In the late 22nd Century, there is a small human colony on Titan. Operational for six months, life is tough and challenging, but strange geological activity threatens to unearth alien horror and madness!

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I don’t want to get into long equipment lists; although a little “Sci-Fi” flavour is palatable!

Three principles to consider:

1. Its Sci-Fi, and high tech. If you can drum up a reasonable idea for the colony, its there.
2. On the other hand, it’s a colony, and you will only have stuff that is practical. You can’t expect to find an easel and paints, or a grand piano in the store rooms.
3. Dangerous equipment, like weapons or explosives, will be restricted, or not present at all.
4. There is capacity to build stuff, so if you want to say you have constructed a ornithopter-bycicle (and you have appropriate skills), please note so!

Restricted equipment will mean its locked away, requiring retinal scans from two colonists to unlock (to stop crazed running amok). Of course, any lock could be picked (Electronics or maybe computer skills).

You can bring along a few psychologically important keepsakes (mental health is important) from Earth, such as a paper book, harmonica, or chess set. If you want to name these, please do so.

Another principle is that if you send a reasonable request to earth, they can fly it to you, although it will take a few months to arrive (odd or strange requests might be denied, or require a persuade roll).

The below equipment is some standard stuff; that I hope will represent a suitably sci fi flavour and stop us getting too bogged down with lists (like did you bring a plasma cutter or soldering iron?)

Restricted Equipment:

Plasma Pistol: It had to be done. Fires a bolt of Sci-fi plasma. Base skill 30%, Damage 2D10, 1 shot/round. Will not normally malfunction. Essentially unlimited ammunition unless you spend all night firing it into the sky.

Explosives: For geological survey work. Rather impractical as hand grenades or the like (although with the correct science / tech skills they could be modified). Good for blasting through rock, or sealing shut things that should never have been opened in the first place.

The Chip:

Implanted into your forearm, the chip acts as a short range tracker, monitor of a few vital signs (like body temperature!), and an emergency short range communicator. Of course, it can be carved out!

Hand Held Equipment:

Exosuit: An insulated, warmed (but not environmentally sealed) suit for operation in the Titan atmosphere. It will keep you warm (4 hour power supply). It comes with a respirator (4 Hours oxygen supply), and goggles that have thermal and low-light modes. Exosuits basically allow you to function outside the base. You can assume that any trip outside the base or a vehicle you will be wearing one of these (unless you are suicidal or insane). The Exosuit also functions as 1 point armour versus most things (or 5 points versus heat / cold).

Foam Gun: An aerosol shaped gun that squirts out a quick foam based sealant. Patches up exo suits, vehicles and base walls until more permanent repairs can be made. Basically here for us to stop getting to worried about small tears in suits etc (Big tears and gaping holes are another matter).

Medical Kit: The advanced technology in these kits and in the base infirmary allow medicine and first aid rolls to heal 1D6 rather than 1D3 hit points. Contains various drugs too (“Omni calm”, “Caffstim”, “Metaboost”, “Xenotox”). As I big fan of drugs we could go into detail if you wish. Getting addicted to sedatives or painkillers is a worrisome but interesting option for characters if it takes your fancy.

Multiscanner: Your typical sci-fi scanner, about the size of a bulky laptop, with shoulder strap. Aside from computer functions also acts a communicator, computer map, camera, and the normal “sci-fi scanning” functions. Goes “Ping” when detecting motion in overhead ventilation ducts.

Multitool: Your high tech swiss-army knife. Allows you to perform most technical and engineering actions. Also has a number of other functions (torch, compass, laser pointer, going “beep”, etc). In a pinch it could be used as a weapon (Knives skill, either 1d4+db as a small knife, or 1d6 energy damage as a plasma cutter).

When going outside the base, you can assume you will be in an exosuit, with a foam gun, multiscanner and multitool. If you wish to bring anything else (such as a flare, a high tech rope, a balloon and a whistle) please note so. Of course, if you wish not to bring those stuff, please also say!

You can assume there is plenty of emergency equipment in the base and in vehicles, such as 5 -minute respirator masks, rope, flares, insulating tarpaulins and so on.

Other Equipment:

The Starship is parked in the “Shelter” reserve base. It is meant for emergency evacuation to Earth (and can autopilot there) but could be used to fly around the Saturn system or Titan if you have pilot (starship) skill.

There are two ATV’s (Using the Drive ATV skill). They travel at around 50mph in most conditions, have room for 4 people, with lots of spare equipment and storage etc. Operates for 1 week at normal conditions. Has an external arm (Uses operate machinery skill, STR 30, Damage 2D6 if it comes to it). The ATVs are generally used for extended geological missions.

There are two T-Props (Uses the Pilot T-Prop skill), which are basically modified small 2 man environmentally sealed helicopters. They have about a day’s power and oxygen supply, and travel at up to 250mph. The T Props are used for short range missions. In low gravity and thick atmosphere, they are pretty effective. They are difficult to operate in very stormy conditions though.

There are two robots (“Pal”, and “Buddy” in the Alpha and Beta camps). They are human sized and helpful with “soft AI”. Attributes STR 20, DEX 15, SIZ 10, “INT” 10. 2 Point Armour. Inbuilt multitool, multiscanner, communicator. Various improved senses (like thermal vision). Speak in soft, calm voices. Skills: Pilot T-Prop 40%, Drive ATV 40%, Operate Heavy Machinery 40%, Jump 40%. They are programmed to be non-violent but could arguably passively restrain (Grapple 25% skill).
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