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    The year is 998 A.D. Welcome to the Dark Ages. The players are transported to the Eastern March of the Germanic Empire, in the thickly wooded hills to the north of Vienna.

    The investigators are joining senior Brother Gudman, Brother Drogo, and five warrior monks on a two-week journey from Regensburg to Laa, an outpost on the eastern border of the Germanic Empire. The monks are missionaries sent by the Bishop of Regensburg to try to convert and pacify the heathen Magyars to the east of Laa.
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  • Mare Balticum
    [They] "transport beaver hides, the pelts of the black fox and swords from the farthest reaches of the Saqaliba to the Sea of Rum [i.e., the Black Sea]. The ruler of Rum [i.e., the Byzantine Empire] takes a tithe of them. If they wish, they go to the Tnys river [i.e., "Tanais", the Greek name of the Don River], Yitil [i.e., Itil, the ancient name of the Volga], or Tin [variously identified as Don or Seversky Donets], the River of the Saqaliba. They travel to Khamlij, the city of the Khazars whose ruler takes a tithe of them. Then they betake themselves to the Sea of Jurjan [Caspian Sea] and they alight on whichever of its shores they wish. ... Sometimes, they carry their goods from Jurjan by camel to Baghdad. Saqlab slaves translate for them. They claim that they are Christians and pay the jizya."

    885-886, Ibn Khordadbeh writing about the Rus merchants who brought goods from Northern Europe and Northwestern Russia to Baghdad
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