Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Cooper (Priest)

The Yucatan has long been at best a marginally explored region of Latin America. As one of the great centers of the ancient Mayan culture, it holds many secrets long sought after by historians and archaeologists from around the world. The investigators are a small group of explorers whose mission is to seek out and survey sites for ruined cities and towns on the peninsula. A long lost piece of information leads the group into a dark corner of the Yucatan. What will they find and can they survive the Well of Sacrifice?

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Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Cooper (Priest)

Postby Quatermass » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:31 pm

Mitchel 'Mitch' Coopers Character Thread
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Re: Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Cooper (Priest)

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Mitchel ‘Mitch’ Cooper.
Age:31, Sex: Male
Str: 50/25/10, Dex: 60/30/12, Int: 70/35/14, Con: 80/40/16, App: 50/25/10
Pow: 50/25/10, Siz: 40/20/8, Edu: 60/30/12
Move: 9 HP: 12 San: 50 MP: 10 DB: None Build: 0 Dodge: 30/15/6
Luck: 7x5=35 (

Archaeology: 20/10/4, Art/Craft (Photography): 70/35/14, Charm: 50/25/10, Credit Rating: 40/20/8
Dodge: 30/15/6, Firearms (rifle/shotgun): 45/22/9, History: 40/20/8, Language (own): 60/30/12
Language (other) Spanish: 60/30/12, Library Use: 40/20/8, Listen: 40/20/8,
Psychology: 50/25/10, Science (chemistry): 60/30/12, Spot Hidden: 50/25/10, Stealth: 40/20/8,

Picture a 30 something photography obsessed, never grew up geek, all smiles and glasses. That is Mitchel ‘Mitch’ Cooper. Always dreaming of that one picture that will make his name big in the photographic world.
He’s seeing some fine pictures arriving from various parts of the globe showing various expeditions searching for lost civilisations, and has decided that his talent mixed with some exciting discovery might ensure his place in history. Therefore when he read that the famous Carnegie Institute were putting together an expedition of discovery in the Yucatan he wondered if he might not be able to wrangle a place on it. After all in some circles, the experts were already saying that the photographing of artefacts was quicker and able to catch the detail better than any artists drawing.
We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.
- Anais Nin
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