A New Synopsis - Chapter 2 - Rough for now!

At long last the Stars are almost Right. Soon Nyarlathotep's plans will come to fruition. Then the world will be changed irrevocably -- but not quite yet. Pesky human investigators have learned much, but can they survive long enough to make sense of what they know?

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A New Synopsis - Chapter 2 - Rough for now!

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This is a new synopsis of the London Chapter. It's currently written entirely from memory and currently has a few holes, particularly during the last afternoon before the 'two year break.' That was the last bit of 'legwork' that you conducted prior to visiting Tewfik's spiceshop and the Ivory Wind freighter.
I'll read up on the area where my memory is failing me, and then tidy up this synopsis, but it'll do for now. It includes all London Events up to when you last split up. Adding any later events will require spoiler tags, so I'll leave that until I've tidied up this lot.
I'll separate these events into more than one post per day ASAP, adding dates, etc. I'm also considering the best way to also have a better presented synopsis off-site, eg obsidian portal or a campaign blog.

London Chapter
Arrived at Euston Station
Andrei storms off on his own, angry with Elizabeth. Maksim follows to try and get him back.
Everyone else goes to the Ritz.

Andrei and Maksim:
Confrontation at the Euston Hotel
Maksim leaves.
Andrei travels to Dodgy Papers bookshop to find Nethaniel
Maksim follows him later (can't remember how).

At Dodgy Papers:
Andrei meets Nethaniel, tells him about Jackson and also about Cult of the Bloody Tongue in New York. Nethaniel thinks he's mad.
Maksim arrives.
They think murder cult guys are coming (either a suspicious phone call or some else at the door), head off to British Museum because Gwen was also Jackson's friend & might be in danger!

At the Ritz:
The rest of the investigators split into two groups:
Elizabeth & Caroline will visit the Penhew Foundation.
Johnny and Timour will visit Mickey Mahoney at The Scoop.

The Penhew Foundation:
Elizabeth and Caroline meet Edward Gavigan, he is pleasant, but they get the impression that he's not entirely truthful with them. He becomes suspicious of them as they chat. Caroline gets them out of there!

The Scoop.
The Scoop turns out to be a small & trashy Tabloid run entirely by the wannabe investigative journalist Mickey Mahoney.
Mickey knew Jackson quite well. He shows Johnny & Timour some newspaper clippings that Jackson looked at during his brief visit in 1924.
The clipping detail: The Thing in the Fog, The Derbyshire Murders, The Egyptian Murder Investigation, The Strange Paintings of Miles Shipley.

Back at the Ritz:
The investigators meetup back at the Ritz, then head off separately again.
Johnny will stake out the Penhew Foundtion to see if Gavigan is up to no good.
Elizabeth, Caroline & Timour will check out the strange paintings of Miles Shipley.

At the British Museum:
Andrei, Maksim and Nethaniel arrive just in time to save Gwen from being kidnapped or killed by vicious Arabic gangsters. A gun fight ensues resulting in one attacker being killed, one captured and one escaping. Gwen is safe, but her graduate researcher Alison died at the hands of the mysterious attackers. The method of Alison's execution matches the MO of the "Egyptian Murderer."
The police arrive, and the investigators meet Inspector Barrington and Sergeant Jones of Scotland Yard.

Outside the Penhew Foundation:
Johnny cases the foundation and he notes some shady looking characters lurking around the goods entrance at the back. Then he stakes out the place as it's closing and people begin leaving. As Gavigan is leaving Johnny notices the arrival of a mysterious truck (I think????).
Rather than trailing Gavigan, he chooses to observe what's going on with the truck. He follows it in a taxi to a warehouse in the Limehouse district, a notorious section of London's docklands.

At Miles Shipley's house.
Elizabeth, Caroline and Timour meet Miles Shipley and his nice little old lady mother! His paintings are all up in an attic studio. They are very disturbing indeed, and the highlights of the collection appear to be a painting depicting the monsterous tectacle faced creature from the group dream at Carlyle house, and even worse a painting depicting Andrei, Maksim and the scene of a murder at a museum!
While in the attic Elizabeth notices that Miles' mother has the shadow not of an old lady, but of a crocodile like creature! She also notes that the atmosphere in the house remaind her of the reptile house at a zoo.
British Museum. (I can't remember if the destination was a lucky guess!).

At the British Museum:
Timour sneaks past the police to snoop arround.
With the exception of him and Johnny, the whole group are reunited. Gwen & Nethaniel meet everyone.
After talking to the police and avoiding reporters the investigators sit down in a Tea Room to discuss todays events. Some of them feel like they're being watched. Andrei panics. The feeling evertually passes.
Inside the museum Timour is spotted by the police. He pretends to be Maksim, and chats briefly to Sergeant Jones.
Out on the street near their car the other investigators again feel as though being observed, Andrei dashes into a nearby pub to hide. When they calm him down they attempt to return to the car, but are attacked by "the thing in the fog" which Andrei later describes as a Chimera.
Timour arrives as the others battle for their lives against this horrific, almost invisible entity. The creature is eventually driven away by light from a flashlight. Nobody died, but it was a close thing: Nethaniel requires the kiss of life, and several others suffer from shock.
Andrei pursues a tall European from the scene, but looses him on the high streets. The tall European may have been Edward Gavigan.
Returning to the place where he first spotted the man, Andrei finds strange curved fragments, like a shattered alien egg.

At the Docks:
Johnny stakes out the warehouse visited by the truck from the Penhew Foundation, then sneaks around inside.
He checks a few random crates and finds grenades and machineguns. Checking out the crates from the Penhew Foundation Johnny finds high tech machine part, possibly from an aircraft. He takes a couple of items to show to the others. The Penhew Foundation crates are labelled for delivery to Ho Fong Imports, Shanghai, China.
While Johnny is at the warehouse he observes the Penhew Foundation crates being collected by sailors from "The Ivory Wind."
Once the coast is clear Johnny leaves the warehouse and makes his way back to the Ritz.

Back at the Ritz:
The investigators are all back together in one location for the first time since arriving in London!
They share their experiences before retiring for the night.

Next morning:
Andrei, Nethaniel, Timour and Gwen return to the British Museum. Gwen has access to "The Black Library" hidden below the Britsh Museum Library.
Johnny and Elizabeth???? travel to Scotland Yard hoping to chat to Inspector Barrington.
Maksim and Caroline????

Johnny, Andrei and Elizabeth travel to Limehouse and watch the police raid on the warehouse.
Maksim, Timour, Caroline, Gwen and Nethaniel head into Soho to check out the Spice Shop of Tewfik al-Sayed.

Limehouse District:
The police raid takes place without any bloodshed. All the warehouse workers are taken alway by the police, together with crates of weapons and some documents.
Once the raid is over the trio break into the warehouse and find that some ledgers still remain. They appear to include the Penhew Foundation imports & exports.
Leaving the warehouse they travel to the docks themselves and locate the Ivory Wind, a tramp freighter. Johnny sneaks onto the ship, while Andrei and Elizabeth wait in the car.
Johnny locates the ships charts, etc and is checking them out when Andrei and Elizabeth are attacked in the car by a monsterous bat like creature. Andrei drives it away by opening fire, and the creature snatches an Ivory Wind crewmember as it flies back to the stars.
The three return to the Ritz in the damaged car.

First the investigators visit Tewfik in his spice shop, then they stake it out until closing time. Tewfik leaves the shop at closing time and Maksim & Timour follow him to the Blue Pyramid club, a location connected to the Egyptian Murders investigation.
While Tewfik is gone Caroline, Nethaniel and Gwen break into the shop and search Tewfik's appartment.

The Blue Pyamid Club:
Maksim and Timour observe Tewfik talking to some rough looking characters and are offered assistance by a dancer called Yalesha before they are chased from the club by Tewfik and a large number of accomplices. Some of the bad guys board a truck. Maksim and Timour dash back towards the spice shop using the back streets as much as possible.

Tewfik's Spice Shop:
Searching Tewfik's appartment the investigators find a secret storage space inside a cabinet. They also find a wierd "magical looking" mirror.
The storage space includes several items, including cultist robes, an inverted Anke???? and various strange powders. They take everything and smash the mirror just as the truck carrying Tewfik and his men arrives!
Nethaniel and Caroline flee the shop out of the back, pursued by Tewfik's men, Gwen is stunned by a magical attack unleased by Tewfik and is captured.
The Rukov brothers get back to the area and flee in the car, taking shots at the cultists as they go. They pick up Nethaniel and Caroline and return to the hotel.

The Ritz hotel:
Meeting back at the Ritz without poor Gwen, the investigators return to their suite to find that a cleaning girl has been brutally murdered on Elizabeth's bed. A typed note has been left at the reception addressed to Elizabeth, that warns her that the same fate awaits her if she continues her investigations. The description of the person who left the note matches Gavigan.
Andrei storms off to the Penhew Foundation seeking revenge, Timour and Caroline go with him.
Johnny calls the police, and remains at the hotel with Elizabeth, while Maksim and Nethaniel go to try and meet Yalesha at the Blue Pyramid Club.
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