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Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:27 am
by Mr. Handy
This is the character creation thread for CrackheadC.'s character. All other players, please leave now and read no further!

All right, I think they're gone.

"And in the Great Days of Rassilon, five great principles were laid down. Can you remember what they were, my children?"

The above quote is from a Gallifreyan nursery book that you had when you were a Time Tot. Time Lords look human and are similar to humans in some ways, and there are some theories that Gallifreyans and humans share the same genetic sourrce. It is even possible for regular Gallifreyans who are not Time Lords to have families with humans (for instance, Susan and David Campbell, or Leela and Andred). However, there are some great differences in Time Lord physiology for which the normal rules do not apply.

Time Lord character creation works much like it does for humans. However, Time Lords do have a greater mental fortitude and thus roll POW on 2d6+6 instead of 3d6.

  • Roll 3d6 each for STR, CON, DEX, and APP.
  • Roll 2d6+6 each for SIZ, INT, and POW.
  • Roll 3d6+3 for EDU.
  • Do not roll for personal wealth. This is normally irrelevant for a Time Lord. You are exiled to Earth, but since you work for UNIT, they'll issue you equipment for this assignment.
You can use Invisible Castle to make your rolls, both for character creation and in the game. You'll need to register and log in there in order to make entries in the Note section describing what you're rolling, but it's free. Be sure to use the same spelling for your character's name consistently to make it easier to look up old rolls.

Those are the only rolls you need to make for character creation. You are free to distribute the 3d6 rolls amongst the four stats that are rolled on 3d6, as well as to distribute the 2d6+6 rolls among SIZ, INT, and POW. EDU can be raised by making your character older. If you're still not satisfied with your rolls, let me know and we'll work something out. If your rolls are abnormally low, I may permit a reroll of the entire set.

There are a variety of ways to name your Time Lord, and often a Time Lord will have multiple names, though you should use one primary name. Some Time Lords are named for what they are or what they do (such as The Doctor, The Master, The Monk). Others are referred to by a designation of a pair of Greek letters (such as Theta SIgma). Still others have actual names (for example, Romanadvoratrelundar or Borusa). For longer names, it pays to have a shortened version, such as in Romana's case. As an exile who has been living on Earth for some time, you'll likely have an alias that sounds like an Earth name.

You'll also need to decide on your character's age. The minimum age allowed is EDU+6, but you can always choose to make your character older. For every 10 full years above the minimum, you get +1 to your EDU (which also gets you an extra 20 occupational skill points). However, for every full 10 years above 40 (i.e., starting at age 50), you must reduce one of the following stats by 1: STR, CON, DEX, or APP. While Time Lords can live a very long time, their physical bodies will "wear thin" eventually. The ability to regenerate can restore a body to a fresh state, but it comes at a cost. For a newly created Time Lord, we'll assume you're on your first incarnation. Be wary of making your character too old to get the extra EDU, as your other attributes will suffer for it.

Your character has the following derived stats:
Idea: INT x 5
Luck: POW x 5
Know: EDU x 5 (maximum of 99)
Damage Bonus: Calculate STR+SIZ and consult the following table
  • 12 or less: -1d6
  • 13-16: -1d4
  • 17-24: +0
  • 25-32: +1d4
  • 33 or more: +1d6
Maximum Hit Points: (CON+SIZ)/2 (round fractions up)
Maximum Magic Points: POW
Starting Sanity: POW x 5

You get 20 x EDU occupational skill points that can only be used to increase skills for your chosen profession. You also get 10 x INT hobby skill points that can be spent to increase any skills (even the ones for your occupation if you really want). Use the modern skill list, though it is possible to add skills to this list from past or future eras.The only skill that cannot be raised is Cthulhu Mythos, which always starts at 0%. The other skills have base levels of 1% or higher, and the points you spend add to those base levels. To see the list of skills and their starting levels (as well as other useful info), see the Quick Start rules for Call of Cthulhu: (the modern list is identical, except that it also contains Computer Use and Electronics, both of which have a 1% base)

Your chosen occupation will depend on what sort of TIme Lord you are. A historian might use the Professor template focusing on History and Archaeology, while a tinkerer/inventor could use the Engineer template. If you let me know your character concept, I can give you a suitable list of occupational skills. I believe you said you wanted to be an inventor, so the occupational skill list for that is: Chemistry, Electrical Repair, Geology, Library Use, Mechanical Repair, Operate Heavy Machine, Phsyics, and one other skill of your choice. The occupational skills for many professions are listed in the rulebook. Some of these lists allow you to choose one or two of your occupational skills. Just make sure it's within reason for your chosen occupation.

Speaking of the History skill, due to a Time Lord's ability to travel in space and time, this skill helps you to know things about all of history, whether it's happened yet or not. This is a very useful skill to have as a Time Lord. Another useful skill is Pilot TARDIS. It has a base skill of 01%, but you should raise it to at least 15% at character creation. While many of the TARDIS systems are automated, some basic knowledge is required. The Physics skill is useful for repairing the TARDIS, but there are limits to its application. Some faults in the TARDIS cannot be corrected outside of a Gallifreyan workshop, as certain specialized parts and tools will be required. As an exile to Earth, your TARDIS is incapable of traveling through time and space, as its dimensional stabilizer has been locked out. All of your attempts to restore it have failed, as your memories of how to do so have also been blocked by the Time Lords.

You do not need to take languages. Your native language is High Gallifreyan, but thanks to your bond with the TARDIS you can understand any language as if it were your own, whether spoken or written.

I won't be imposing a cap for starting skills, but you should justify any exceptionally high skills you have in your character background. 75% in a skill means that you're an expert. 90% means that you're one of the best in the world. Spend all your skill points during character creation, as they're of no use once the game is underway.

All Time Lords have the ability to regenerate when their bodies break down or take lethal damage. This ability is connected to the Time Lord's mental bond with the TARDIS, and it can only be used twelve times. However, regeneration carries a heavy price. Time Lords can regenerate voluntarily, and they often do after their bodies age a good deal. This mitigates some of the costs. When regenerating involunatarily, such as after being killed, you bear the full brunt of the process.

Regeneration completely renews a Time Lord's body, and it also completely changes it. You will reroll all of your physical stats in order: STR, CON, DEX, APP, and even SIZ. Whatever you roll for your new stats, you are stuck with these rolls. You cannot swap them around, and you cannot take a mulligan. This will also cause your Damage Bonus and Hit Point total to be recalculated, and when the process is complete you will be restored to full HP. Your appearance will completely change. While your clothes do not change automatically, your sense of fashion will, and newly regenerated Time Lords usually find a new outfit at the earliest opportunity. Your mental stats (INT, POW, and EDU) will remain unchanged, but your mind will not be untouched. Regeneration will change your personality drastically. While many things about who you are will remain the same, in some ways you will be a different person. There is also a high cost. Undergoing an involuntary regeneration causes a 2/1d10+1 Sanity roll, and it often results in temporary insanity. This mental instability lasts for a varying amount of time, from hours to days, and can last still longer if severe enough. Regeneration is not something to be taken lightly, but is a last resort to avoid death.

Finally, there are some ways to die that even preclude regeneration. If your body is disintegrated, dissolved, or eaten, there will be nothing left to regenerate. Time Lords are powerful, but they are not immortal.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:15 am
by CrackheadC.
Looking good - I've got to go to a baseball game today so I'm not sure I'll have time to work out the first full incarnation, but I'll roll up the stats now so I know what I've got to work with.

My character's normal given Alias will be "The Tinker" (in the same vein as Story and The Doctor), plus I think it would make a decent nickname for him at work in UNIT. So I'll do all of my rolls under The Tinker.

STR, CON, DEX, and APP (in no particular order) (3d6=15, 3d6=8, 3d6=7, 3d6=11)
SIZ, INT, POW (In no particular order) (2d6+6=13, 2d6+6=13, 2d6+6=13) (Wow, solid 13s)
EDU (3d6+3=16)

So here are the base stats for my first incarnation:
STR: 7
CON: 11
SIZ: 13
DEX: 15
APP: 8
INT: 13 (Idea - 65)
POW: 13 (Luck - 65)
EDU: 16 (Know - 80)
Age: 22

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:43 am
by Mr. Handy
Nice. The Tinker is a good name, and it's certainly possible that everyone in UNIT just calls you "The Tinker", much like they usually called the Doctor "The Doctor." Of course, you may still want an alias.

There's no rush; we're not starting for some time anyway.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:48 am
by CrackheadC.
Alright for The Tinkers skills I was thinking of the following:
Chemistry, Computer Use, Craft, Electronics, Electronics Repair, Library Use, Mechanical Repair, and Physics.

This would place him solidly in the science field, working with 'new' or 'developing' technology (with an aptitude that makes it seem like he's already used everything being researched.) I picked the Craft skill because I think it goes along well with his character idea of constantly developing new things and being quite mechanically inclined (Plus it will be a good soaking skill for extra EDU skill points to keep him from getting ridiculous in certain skills) - and it will help represent his changing lives every so many years and taking different professions.

For backstory, is there a race or civilization that Tinker could have interfered with by introducing technology too early and set them back? Or should we just make one up now? I'd like to have details set so you can work with them and it isn't just a vague "he did this."

Yeah he would have his Timelord name, his alias/nickname as 'The Tinker', and whatever current human alias he is using.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:12 am
by Mr. Handy
That's not too different from the occupational skill list I'd given above (Chemistry, Electrical Repair, Geology, Library Use, Mechanical Repair, Operate Heavy Machine, Phsyics, and one other skill of your choice). Both lists have five skills in common. You may use yours instead if you prefer. Note that Craft skills must specify what kind of craft when you take them. You may take multiple Craft skills for different types of crafts, each of which is an occupational skill, so that would allow you to spend plenty of occupational skill points.

The best race for the Tinker to have interfered with is probably humans, but there are plenty of other species out there in the Whoniverse. If you did interfere with humans, it may have been best if you'd done so in the future, whether on Earth or an off-world colony, so that your actions haven't changed history as we know it. The Draconian Empire only appears in one story (Frontier in Space), but Draconians are very interesting and could make a decent choice. Or you can just make up a species.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:16 am
by CrackheadC.
Alright I think I know what I'll have his meddling be. In the future when humans first become space-faring and start setting up colonies they may have run into more difficulties than expected - a stumbling block that their science hadn't overcome yet (be it terraforming issues or even just something basic like efficient water distillation and purification). I'm thinking The Tinker found a failing colony and gave them the technology to survive and thrive - this technology was reported back to Earth and as a result Humans began propagating throughout the galaxy much quicker than they should have. Certainly a punishable offense without being one that causes any drastic changes we would see. Sound good?

Yeah I'll use my list, I need to think of two or three interesting crafting skills too.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:23 am
by Mr. Handy
Yes, sounds good to me.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:40 am
by CrackheadC.
After his first regeneration does his body continue to loss a stat every 10 years (So I regenerate at lets say 70, when he turns 80 - 10 years into his 2nd incarnation - does he lose 1 stat) or does he get another 40 years reprieve from stat loss and doesn't lose a stat until he turns 120?

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:43 am
by CrackheadC.
Nevermind, I poked around in the archives and saw Story's creation - its another 50 before I lose stats.

Okay here is his timeline right now:

22 (starting age)
25 (Exiled to Earth circa 1815)
71 (Shot and killed while working for the Pinkerton's foiling the Baltimore plot assassination attempt on Lincoln in 1861)
- At this point he has an EDU of 20
Involuntary Regeneration Sanity check: Involuntary regeneration SAN: 65 (1d100=37) (Pass: So he loses 2 SAN now at 63)
First regeneration stats:
Regeneration: Stats in Order of rolls: STR, CON, DEX, and APP (3d6=12, 3d6=14, 3d6=12, 3d6=9)
Regeneration SIZ (2d6+6=15)

So second regenerations stats are:
Str: 12
Con: 14
Dex: 12
App: 9
Siz: 15

Going from 1861 to the present of 1985 in the same regeneration would have me 8 points of stat loss and put me at 33 EDU. Essentially I would have a flat 10, 10, 10, 9 stats. I lucked out with the 1st regeneration SAN rolls.

I'm considering doing one more a voluntary regeneration at about 170 (1965) and having the character move to the UK (which would get him in the area for UNIT and the adventure) as part of his story leading up to the present. I haven't decided yet though.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:56 am
by CrackheadC.
A Voluntary Second regeneration in 1969 (Due to being older, to avoid the Vietnam draft and move to UK):
Second Regeneration Sanity Roll: (63) (1d100=5) Pass: Another -2 (SAN 61)
New Stats:
Second Regeneration Stats in Order: STR, CON, DEX, APP (3d6=11, 3d6=12, 3d6=4, 3d6=12)
Second Regeneration SIZ (2d6+6=11)

New Stats:
Str: 11
Con: 12
Dex: 4
App: 12
Siz: 11
---- I was punished for my hubris with that dex score, Ah well - I'll figure out a way to explain and deal with it. Now that I am all set up with rolls and etc, I'll post the full character later today.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:23 am
by Mr. Handy
Yeah, it might have been better not to push your luck. You could take another regeneration later on to roll again, but your stats might end up being worse and your Sanity definitely would be, plus you'd use up another of your lives. At least this way you only have one stat in the single digits.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:24 am
by CrackheadC.
Yeah, I'll live though. I think I've just going to pass it off as him not really being used to or comfortable his new body - as it if it was a glove that was one size too big - making him slower and more clumsy.

Almost finished with the background.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:17 am
by CrackheadC.
Player: CrackheadC.
Timelord Name: Reifendvalkaster (Riefner)
Alias/Nickname: “The Tinker”
Current human alias: Raymond MacIntyre
Age: 195
Sex: Male
Occupation: Exiled Cosmic Inventor
Current Residence: England, Earth
Colleges, Degrees: N/A
Birthplace: The Citadel, Gallifrey
Home Era: Pre-Time War
Current Incarnation: 3

(Imagine this, but a bit younger.)

STR: 11
CON: 12
SIZ: 11
DEX: 4
APP: 12
INT: 13 (Idea - 65)
POW: 13 (Luck - 65)
EDU: 33 (Know - 99)

Sanity: 61
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 12
Magic Points: 13
Damage Bonus: 0


Riefendvalkaster always had an aptitude for science and an interest in how things work. As a child all the way to the present day he constantly took things apart and put them back together to figure out how they work – usually changing the object as he put it back together to make it better or more interesting. This insatiable curiosity and drive for dismantling and upgrading and building now machines earned him the nickname “The Tinker” as well as got him into serious trouble.

The Tinker never really cared for schooling and much preferred hands on experiences, so when given the opportunity for his first adventure at the young age of 25, he jumped on it. The tinker traveled to one of the first human colonies on other planets – one named Alpha Hope. He only wanted to see how early space-faring humans adapted to life on other planets with their (relatively) primitive technology. When he arrived though he saw that the humans weren’t adapting at all – due faulty equipment the terraformation of the planet had ceased and the colony’s water purification system was quickly failing. Unwilling to let the colonists simply die, The Tinker fixed the terraformer and adjusted the water purification system to pull hydrogen from the atmosphere and combine it with the carbon dioxide exhaled by the colonists allowing the a faster and more reliable method of producing water until terraformation had completed.

Unfortunately, humans weren’t meant to have this technology for another 300 years, as a result humans were able to colonize harsher worlds at a much faster rate than they should have – causing an imbalance in the universe. When he returned to Gallifrey, The Tinker was put on trial and sentenced to exile on Earth for knowingly interfering with a developing civilization and its historical progression.

Arriving in the fledgling country of The United States in the year 1815, The Tinker quickly receded from human society, angry at the Timelords’ injustice, he began traveling west through the frontier, staying in a town for a few years at a time infrequently working as a gunsmith and teacher before moving on before people noticed that frontier life hadn’t been taking its toll on the strange traveler as it had most other folks. The Tinker quickly realized that small town life was not going to work if people were in constant contact with him and able to recognize his slow aging, so he moved back east in the early 1850’s, stopping for a spell in Chicago where he became friends with one Allan Pinkerton – founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

The Tinker worked with the Pinkertons for the better part of a decade, providing mechanical and scientific assistance to their investigations, until 1861 when, then 71, The Tinker was shot and ‘killed’ while helping the agency stop an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln in Baltimore. It was always referred to as an alleged assassination plot – but if you read the papers from that day you will see a story about a man being shot and killed by a local slave-owner.
Deciding it was time to move on again, The Tinker assumed another identity and moved to Philadelphia – a larger city where his presence was more likely to go unnoticed. There he did work making tools, guns and other machine parts through-out the Civil War. The Tinker spent the majority of the late 19th century and early 20th century working in different science fields – particularly working with electricity and nudging things along to certain milestones – such as the transformer, amplifier, and alternating current. All the while he frequently changed identities. During WWII, he worked in a military research lab, but purposely contributed no more than he had to – knowing the final results of the technological breakthroughs during that time period. When the Vietnam war came around and the president announced a draft, The Tinker felt it was time to explore another part of the planet. He voluntarily regenerated and took the next flight he could across the Atlantic to England, disappointed he could not share in the US’s upcoming space flight achievement.

The Tinker has spent the last 16 years living in London and Oxford working in university science labs – and it was this work that got him noticed by UNIT. When offered a technician position in UNIT The Tinker jumped at the opportunity. In his 170 years on Earth, The Tinker has developed a deep affection for his adopted planet and sees this as an opportunity to help humans protect themselves, while waiting for his opportunity to leave once again. And while he has grown quite fond of Earth and its people, a Time Lord is still a Time Lord and being bound to one moment, one place has made The Tinker quite antsy and eager to leave and continue his adventures.

Cover Background:

Raymond was born into a small Irish-American family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was a child, in the early days of the Vietnam war his parents moved to London feeling that it would be safer for their family. Tragically his parents passed away after contracting pneumonia. Left a sizable inheritance, Raymond lived with an uncle until he was 18 and went to the finest private academies. He had shown a genius-level aptitude for hard sciences and practical mechanics and he always seemed to be juggling a variety of studies, hobbies, and jobs. Raymond studied both Physics and Chemistry at Oxford University - finishing his programs in short order. Afterwards, he worked in the university's research labs while continuing his education. It was at this time that he was tapped by U.N.I.T. for work as a technician in their labs - an opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the world using cutting-edge technology - Raymond just couldn't pass it up.

Skills: (Non-default skills BOLD, Professional Skills ITALICS, Hobbies preceded by a DOT. Checked skills followed by a *)

Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (05%):
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%):
Biology (01%):
Chemistry (01%): 80%
Climb (40%):
Computer Use (01%): 80%
Conceal (15%):
Craft: Gunsmith (05%): 60%
Craft: Machinist (05%): 60%
Craft: Wood-working (05%): 25%

Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
.Disguise (01%): 20%
Dodge (DEX x 2): 8%
Drive Auto (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%): 84%
Electronics (01%): 90%

.Fast Talk (05%): 38%
First Aid (30%):
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
.History (20%): 35%
Jump (25%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (25%): 85%
Listen (25%):
Locksmith (01%):
Martial Arts (01%)
Mechanical Repair (20%): 90%
Medicine (05%):
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
.Operate Heavy Machine (01%): 50
Other Language (01%): N/A
Own Language: High Gallifreyan (EDU x 5%): 99%
Persuade (15%):
Pharmacy (01%):
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%): 80%
.Pilot TARDIS (01%): 15%
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (05%):
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%):
Spot Hidden (25%):
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Fist/Punch (50%):
Grapple (25%):
Head Butt (10%):
Kick (25%):

Handgun (20%):
Machine Gun (15%):
Rifle (25%):
Shotgun (30%):
SMG (15%):

Locked-out TARDIS
A Sonic Screwdriver - made in 1830, quite old looking, a little rusted and the leather handle is well-worn.
(Pretty surprised that I could just google 'steampunk sonic screwdriver' and find something useful.)
Basic U.N.I.T. equipment

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:53 pm
by Mr. Handy
There are just a few minor corrections, and then you'll be done. You'll be happy to know that your damage bonus is +0, not -1d4. Also, you've only spent 645 out of 660 occupational skill points, so feel free to assign the other 15 points. Also, Craft(Machinist) and Craft(Electrician) are redundant with Mechanical Repair and Electrical Repair, respectively, so you should reassign the 90 occupational skill points from those Craft skills to other occupational skills, possibly other Craft skills (you can raise Craft(Gunsmith) higher and also pick up additional Craft skills). The only other thing I noticed was that your background story refers to the early 1950s when I think you meant 1850s. Everything else adds up correctly.

Do you want the other players kept in the dark as to who and what you are? If so, I'll need to know your character's apparent age and cover background so I can put that into the character sheet displayed in the sticky thread that everyone can read. Your extremely high EDU and high skills would still be apparent, but the players won't necessarily know why they're that high. Or I could just put your character sheet in the thread as is. It's possible that other players simply won't read it, but if they do they'll know something that their characters don't.

Also, you can have a sonic screwdriver. With your skills, you could have easily made one yourself using parts stored in the TARDIS, though it might have a steampunky 19th century look if you've had it long enough. Like Story's sonic screwdriver, it has the functions and abilities seen in the classic series, but not all the crazy powers attributed to it in the new series. It can open electronic locks, but it is useless against mechanical locks. It can turn screws remotely, of course, and it can do things such as detonate mines from a safe distance.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:09 am
by CrackheadC.
Ah, right you are. You know, I fixed that 1950's error in the word document as I was typing it, but I didn't fix it in the post. I'll adjust things.

I see Electrician being redundant, but is Machinist? I thought machinists did more like making parts and whatnot - if that is covered by Mechanical repair, all the better for me. I'll come up with another craft skill and I will come up with a cover background - I don't want to tip them off too completely with just the character sheet. I mean sure they can read this thread, but they shouldn't where as there is nothing preventing them from reading the character sheets.

I'm thinking the cover ID will be something about a US mechanical/scientific genius being recruited by UNIT. Actually it will probably be good to make one because it will serve as the foundation of his newest incarnation and will probably be what UNIT knows about him. I assume that while my cover is still intact with the other characters you will withhold information on my character sheet like "Pilot TARDIS" or the fact that I have a Sonic Screwdriver?

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:29 am
by Mr. Handy
Thanks for the reminder. I'll make sure I remove those from the character sheet when I post it.

That's a good point about Machinist - the rulebook definition for Mechanical Repair doesn't really cover making parts, so Craft(Machinist) should be its own skill. The 35 points you put in Craft(Electrician) and the 15 you didn't spend at all (50 total) should be transferred to other occupational skills, then.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:22 am
by CrackheadC.
Alright, Sheet is updated. Removed Electrician, added wood-working and split the points between gunsmithing and woodworking.

Added a cover story. My character appears to be about 28 or 29 years old.

So what needs to be removed when you post it to the other thread (in case I see something you didn't):
timelord name, alias/nickname, "Current human alias" should be Name:, age should be 28, Occupation should be whatever my UNIT job is, Residence, wherever UNIT is right now, Colleges should be Oxford, Physics and Chem M.Sc, Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA, Home Era should read 1980's, incarnations should be gone, Cover background should just read background, Pilot tardis should be gone, Language should be English not Gallifreyan, Tardis and sonic screwdriver should be out of my inventory

I think that is all that needs to be edited for it.

Otherwise I'm ready.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:14 am
by Mr. Handy
Thanks, you're good to go! It may be a couple of days before I can post the edited version of your character sheet.

That's one awesome sonic screwdriver!

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:59 am
by CrackheadC.
Sounds good, I'm pretty pumped to see what happens next.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land (CrackheadC. only)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:38 am
by Mr. Handy
Your character sheet is now posted.