IC-Ep 1-The Play's the Thing(Germanicus/Claudius/Lupus)

Story and his companions arrive in Rome in 44 BC, the day before the Ides of March. They encounter a very unusual soothsayer who delivers a warning to Julius Caesar and soon find themselves embroiled in intrigue.

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Re: IC-Ep 1-The Play's the Thing(Germanicus/Claudius/Lupus)

Postby DrPeterson » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:11 pm


"Were you there a long time ago, or rather recently? I should love to see Athens again, it has been way too long. The intermingling fragrance of the fish and meat markets, the rhythm of Greek instruments and the wisdom of their past."

He smiles.

"We are growing old, Scaevola."
"He said we were all cooked but we were all right as long as we did not know it. We were all cooked. The thing was not to recognize it."
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Re: IC-Ep 1-The Play's the Thing(Germanicus/Claudius/Lupus)

Postby Mr. Handy » Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:35 am

"All too true," said Scaevola with a wistful expression. "What wouldn't a man give to stay young forever, eh? I did visit Delphi rather recently, just last autumn. It has fallen into hard times since the earthquake some forty years ago, but people still come from far and wide to consult the Oracle. Athens, now, Athens never seems to change."

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