What´s my/your current reading/viewing/playing amusement?

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Re: What´s my/your current reading/viewing/playing amusement

Postby Dave » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:26 pm

I´m in the middle of moving house at the moment. The house is filled with moving boxes and too much furniture. I´ve packed down most books, but have been reading a little David Bladacci and Lee Child. Easy reading!
Gamewise, I´m stuck with Fallout 4 and am doing a spelunking playthrough as the lone wanderer.

On tele, there´s Humans, 12 Monkeys and Shades of Blue. Westworld ended before it started. I enjoy Shooter and SIX.

And I came back here for a spell!!

Hi everyone!
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Re: What´s my/your current reading/viewing/playing amusement

Postby Mr. Handy » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:30 am

Welcome back! I finished Ultima Underworld months ago and played a game of Civlization: Beyond Earth with the Rising Tide expansion. I was Chongsu, so I started with an aquatic city. I ended up getting a Domination victory even though I was going for Contact, and I did it without declaring war (which netted me an achievement). I allied with ARC, and that dragged me into a war it started with INTEGR, which we wiped out easily. I had high levels of Harmony, so my units were far more advanced than everyone else's, in large part due to my insane science from espionage. I later carried out a successful Coup d'Etat against the North Sea Alliance's capital Deepcastle, causing it to go to war with me. It only had one other city (its outposts kept getting eaten by a siege worm), and my forces were already poised to take it, which they did right away. I finished the Beacon and was only 40-odd turns away from a Contact victory when ARC rather suicidally declared war on me. I had forces in position already, and I took its capital in two turns. Game over.

Then I started playing Civilization VI. The tutorial was pretty easy, though not being able to save the game was annoying, as I had to leave it running for over a week. Then I played a "full" game which I won quite easily and quickly. I was Arabia, playing against Germany, Greece (led by Pericles), and China. On turn 10, I found a relic in a tribal village. Although one of my special abilities meant I was guaranteed to get a free Great Prophet eventually, I decided to go for a super-early religion by building Stonehenge, which I completed on Turn 30. This won me the game, as for one of my beliefs I chose Reliquaries, which triples the Tourism and Faith of relics. I had originally been planning to win a Religious victory, but I got a Cultural victory instead after 48 turns, as the other civs weren't producing much culture yet, and the insane amounts of Tourism I was generating swamped what little they had in short order.

I then upped the difficulty level and started a new game. This time I'm Nubia, and I'm playing against Japan, Brazil, Spain, Arabia, and India. Japan and Brazil are on my landmass, and the other three are on the other major landmass. This time the barbarians were brutal. They found my capital early and swarmed me with horsemen and horse archers while all I had was a single warrior, but I managed to get enough troops together to beat them off and eventually take out their outposts, though it stunted my early growth. Spain founded Catholicism, but I was sure I would get the second religion. I was just about to get a Great Prophet when all three of the remaining religions were claimed. Brazil got one first; they must have spent Faith to finish it. The next turn Japan completed Stonehenge and Arabia got the last prophet, leaving me empty-handed. However, I'm still doing very well, with a huge science lead and the beginnings of a culture lead. I'm in the late Medieval Age and getting close to entering the Renaissance early, while only two other civs have recently entered the Medieval Age and the others are still Classical. I'm also starting to put out Great Works of Writing to help towards a Cultural victory, which will be doubly effective once I research Printing, which shouldn't be too much longer.

I've been watching 12 Monkeys too, though I think the movie was better than the TV show. I missed the last two episodes last week because I was away. I also like Shades of Blue and Shooter. I've watched a bunch of other videos, and I'm currently watching the Blu-ray collection of Tom Baker's first season of Doctor Who. I've seen Robot and The Ark in Space, and The Sontaran Experiment is up next after I finish The Ark in Space bonus materials. I'll probably put them on hold once I get the Blu-ray of SS-GB, which I preordered from BBC America.

I've long since finished The Drums of Autumn and am now almost 90 percent of the way done The Fiery Cross, the next book in the series. I'd never even heard of the War of the Regulation before I read it, and I know a lot about history. It's amazing what doesn't make it into (most) history books. I've put the sixth book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, on hold at the library, though it hasn't arrived yet.

I haven't had any time for solo boardgaming since January, when I tried Mansions of Madness (first edition) with the Call of the Wild expansion. There's one coop/solo scenario with two variants. It's a hard one. I almost won, but got killed shortly before the end.
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