Your Career in U.N.I.T.

1985, Dunwich, England: Will the Time Lord, his companions, and a team from UNIT uncover the secrets that this decaying town harbors, or will they fall prey to its horrific perils?

This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the third of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time and The Ninth Planet.

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Your Career in U.N.I.T.

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by Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (retired)

Welcome, potential recruit! I'm Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the first commanding officer of the UK branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, or U.N.I.T. for short. In this document, you will learn a bit about what we do and the various roles you might play should you join us. If you want to protect the innocent from unknown dangers and aren't averse to a spot of action, a career in U.N.I.T. might be right for you!
What does U.N.I.T. do?
At U.N.I.T., we deal with the odd, the unexplained. Anything on Earth - or even beyond. Unbeknownst to most people, the world is in constant danger from threats both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Operating under the auspices of the United Nations, we are a global organisation with branches in each of the member nations. As an intelligence outfit, it is our duty to investigate any such threats and, if possible, to neutralize them. Naturally, the work we do is quite secret and is covered by the Official Secrets Act. U.N.I.T. has a wide variety of resources at its disposal, including the latest in technology. We are, in short, the planet's first line of defense.
The Origin of U.N.I.T.
You may recall some years ago that the London Underground was sealed off and the city underwent a mass evacuation for the first time since World War Two. The official story as to why this was necessary was designed to prevent panic amongst the populace at large. The truth is that we were under attack by the robotic servants of an alien intelligence. I personally played a role in combating this menace. Following the crisis, which became known as "the Yeti do," it was decided that an organisation was needed to protect the Earth from any future threats, and thus U.N.I.T. was born.

U.N.I.T. first saw action four years after these events, when we were invaded by beings called the Cybermen, deadly combinations of man and machine determined to transform us all into Cybermen like them. They were assisted by traitors who sought to help them for their own gain and thirst for power. Thanks in large part to U.N.I.T.'s efforts, the invasion was thwarted and the Earth was once again safe...for now.

Over the years that followed, Earth faced numerous further attacks from the terrifying plastic Autons, the reptilian Silurians, and many more. Each time we have prevailed, and the population at large has been none the wiser. To quote George Orwell, "we sleep at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf." This is where U.N.I.T. comes in.
U.N.I.T. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Of course, we are not limited to men. U.N.I.T. has had numerous female employees from the start, and women can perform any duty that men can here. Women have served U.N.I.T. as scientists, covert agents, freelance investigators, technicians, pilots, soldiers, and more. In addition, U.N.I.T. employs individuals both male and female from numerous countries, not just those that make up the United Kingdom. It is quite common for nationals of other countries to be seconded to U.N.I.T. UK, though it is highly recommended that such people speak English.
Career Options
U.N.I.T. has many employees with a wide variety of specialities. Whatever you're good at, there's a decent chance we could use you. Though we have quite a few people with military backgrounds, we have plenty of civilians as well.
Officer,Occupational Skills: Accounting, Bargain, Credit Rating, Law, Navigate, Persuade, Psychology, and any one other skill.
At the top of our command structure are officers. The current commanding officer of U.N.I.T. UK is Brigadier Charles Crichton, a man I know personally and an able successor. Under his leadership are officers of lower ranks: colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors, captains, and lieutenants. With increased rank comes increased responsibility, and much will be demanded of you as you rise in rank. You will be called upon to make critical decisions that could affect the safety of our entire planet. If you are a commissioned officer in one of the armed services and feel you are up to the task, you may want to consider requesting a transfer to U.N.I.T. UK.
Soldier,Occupational Skills: Dodge, First Aid, Hide, Listen, Mechanical Repair, Rifle, Sneak, and any one other skill.
Soldiers are the backbone of U.N.I.T., making up the bulk of our personnel. Soldiers are trained to fight and are often in the front lines in our effort to protect our planet. However, keep in mind that many alien menaces are immune to bullets, so soldiers will need to think fast on their feet. While you may start out as a lowly private, promotional opportunities abound, especially when those above you fall in the line of duty. Noncommissioned officers such as corporals and sergeants have command over squads of soldiers, giving them a taste of increased responsibility. NCOs will have plenty of chances to serve with distinction, such as the legendary Regimental Sergeant Major Benton.
Scientist,Occupational Skills: Bargain, Credit Rating, Library Use, Other Language, Persuade, Psychology, and any two of the following skills: Anthropology, Archaelogy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Geology, History, Law, Medicine, Natural History, or Physics
SInce its inception, U.N.I.T. has been on the cutting edge of science and technology, and we have long employed scientists in various capacities. Early on we established the post of Scientific Advisor, which has been filled by such luminaries as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Dr. John Smith, and our new Scientific Advisor Dr. Valerie Kirby. Do not underestimate Dr. Kirby because of her youth; she is a genius of the first order and a brilliant geneticist. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for with her dedication and enthusiasm. Before being promoted, she served as assistant to the previous Scientific Advisor, who left to pursue his own research and teaching goals. As such, there is now an opening for Dr. Kirby's new assistant. Perhaps you would be interested in applying for the position, or for one of the many other scientific jobs available.
Technician,Occupational Skills: Chemistry, Electrical Repair, Geology, Library Use, Mechanical Repair, Operate Heavy Machine, Physics, and any one other skill.
U.N.I.T. needs a large number of technicians for day to day operations, both to maintain our vehicles and equipment in working order and to assist our scientific staff in research and development. Engineers from a variety of disciplines as well as communications specialists are key personnel, and we simply could not get by without them.
Computer Specialist,Occupational Skills: Computer Use, Electrical Repair, Electronics, Fast Talk, Library Use, Other Language, Physics, and any one other skill.
Always at the forefront of modern technology, U.N.I.T. has plenty of computers, and we need people to program and use them. I never got used to the newfangled things myself, but the current generation seems much more attuned to them. While the computers that were around in my heyday often filled an entire room, there are now computers that can actually fit on your desktop without skimping on processing power.
Pilot,Occupational Skills: Astronomy, Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair, Navigate, Operate Heavy Machine, Physics, Pilot, and any one other skill. Note that there are multiple Pilot skills that are taken separately (Pilot Civil Prop, Pilot Civil Jet, Pilot Airliner, Pilot Jet Fighter, and Pilot Helicopter).
U.N.I.T. has several aircraft at its disposal, including helicopters, airplanes, and even the odd experimental hovercraft. With proper authorization, we can even call in air strikes. Quite a few pilots from the Royal Air Force have served with U.N.I.T.
Medical Officer,Occupational Skills: Biology, Credit Rating, First Aid, Latin, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and any one other skill.
U.N.I.T. has need of staff with medical knowhow, as it is not uncommon for our people to get injured in the field or for us to investigate outbreaks of strange diseases, not to mention analyzing alien specimens. Medical officers such as Dr. Harry Sullivan, who was seconded from the Royal Navy, have served with distinction.
Covert Operative,Occupational Skills: Bargain, Disguise, Fast Talk, Handgun, Locksmith, Sneak, Spot Hidden, and any one other skill.
U.N.I.T. employs a number of covert agents, though for obvious reasons we cannot divulge their identities. We offer courses on infiltration, lockpicking, escapology, and many other topics of use in espionage. These operatives are vital to U.N.I.T., as we are at our core an intelligence outfit.
Other Career Options,Please see me with your character idea, and I'll let you know what the occupational skills for it are.
There are plenty of other positions within U.N.I.T. if none of these is your cup of tea. We employ drivers, secretaries, public relations people, solicitors, and others. Whatever you do, there's a good chance we can use you for something. So why not apply to join U.N.I.T. today?

If you are happy with your current job, there is another possibility. U.N.I.T. maintains friendly relationships with outside freelancers. Though we do not employ them directly, they nonetheless work with us closely. Even members of the press, such as famed investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, have assisted U.N.I.T. in our endeavours. You can keep your day job and still do your bit to keep the planet safe!
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