The Shadow Over Dunwich

1985, Dunwich, England: Will the Time Lord, his companions, and a team from UNIT uncover the secrets that this decaying town harbors, or will they fall prey to its horrific perils?

This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the third of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time and The Ninth Planet.

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  • Episode 1
    New UNIT Scientific Advisor Dr. Valerie Kirby has mysteriously disappeared during routine inquiries in Dunwich, and a team from UNIT has been hastily assembled to go to Dunwich in order to find her and bring her back. Meanwhile, Story and his companions materialize in Dunwich and begin to explore.
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  • Episode 2
    The TARDIS goes missing, dragged into the sea by something inhuman. During their investigations, Story and his companions join up with the team from UNIT. Leonek and Salem make a horrifying discovery.
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  • Episode 3
    Elliot and Valerie Soames set out to rescue Dr. Kirby, while Salem and Raymond MacIntyre remain on the beach and the rest of the UNIT team helps Story and his companions recover the TARDIS.
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  • Episode 4
    The UNIT team members are split up and must flee from Dunwich for their lives. Elliot is captured by the Sea Devils and their hybrid offspring, and Brigadier Crichton organizes a raid to deal with the threat in Dunwich.
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  • Episode 5
    As UNIT's raid on Dunwich unfolds, disaster strikes. The opposition is prepared for their attack, and everything hangs in the balance of a battle that could go either way.
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