, and tries to find a solution that doesn't require use of force, mainly because of his limp.

Artemis returned to college in 1925 after efforts to find the killer of a colleague, famed researcher and adventurer Elias Jackson, failed with his colleagues having their leads just evaporate. He received an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and was fortunate to be hired by the Goodyear Company to help develop lighter than air blimps for use by the military. His work allowed him to witness, and even fly, upon the masters of the sky, the rigid airships of the Zeppelin corporation. He played a small part in the development of mobile mooring masts and the K-blimps developed for the US military.

During this period, he continued to correspond with the friends of Elias Jackson who shared with him hopes for a clue as to who killed the talented writer. He also continued his dealings in antique books and ephemera. This proved to be his passion. The airships and blimps were amazing projects, but it was the letter from a satisfied customer or the finding of a lost letter from one of the Country's founding fathers or mothers that could become the center piece of one of Sotheby's auctions. Even during the extremely lean period of the Great Depression, with many, many individuals out of work, Artemis was able to continue to at least work and care for his ailing mother. They took solace and comfort that her husband, his father, passed before having to watch the massive parade of Klansmen and Silvershirts marching Philadelphia.

Mother died in 1931. Artemis and sister Elise, now married to Albert Thricewood, inherited the family home with Artemis taking the third floor as his lodging point when in town. His mother had maintained a life insurance policy that also provided both of her children an influx of cash during the Depression that allowed him to purchase his own brownstone in Philadelphia when real estate prices in the more established neighborhoods fell with the stock market. He rented out rooms in the large brownstone to graduate students that allowed him continued connections to and access, vicariously, to the libraries at the various universities in Philadelphia.

While others in German community took pride in the rise of Adolf Hitler and a strong Germany, Artemis saw only growing reasons for concern. He was able to attend the 1936 Munich Olympiad as a Goodyear Company representative and had the chance to ride on the Hindenburg while in Berlin. What he saw, and what he observed was a nation rushing headlong into a dicatorship that was anything but benevelont. He visited with his Uncle Willy one last time, the baron dying shortly after the visit, and both men shared a collective concern about the direction the world was headig with both fascism and communism spreading quickly across the globe. Willy was equally concerned about the growing black magic societies that were weaving their theologies into that of the Nazi party. Not only did the Thule Society worry the old Baron, but also another more sinister group he called the Order of the Rising Silver Theophant. Willy had fought in various ways with one of its leaders, a Baron von Alteisenstein. Willy gave Artemis various family histories, small antiques, and papers before Artemis sailed back to the United States aboard the Steamliner Oceanus. He received a telegram from the Isenberg that indicated that he was his Uncle's sole heir, Willy having lost his only child and wife in the flu epidemic after the war. He was sent a signet ring for the family and the right to be called a Freiherr under the old rules of the German Empire, but those days are long gone. The family manor house was rented to a local family for a very, very small sum in US dollars.

In the Winter of 1937, he married a young lady, ten years his younger, Beatrice (Trice) Hjanstadt who had ancestors that served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the British siege of Philadelphia and another in Fusiliers Regiment von Knyphausen during the American Revolution and were prisoners of war in Lancaster County. She was a research librarian at Temple University and they met during a lecture at the University about the future of airships. In 1938, they welcomed their first child, Elizabeth Appolonia Richter, into the world. A year later, the next male in the Richter family was born and with his arrival the name Artemis was set to go forward into a 12th generation according to the papers from Uncle Willy.

War came to Europe while the United States dithered about whether or not to help France and England. When the Axis powers attacked their neighbors, Goodyear was asked by the White House's military advisers to send teams to England to observe the English' use of blimps to respond to the increasing air strikes the German Luftwaffe were sending against the British. Artemis was chosen to participate, in-spite of British concerns about his German name and heritage, due to his involvement in the K-Blimp program for the US Navy. Trice was less than enthusiastic about the situation, however, Goodyear ensured Artemis that his pay would have a travel incentive and bonus that was sufficient for him to live off of that extra and Trice and the children on his regular wages. The advancement of the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe was not surprising, but equally terrifying. All that he and his departed Uncle feared was becoming reality and Artemis continued to wonder whether the Third Reich were coming to the shores of England.

DOB: 5 Jan 1900 in Germantown, PA
Address: 3029 North Broad Street (Corner of North Broad Street and West Toronto Street)
Wife - Beatrice
Children - Lize, Arti
College Degrees: B.S., History, Minor in Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania, 1923; B.S., Engineering, 1928, University of Pennsylvania

Military Information
Private. Enlisted on 7 Jan 1918 and reported to the 168th Aero Squadron, 2nd Army Air Service when it mustered into service at Hoboken, NJ. Their regiment then arrived in Liverpool on the 16th of February, and traveled to Ramsey Rest Camp in Winchester. Due to his mechanical interests, and quick study abilities, he as put into Company D and sent to Doncester/Yorkshire to be trained in basic engine repair, motor vehicles, and winches. After five months of such training, his Squadron shipped out to France arriving at the St. Maixent Replacement Barracks in France on 14 Aug 1918. The 168th arrived at the Gengault Aerodrome near Toul in early October and joined the IV Corps Observation Group. Survived the Battle of Ypres with a wound to his right side and to his left thigh that has left him with a permanent limp.

Ideology and Beliefs]
Lutheran with practical applications, and very interested in new ideas. Fine with the use and consumption of alcohol being raised in a German household. He was active in his Lutheran Church serving in various roles including alter boy after his confirmation. Very interested in symbology used in both the church and mythology. He attends lectures at a Theosophical Society in Philadelphia, and continues to visit the University when ever there are unusual lecture offerings. During the war, his squadron had come across what looked to have been some for of occult activity in a portion of the lines they had taken during one of the American pushes over the top from a portion of what had been French held trenches but a mysterious bombardment had decimated most of a French militia company. Artemis had recognized some of the symbols and such in the seized ground, but could not place any of them well in his mind having been wounded in that effort. He went to one of Jackson Elias' lectures on the occult organizations and after the lecture approached Mr. Elias about what he had seen in the trenches in France. Elias didn't know much about the limited information Artemis could recall and share, but the two continued the discussion with a few others after the lecture at a local pub. Artemis the started a correspondence with Mr. Elias sharing information he could learn and discover from his fellow veterans and from his research efforts. He has also had some occasional assistance from Mr. Elias as Artemis has taken on research efforts for some of Philadelphia's wealthy and eccentric members of the Theosophical Society.

Being a member of the International Order of the Odd Fellows, Artemis is familiar with the basic workings of such a lodge. Politically, he was a big supporter of Woodrow Wilson and believes that "America has so much to teach the world" and that "America is the land of opportunity." When he came back from the war, his views were dampened, but still feels that "Wilson had it right" so votes for the Democrats.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Charlie Hagan » Mon May 30, 2016 1:36 am

Name: Charlie Hagan
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Spiritualist/Conman
Drive: Arrogance
Pillars of Sanity:
  • Morality exists in shades of grey; there is nothing truly good just as there is nothing truly evil.

  • Spoiler:
  • Mankind has the ingenuity and fortitude to endure and surpass any hardship.
Sources of Stability:
  • Small Talk

  • Spoiler:
  • Flirting

  • Spoiler:
  • Gambling

*Occult 2

*Assess Honesty 4/6
Bargain 3
*Flattery 6
*Oral History 2
*Reassurance 4

Crafts 1
*Evidence Collection 4/6
Locksmith 2/3

Athletics 2
*Conceal 6/8
Disguise 6
Driving 2
*Filch 8
Fleeing 8
Health 8
Preparedness 6
Sanity 8
Stability 2/9
Scuffling 2
Sense Trouble 6
Shadowing 2
Stealth 4/6

Hagan isn’t the first name Charlie has worn and it probably won’t be the last. Charlie is always on the move,dreading his past will eventually catch up to him, that some victim of a previous con will recognise him or that the police will come calling for Charles Abagnale.

Eventually Charlie will hit the big score; pull off a con so daring and lucrative he’ll be able to retire to some fancy villa in the countryside. At least that’s the plan. He’s a little fuzzy on the details.

That which lurks in the ocean's depths.

Ashford is but the next step in Charlie’s never-ending journey.

Two suitcases with spare clothes and various occult paraphernalia like charms, books about ghosts and tarot decks to sell. Paperwork identifying him as Charlie Hagan, pencils and a notebook.
Pocket watch, wallet with some cash and a driver's license, deck of playing cards, packet of cigarettes, lighter, lock-pick set, pocket-knife with several blades, bottle opener and corkscrew, shim hidden in his left sleeve.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby RhinoRat » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:50 am


Name: Frank Durant
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Occupation: Private Investigator
Drive: Curiosity

Pillars of Sanity:
The Benevolence of Mankind

Epicureanism (living life to the fullest, but not to excess)

Mankind's Ability to Improve Itself and Overcome

Sources of Stability:

Mechanical Tinkering

Enjoying good food or drink

*Accounting - 4 (2 pts)
*Law - 4 (2 pts)
Library Use - 1

*Assess Honesty - 4 (2 pts)
Bargain - 1
Bureaucracy - 1
Credit Rating - 3 (1 pt)
*Reassurance - 4 (2 pts)
Streetwise - 2

*Locksmith - 2 (1 pt)
*Photography - 9/10 (5 pts)

Athletics - 2
*Disguise - 2 (1 pt)
*Driving - 10 (5 pts)
Firearms - 8
First Aid - 2
Fleeing - 6
Health - 10 (9 pts)
Mechanical Repair - 9
Sanity - 10 (6 pts)
Stability - 10 (9 pts)
*Scuffling - 10 (5 pts)
*Shadowing - 6 (3 pts)

Frank dreads the thought of being a failure. He does not want to look back at the end of his life and feel like he has not made something of himself, or done something important.

Frank has heard from a fairly reliable source that he might inherit a silver colored 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sport Limousine from an Uncle that recently passed away. He is trying not to get his hopes up, but most of his daydreams involve what he would do with the money if he sold the car, or how he could turn it into an upscale cab service if he decided to keep it.

Frank is terrified of Alligators and Crocodiles, and this spills over to murky waters where they might be hiding. This stems from an incident in his past where he watched a friend get drug underwater and disappear in seconds, never to be seen again.

Frank is heading to his deceased Uncle's estate for the reading of the will in hopes of a big payday.

Cheap dark grey suit, white shirt, black shoes, keys to his trunk and boot case, personal identification papers, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, a book of matches, his watch, and around $50 in assorted bills as well as a couple dollars in change.

Lift out tray: Kodak Retina II camera in leather case, 10 rolls of unused film, 10 packs of cigarettes, deck of cards, several pens and unused journals, box of cheap cigars, lighter, 3 books (The Hobbit, Death on the Nile, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Hardy Boys #1 - The Tower Treasure), and several hand towels to keep things from rolling around; Bottom section: 3 bottles of cheap Scotch wrapped in an extra set of clothes for protection, Colt M1911 in shoulder rig, 4 extra clips, basic toiletries, cologne, 5 - $20 bills hidden in the lining.

The contents do not currently matter as the trunk is still on the earlier train, heading toward Frank's original destination.
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