Zombie Apocalypse

A group of strangers at a highway truck stop must cooperate to survive as the world becomes overwhelmed with legions of the living dead. But more terror awaits them as they race to prevent the end of mankind and the coming of the Zombie Apocalypse. (This is a Blood Brothers Campaign based on Call of Cthulhu Rules and the films of George Romero).

[This game accepts new players]

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  • Chapter 3 - Over, Under, and Through
    As the afternoon gets underway, the survivors from the T-Bone have been split up. The helicopter group must land at an airfield halfway to Omaha for refueling. Those still on the surface try desperately to defend the motel, while those trapped underground fight for their lives as they search for a way out.
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  • Chapter 4 - The Longest Day
    The survivors from the T-Bone flee for the safety of Warren Air Force Base, while a lone woman struggles against all odds to stay alive in a very dangerous place. A small group of survivors races across Nebraska in a pickup truck. The helicopter group arrives in Omaha in a last ditch effort to save the world, but time is running out. Z-Day seems to last forever, but it will come to an end. The sun is getting lower, and night is coming...
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  • Chapter 5 - Dead of Night
    As day gives way to night, time may be running out for the human race. Warren Air Force Base is still in human hands, but there is a crisis within and what's left of the world risks plunging into nuclear chaos. A small group of captive women hopes desperately to escape from their cruel captors, while another woman is undercover amongst them. Two park rangers at a station near Chimney Rock prepare to weather the night. In a convenience store south of Ogallala, tensions are high as employees, survivors, and criminals try to survive the night. In Omaha, scientists may have won humanity a reprieve, but at a high cost. The zombie outbreak appears to have ended there, but there are still dangers. Will Omaha be a bastion for survivors, or will it descend into anarchy?
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  • Chapter 6 - Dead by Dawn
    Darkness now shrouds the zombie-infested land. At Warren Air Force Base, various survivors and USAF personnel try to hold out against the hordes, but will internal division tear them apart? In western Nebraska, most of the captive women have found their freedom thanks to the rangers' intervention, but two of their captors have gotten away with one of them as a hostage. Can they escape from a new horror and find a way to rescue her? And in Omaha, though the zombies are no longer a threat, danger still abounds. A large group of survivors has holed up in a school, but a band of violent juvenile delinquents, a drug-dealing gang, and others may prove a greater peril than the dead. Who will suvive the night, and who will never see the sun rise again?
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  • Chapter 7 - The Morning After
    A new day dawns, and with it new horrors. Tensions are rising at Warren Air Force Base, where traitors lurk behind the scenes and the fate of the world may be at stake. A daring mission to Montana is launched, where an isolated ranch receives new visitors - and trouble. In Omaha, the zombie menace seems to be over. The few surviving law enforcement personnel attempt to restore order, but criminals are not going to make it easy for them. Preparations for evacuation are underway at Brooks High School, and a dangerous new threat lurks.
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