The Triad of Games

This is my poll-section for three upcoming games.
I will post three sub forums for those games to let you in on what they are about.

After the poll, I´ll start with the game that attracts the most interest.

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  • Götterdämmerung - Sub Rosa
    In Götterdämmerung you explore the darkest of lores and hidden crafts of the 18th century.
    You live in the days and time that were removed from the annals.
    The mysteries you shed light on during the enlightenment are not looked upon kindly by the ruling governments of Europe.

    The events take part Anno 1730.
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  • 1928 - The Second Cycle
    In March 1928 on Trotsky´s request, Stalin meet with the dissident outside of Lenin's dacha, later known as Gorki Leninskije. Exactly what was being said can only be speculated upon. But through cryptic
    notes from Stalin, interviews with employees and
    excerpts from Stalin's daughter Svetlana Iosifovna Allilujeva´s diary, the following is known.

    • Trotsky is trying to make one last attempt to get Stalin to
    abandon his policy of "socialism in one country" in favor
    of a world wide revolution.

    • Trotsky put forward some information he received from loyal
    subordinates during his tenure as president of the Soviet
    electro-technical board. An object with fantastic properties had been
    found. Other objects with weird features has been hinted upon.

    • Trotsky put forward a new theory about humanity and how different groups should relate to each other. This new information, completely overthrows the foundation that both he and Stalin were brought up on.

    • Trotsky implies there is more information. But he doessn´t want to share this before he is sure Stalin knows the ramifications of what has to be done.

    Shortly after this meeting, Trotsky is exiled to Alta Alma...

    Here, the story begins.
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  • Blade Runner - Tears in rain
    Darkness, green smog and rain. Always the rain. Weather in Los Angeles never seem to change, there´s just short respites with no downpour. It´s as if nature is fighting back against the violation of her being.
    The cause of the dark hour of life on Earth is unknown but scientists theorize that over-consumption is the cause of the set back.

    Most parts of Los Angeles have been depopulated due to hazardous housing. The areas deemed good enough to live in are concentrated to downtown L.A. Areas outside downtown have some inhabitants mostly consisting of Specials or criminals.
    This all gives a feeling of L.A. being overpopulated. In a sense it´s true, but actions can be taken to improve the standard of conapt buildings far from downtown.

    The question is: Who´s going to pay for it?

    The poor, down and out people get burial lots in the cemeteries. The rich, on the other hand, can afford medical care and prolonged life – in cryonic suspension.
    Some are opposed to this technology as ”we only are given a certain time here in life”. Mercerites believe that enduring the strife of life is the purpose of life and death. “To alter the way of nature is what got us where we are at now”.
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