IC-Ep 4-Back Door(Story/Elizabeth/Lucius/Brook/Heinrich)

The confrontation with the Mi-Go turns violent, and the survivors must flee Pluto for their lives. But will the crew of Styx Base bring humanity's doom back to Earth with them?

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Re: IC-Ep 4-Back Door(Story/Elizabeth/Lucius/Brook/Heinrich)

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OOC,[b]Story[/b], [b]Elizabeth[/b], [b]Lucius[/b], and [b]Brook[/b] are moving to the thread linked below.
The Journey Continues
OOC,[b]Heinrich[/b] is moving to the thread linked below.
Escape from Pluto
Doctor Who/CoC Campaign:
(viewforum.php?f=176)The Terror Out of Time
(viewforum.php?f=191)]The Ninth Planet
The Shadow Over Dunwich
The Brotherhood of Death
The Horror in the Blackout
The Masque of Nyarlathotep

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