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July 1969 - a time of great turmoil. America is deeply embroiled in a hot war in Vietnam and a cold war with the Soviet Union, while on the homefront there is tremendous unrest as the culture undergoes radical changes. While astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins are on their way to a date with destiny aboard Apollo 11, life on Earth is becoming more and more confusing. Defenders of established traditions are fighting an increasingly losing battle against those who want change. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are becoming more prevalent, and the threat of nuclear annihilation hangs over the planet like a shroud.

July 2009 - a time of great turmoil. America is deeply embroiled in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while on the homefront there is tremendous political division and the economy is in dire shape. A new president promises change, but can he possibly live up to lofty expectations? Crime has worsened with the economic situation, the scourge of drugs ruins countless lives, and the threat of another terrorist attack looms always in the background.

Strange events are happening that link these times together, and a handful of people find themselves caught up in them. Will they figure out what's going on before they lose their minds - or their heads?

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George Kling Beaukouski ("Cheese Burger")

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Player: ZeekLen
Name: George Kling Beaukouski ("Cheese Burger")
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Occupation: Hippie
Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

STR: 11
CON: 12
SIZ: 12
DEX: 7
APP: 9
INT: 12 (Idea - 60)
POW: 13 (Luck - 65)
EDU: 11 (Know - 55)

Sanity: 65
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 12
Magic Points: 13
Damage Bonus: +0

Background: Physically, George is an average looking young man not yet quite able to grow a full beard but with a wild head of dark hair and halfway decent sideburns. He wears a long-sleeved tie-dye shirt that has the phrase "God is Love" painted on the front in psychedelic letters paired with a denim vest complete with tassels and a patch with a swooping eagle and the word "Free" embroidered on the back. His jeans are not bell-bottoms as could be expected but instead they are more than possibly a size or two too small and a week or two past when they should have been last washed, they are ripped and frayed on the right knee. He wears a ragged pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. He smells of cannabis and his eyes frequently have a glazed over look in them.

George is the illegitimate child of Molly Beaukouski a 3rd generation american polish cocktail waitress and Vincent George Kling a well known architect. His father paid under the table child support to his mother until he was 18. After that his mother kicked him out of the house due to his lifestyle choices. George dropped out of school not because he didn't enjoy it, he truly felt he could learn more from experiencing life first hand, to become a part of this cultural movement while it lasted. Maybe it was seeing the marches and protests on the television, or maybe it was the records that he listened to, music that seemed to flow so freely and without traditional barriers, maybe it was the use of "mind-expanding" drugs that made George feel as if he finally understood what this game he was playing was really all about, whatever it was that inspired him George had become a hippie. He walked the streets during the day, sometimes with friends, begging for change or food any kind of handout they could get, really. George was genuinely good at this due to his sunny demeanor and the fact that his life style really did fulfill him. He would ask people for a few nickels and dimes to get a cheese burger, then as the sun went down he would go get that hot juicy cheese burger and take the rest of the money he scraped together that night and get into some fun. Most nights he would find his way into various live musical shows. He rarely paid, either talking his way in or finding another entrance. Once inside he would make friends, enjoy the peace and free-love, and take "mind-expanding" drugs.

George knows many musicians and dozens of other like minded hippies. He knows enough friendly people that he rarely sleeps outdoors and when he does he never sleeps alone.

Skills: (Non-default skills BOLD, Professional Skills ITALICS, Hobbies preceded by a DOT. Checked skills followed by a *)
Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art(Freestyle Poetic Verse) (05%): 15
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%): 25
Biology (01%):
Chemistry (01%):
Climb (40%):
Computer Use (01%):
Conceal (15%):
Craft (05%):
Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Disguise (01%):
Dodge (DEX x 2): 14
Drive Auto (20%):
Electrical Repair (10%):
Electronics (01%):
Fast Talk (05%): 65
First Aid (30%):
Geology (01%):
.Hide (10%): 35
History (20%):
Jump (25%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (25%):
Listen (25%): 45
.Locksmith (01%): 21
Martial Arts (01%):
Mechanical Repair (20%):
Medicine (05%):
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
Operate Heavy Machine (01%):
Own Language: English (EDU x 5%): 55
Persuade (15%): 70
Pharmacy (01%):
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (05%): 60
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%):
.Spot Hidden (25%): 50
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Fist/Punch (50%):
Grapple (25%):
.Head Butt (10%): 35
Kick (25%):
.Knife (25%): 50

Handgun (20%):
Machine Gun (15%):
Rifle (25%):
Shotgun (30%):
SMG (15%):
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