An old house is shrouded in dark rumours and fearful whispers. Its past residents have all had grisly experiences in there, and the few which are able to speak of it will not. Now, pulled in by the promise of money, several investigators try to find the house's dark secret.

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1. I roll the dice at home. Trust me. I believe that the fewer times I have to ask you to roll and wait for them, the quicker the pace of the game. since we're using Karma Points, I will roll, post the result and ask you to decide if you're using your Karma Point for an automatic success, then I'll post any information needed in a spoiler box if I figure them out or your private threads if we have them.
2. You roll for Sanity when I ask you to. Preferably at You need to roll BELOW your SAN to pass.
3. I wait two days from my last post for any replies before hijacking your character. Don't expect them to do any heroic deeds while you're away.
4. I will keep your character sheets in printed form. If the investigator dies, I burn the sheet. If he survives or is driven insane, I'll post it to you when we're done. Sound fair?

In Character:
1. BOLD any names in your posts
2. Out of character text is to be in RED
3. Words spoken are to be in a shade of blue
4. Thoughts are to be in a shade of green.
5. Creative writing will be awarded. For instance if you want to Fast Talk your way into something, you'll get a bonus if you write down what you want to say.
6. Your investigator can TRY to do anything. If it's not in the rules, then we'll make one up.
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