Walker in the Wastes

"In June 1845, two Royal Navy vessels, H.M.S. Erebus and H.M.S. Terror under the command of Sir John Franklin departed the Shetland Islands on their quest to search for and chart the long sought North-West Passage. Initially the expedition made excellent progress, but this ended when they were beset by ice to the North of King William Island on 12th September 1846.

On 5th April 1848, the doomed vessels were abandoned and the remaining crew members attempted to head South to safety at trading posts in Canada. Unfortunately their trek was doomed to failure and all were doomed, so the public believe, to starvation, disease and the elements.

Tne investigators are part of a long-term experiment being conducted in the Northern reaches of Canada. Sponsored by the University of Toronto and The Canadian Government, the plan is for a select group of experts and scientists to live and work on a permanent base on the Adelaide peninsula near the location of some of the remains of some of the Franklin Expedition members previously discovered."

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