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In Leagues of Adventure the characters are all middle and upper class Victorians who go on wild adventures in response to wagers, handsome payments from rich patrons, invitations from adventuring leagues, or
simply out of sheer boredom. Opportunities abound to thwart dastardly deeds, discover lost cities, mingle with new cultures, and plumb the darkest depths of the globe.

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Style Points

Postby Priest » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:33 am

I'm going to put everyones points here so they can be kept track of.

Wellington - 4 6 8 12 9

Roxborough- 4 6 8 12 14

Bly - 4 3 (1pt used at start of Scene 2) 5 9 11

Klevendon - 4 6 8 12
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