Hello - New player...Help!

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Hello - New player...Help!

Postby Dondero » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:42 pm

Hi there

I've just "stumbled" across this website after getting hooked on Cthulhu on a similar site specialising mainly in DnD. I've been absent from the rpg scene for over 20 years (yep, old timer here!) and intended to play just DnD. However after getting into a game of Cthulhu on there, my interest in DnD has taken a backseat.

I've been playing a Clergyman in "The Haunting" for the last three months, and I'm totally addicted! I'm told that's a pretty impressive period of time to play a single character without going insane or getting killed?! We're all getting frustrated as to how on earth we get rid of that "thing in the basement" though!!! No spoilers, thank you, I'm sure we'll figure something out....

The thing that I've enjoyed is that we're all novices, so it's been fun to learn together. Anyway I'm in the process of acquiring sourcebooks, etc...I've never DM'd (sorry, been a Keeper before), but the game's really inspired me, and I've even started working on my own scenario. I hope at some point to be able to terrorise players in a similar way to how my poor priest has been tortured in the Haunting! :twisted:

I haven't read any Lovecraft yet, as my wife has bought me a collection of them for Christmas and she refuses to let me peek at them until then. :cry:

So, finally, I'm a "committed" (pardon the pun) and enthusiastic player from the UK, daily/multiple posting not an issue for me (I don't get out much) and desperate for more Cthulhu! My exposure to Cthulhu is limited to one game, so I may need a bit of support.....so where do I go from here?

Thanks for listening!
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Re: Hello - New player...Help!

Postby trixie » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:59 pm

It's pretty easy to get involved in any game on here, and you don't need to know much to join them. They are fairly rules light, and if you need to make rolls, the keeper will tell you. I've been a newbie starting on here too, and joined up in a game with a group of friends to learn.

There's room right now in the Last Express, but we're really looking for people that are committed to staying. A few have joined and quit, so we're looking for players with a commitment level. If you're interested, take a little read down there (just not the preludes...spoilers) and then pm Laraqua or post in the OC thread.

You can basically start posting in the ads that say 'Existing Games Looking for Players" section, and see what is available if you want to take an existing character over. Im not sure what is just starting if you wanted to role up your own character. I play in several on here, but haven't checked the ads lately.

Welcome to Yog! :D
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Re: Hello - New player...Help!

Postby Carcosannoble » Sat Jan 05, 2008 9:12 am

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Re: Hello - New player...Help!

Postby committed hero » Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:53 pm

If you're interested in an archaeological themed game, I'm looking for players in the other forum.
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