Chapter One - Day 3 - An Early Morning Meeting

Arkham, Massachusetts; during the late summer of 1921, two good friends and fellow Miskatonic University botany students Richard Cardigan and Henry Atwater strolled west from Arkham to camp along the Miskatonic River to gather samples and specimens of the local flora and fauna. They were expected to return on Saturday but failed to do so following the sudden freak storm during Friday night.

Early Sunday morning, Atwater was found wandering along west River Street, in a disturbed state of mind. Police took him to St. Mary's Hospital, where he was questioned and sedated.

Atwater's nearly incoherent ramblings led police to surmise that the campers had been struck by lightning on Friday evening while they slept.

But of course we know different ... don't we?

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Re: Chapter One - Day 3 - An Early Morning Meeting

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