The Insane Thread

An old house is shrouded in dark rumours and fearful whispers. Its past residents have all had grisly experiences in there, and the few which are able to speak of it will not. Now, pulled in by the promise of money, several investigators try to find the house's dark secret.

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The Insane Thread

Postby zielonobrody » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:22 pm

Dan Marrison
Starting Sanity 45
After reading Corbitt Diary 42
Blood and gore 41

Karl Werner
Starting Sanity 45
After reading Corbitt Diary 43
Blood and gore 42

Andrew Greenwood
Starting Sanity 65
After reading Corbitt Diary 63
Blood and gore 62

Calum Childs
Starting Sanity 55
Hurtling bed 53

Will Crigler
Starting Sanity 55

Mike Peterson
Starting Sanity 45
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