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  • The Glendale Spirits
    Modern-day exploration of the quiet Cumbrian village of Glendale to investigate the reportings of ghosts and fairy folk.
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  • The Shadow Over Dunwich
    1985, Dunwich, England: Will the Time Lord, his companions, and a team from UNIT uncover the secrets that this decaying town harbors, or will they fall prey to its horrific perils?

    This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the third of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time and The Ninth Planet.
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  • Servants of Chaos
    In the latter part of the Aeon When the Stars Are Not Right, a Ghoul stumbles upon a lethal secret. His colleagues assemble a band of monsters-turned-investigators to avenge his death. In a twisted version of Call of Cthulhu, the players are the unspeakable terrors learning just how insane the terrestrial race is.
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  • Ash
    Listen. Sometimes it hurts to let it all slip away. Sometimes it's easier just to die. But how can we do that when we know that she's out there? Waiting for me. Waiting for all of us. If you would only find her, maybe we could finally rest.
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  • Sukakpak
    Spring, well north of the arctic circle. 1975. A small surveying camp sits just south of the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk and Bettles river confluence, among dense forests of spindly spruce trees. Above it, the ramplike prow of Sukakpak mountain dominates. It is a striking, curious and isolated peak south of the Brooks range. A survey team is re-flagging the original pipeline route that was flagged in ’71. There is great urgency, as construction of the North Slope Haul Road has already begun and will reach Atigun pass in less than a month. The route must be clearly marked.

    And now a man has died.
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  • Roots
    It's the summer of 2017 in small town Virginia. The tranquility the residents take for granted is shaken by disturbing news: Karen Parker is missing. To some she may be a friend or neighbor. To others, a daughter. But regardless of the relation, the investigators set out to bring her home. But ancient evils lurk everywhere, and as the investigators are about to discover, some are very close to home...
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