IC-Ep 1-Holiday on the Beach(Story/Elizabeth/Lucius/Brook)

New UNIT Scientific Advisor Dr. Valerie Kirby has mysteriously disappeared during routine inquiries in Dunwich, and a team from UNIT has been hastily assembled to go to Dunwich in order to find her and bring her back. Meanwhile, Story and his companions materialize in Dunwich and begin to explore.

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Re: IC-Ep 1-Holiday on the Beach(Story/Elizabeth/Lucius/Broo

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Brook saw that she did have some cash from 2010, though without knowing what year it was now, she had no idea if it would be any good. She and Lucius headed off to the north, leaving the others near the TARDIS.

Lucius and Brook are moving to the thread linked below.

What Time Is It?

Story and Elizabeth are moving to the thread linked below.

The Old Man and the Sea
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