The Dark Continent

In 1880, Africa is yet to be fully explored. The source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, has been discovered, but much of central Africa is a blank map, ripe for exploration. The motives are many; scientific fame, economic exploitation, or even spreading the word of the Lord.

Sir Archibald Winston-Smythe is a venerable emeritus professor of anthropology and history at the British Museum. Part of the first wave of explorers he is now far too infirm to travel again. And yet he has heard tales and talk from others who have carved deep into the Jungle. Rumours of depraved tribes and horrible cults cannot escape his notice.

In good standing and influence, he has commissioned another expedition into the very heart of Africa, past Lake Victoria and to the root of these strange stories, ostensibly for the progress of science and understanding, but also to determine the truth or otherwise of the stories of such locales. This hidden agenda is only alluded to, for the full horrors that bubble underneath are not for the ears of the brave men (or women) who will go boldly where no civilised man (or woman) has gone before.

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