Information, Data, Files, and Findings

In the late 22nd Century, there is a small human colony on Titan. Operational for six months, life is tough and challenging, but strange geological activity threatens to unearth alien horror and madness!

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Information, Data, Files, and Findings

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Titan Colony, current Active Personnel.

This information is freely available. Personality traits are known by other colonists.

Alpha Base:

Mara Wu, Commander, Age 49, Mission Time: 6 Months

Appearance: Short, slender woman with jet black hair and eyes. Broadly Asian ethnicity.

Background: Highly experienced astronaut and pilot with a background in physics and stellar engineering.

Personality: Efficient, caring, cautious, somewhat lacking a sense of humour.

George Long, Chemist, Age 31, Mission Time, 6 months.

Appearance: Tall thin man with premature baldness, rather unattractive. Tribal Tattoos on face. Australian mixed Caucasian / Aboriginal Ethnicity.

Background: Extremely bright and capable with a large amount of theoretical chemical knowledge and ability, but less training in general space / astronaut capable. Managed to get on the mission by virtue of exceptional intellect.

Personality: Nervous, Dynamic, Insomniac, Amazing reflexes on video games.

Victor Bergman, Astophysicist/Communications Officer Age 47, Mission Time 6 months

Appearance: Middle aged and a little fat, but with a handsome face. Red hair, average height. Scandinavian Ethnicity.

Background: Previously professor of Astrophysics, designed the communication array equipment of the base, nobody knows it better.

Personality: Calm, Jocular, Ponderous, Good singing voice.

Gina Croft, Planetologist Age 41, Mission Time 4 months

Appearance: Bland woman of average height and build. Mid Length Brown hair and eyes. South American Ethnicity.

Background: Several previous missions looking at geological survey of Mars, Venus, and Natural Satellites. Reputation as uninspired but extremely reliable and methodical.

Personality: Stable, Distant, Star-gazing, Would love to travel further.

Beta Base:

Ronald Drake, 2nd Officer Age 38, Mission time 3 months

Appearance: Muscular and Fit, "Crew cut" black hair. Mainly Afro-carribean Ethnicity (mixed).

Background: Drafted in to replace Miriam Klute (RIP), has a strong military background as well as degree in computer sciences

Personality: Irritable, bored, loyal, showing some signs of psychological stress.

Harriet Barton: Biologist/Mycologist

(See PC Sheet)

Samantha Golightly: Engineer

(See PC Sheet)

Casper Bloom: Physician Age 45, Mission Time 5 months

Appearance: Somewhat short and "weedy" man with dark skin, long black hair. Quite handsome.

Background: Experienced, very smart, and dependable qualified physician with post graduate qualifications in psychology.

Personality: Reflective, Calm, Passive, Tendency to procrastinate and dither.

Note: Doctor Bloom is currently recovering from a minor leg fracture (in plaster) 1 month ago during accident outside base. Whilst able to perform most of his medical duties, his other base duties are somewhat curtailed. He will be fit for duty in about 1 month time.


Miriam Klute (Previous Second Officer)

Missing in Action. It is not clear why, but Miriam Klute took an ATV (now replaced) and drove off into the Titan landscapes 3 months ago. She has not been heard from since and is presumed dead. Records show she may have been suffering from stress-induced psychosis. She has been replaced by second officer Drake.
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