Death Toll

The survivors from the T-Bone flee for the safety of Warren Air Force Base, while a lone woman struggles against all odds to stay alive in a very dangerous place. A small group of survivors races across Nebraska in a pickup truck. The helicopter group arrives in Omaha in a last ditch effort to save the world, but time is running out. Z-Day seems to last forever, but it will come to an end. The sun is getting lower, and night is coming...

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Death Toll

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This is a running list of all the characters who have died in Chapter 4 and a short statement for each about how they met their doom. There may be spoilers for threads in which you do not have characters, so read with caution. In situations where I don't want players to realize that certain characters are dead yet, I will delay adding them to the Death Toll thread until such time as I feel it can be revealed. I'll update this thread as the death toll escalates, so check back if you see a character snuff it.

Current through July 24, 2009:
Mei Ling- Endured unspeakable horrors at the hands of some very evil men. She managed to escape from her cell and take down the worst of her captors, but then she decided to take her revenge by putting a bullet in him with his own pistol. She forgot that guns make noise, and noise attracts attention. The skinhead that showed up had an M-16 but did not see her at first, and she made the additional mistake of opening fire on him. When a woman with a pistol meets a man with a rifle, the woman with the pistol is a dead woman.

Dr. Dale Owens- Bitten by a zombie during the desperate escape from the motel, Dr. Owens was doomed from that moment onward. He helped make sure his friends made it safely to Warren Air Force Base before taking his own life not far from the gate.

Alicia Vargas- Enslaved and brutalized by the skinheads, she helped her friends make a daring escape from their cells and was badly injured while saving Zoe Gallagher from a horrible fate at the hands of one of their captors. The same skinhead took her hostage when Zoe grabbed his M-16 and turned it on him, and she bravely sacrificed her life by telling Zoe to shoot him anyway. One of the bullets hit Alicia in the head and ended her life.

Major Jaclyn MacPherson- No zombie ever touched her. She was mortally wounded by stray bullets fired by Captain Nils Johansen at a zombified patient, and then finished off when Robert fell and accidentally hit her with the IV stand he was trying to use to finish off the zombie. Her genius, leadership, and compassion will be sorely missed. Without her, the odds of everyone else surviving have dropped.

Captain Isaac Drake- Driven mad when he saw a patient rise from the dead and attack, he fled in terror. He was shot dead by his own men when he tried to run out of the exit and break quarantine.

Richard Saxon- Failed to convince Ho Nguyen that his former fellow inmates were more of a threat than he was and took matters into his own hands by trying to assassinate Joey Milano when he thought he saw an opportunity. This proved to be unwise, as Milano's associates gunned him down in less than a second.
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