The Horror in the Blackout

London, 1940: The world is engulfed in the flames of war, and now the war has come to Great Britain's capital. German bombers rain death and destruction upon the blacked-out city, but what other terrors lurk unseen in the darkness? The Time Lord, his companions, and a handful of London's inhabitants doing their bit may be the only ones who can avert disaster.

This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the fifth of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that includes The Terror Out of Time, The Ninth Planet, The Shadow Over Dunwich, and The Brotherhood of Death.

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  • Episode 1
    Story, Elizabeth, and Brook arrive in London in September 1940, in the middle of an air raid. They discover the body of a woman who has apparently been killed by something unnatural. They meet air raid warden Eddie Lawlor, who guides them to an air raid shelter where several others have taken refuge. A German airman also arrives, claiming that his bomber was downed by a monster.
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  • Episode 2
    Story and his friends investigate and soon identify those behind the monster's appearance, which leads to a deadly confrontation for Brook and Eugene and the arrival of something truly horrific.
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  • Episode 3
    While Story, his companions, and their friends learn more about the threat they face and how to stop it, they also track down those responsible for unleashing it - with dangerous results.
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