Rules and Character Creation

In the late 22nd Century, there is a small human colony on Titan. Operational for six months, life is tough and challenging, but strange geological activity threatens to unearth alien horror and madness!

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Rules and Character Creation

Postby Supercape » Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:54 pm


Please choose your own attributes.

Bear in mind the space colonists are pretty exceptional people. Particularly, it is likely that INT, POW, and EDU will all be significantly above average in order to have been chosen for the mission.Likewise CON would probably have to be at least average.

The colony has been active for 6 months. The first month was the initial wave, using the now abandoned small first base (“The Shelter”). Please note how long your character has been on the colony, from 6 months. If you have been on the colony 10 months, you are familiar with the Shelter (if it ever needs to be used).

Occupation wise, I am going to suggest the following is used for everyone:

Skills are the standard INTx10 (anything), EDU x20 (Occupation) – however you can pretty much choose your occupation skills in accordance with being a space colonist and any mission speciality. Please not down your occupation as something like “Space Colonist: Engineer”. Obviously things like occult or garrotte are unlikely to be sanctioned as appropriate skills for a space colonist, but I am sure common sense will prevail!


Some skills are blatantly redundant and won’t be used: Accounting, Bargain, Credit Rating, Drive Automobile, Drive Horses, Law, Natural History, Ride.

Some skills are of very limited utility, but please feel free to take if you wish: Climb (the gravity is so low it is easy to jump, and you can hardly hurt yourself falling), Language other than English (the mission language is English, and the AI systems can translate anything terran), Locksmith (there are only electronic locks, although possibly somebody on the base could build an mechanical one), Photography (the cameras are so good you cannot realistically fail if they are operating), Pilot (other than Starship or T-Prop).

Some skills worth mentioning:

Electronics / Computer Use: As per the “modern” setting.

Electronic and Mechanical Repair: For ease, as in this setting almost everything is electronic, I am going to suggest that we just use a “Repair” skill rather than subdividing the skills (to keep it simple and stop worrying about what is electronic or mechanical). Arguably this skill will also incorporate jury rigging or modifications (although Electronics and Science skills might fit the bill too).

Jump: Is perversely useful in low gravity, whilst you can’t really hurt yourself falling, the Jump skill allows you to accurately jump and land on your feet. Essentially this skill means “Jump on Titan”, so is a little bit modified (kind of incorporating your ability to function in low gravity).

Library Use: the computer systems have massive files on human history and multimedia. You can assume that data storage is so compact that you have access to almost everything, and can request transmission from Earth of even the most obscure tracts.

Operate Heavy Machinery: Includes the use of the ATV external arms, and Geological digging equipment.

Swim: Is actually potentially useful. There are massive hydrocarbon lakes you can swim in.

Weapon skills also deserve a mention. Technically the only weapons on the base are the plasma pistols (see under equipment), base skill 30%. The multitool (see under equipment) could be used with the Knife skill. Otherwise, it is pretty much what you can build or improvise; so knives, clubs, throw are all realistic. You may have built your own weapons, or will build them, but the colony is unlikely (i.e. won’t) tolerate weapons that are for the sole purpose of killing!

There are a few custom skills:

Communications (20%) Anyone can use the normal radio communicators. This skill is used to jam signals, or struggle through radio-magnetic storms and other PLOT devices.

Drive ATV (20%), the ability to drive one of the colonies two ATVs (one for each base)

Pilot T-Prop (01%) the ability to pilot one of the colonies two helicopters that have been designed for Titan.

Pilot Starship (01%) There is only one of these, and it is primarily for emergency evacuation to Earth. It can function automated for that, but if you want to use it on Titan or to travel elsewhere within the Saturn system, Pilot Starship is needed!

Plasma Pistol (30%) See under equipment, and the only “official” weapons on the base.

Scanning (20%) For use with you trusty multiscanner (see equipment). Skill used to spot small anomalies, or to scan through difficult interference.
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Re: Rules and Character Creation

Postby Supercape » Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:01 pm

A proposed character sheet (use this or something else you fancy!)

Player Name:
Character Name:
Mission Specialist Skills / Role:
Mission Time (Months):

INT Idea:
POW Luck:
EDU Know:

Damage Bonus

Hit Points

Magic Points

Maximum Sanity

Current Sanity


Weapon Skills:
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