The End of John Company

Calcutta and the Oudh, 1857: The days of the British East India Company's rule over South Asia are coming to an end. But it is the start of a a new year, and the troubles that are about to spring forth are only vague rumors and distant stories slowly filtering to the teeming populace of Calcutta, the administrative heart of British rule on the subcontinent. Peace, it seems, is being achieved through unification and pacification. For the young British officials employed by what is affectionately known as "John Company" it is a chance to make a fortune before one day returning to England with money in one's pocket and a substantial financial investment in India's growing commercial development. The so-called "fishing fleet" is due to arrive, while the sounds, the sights and smells of this foreign soil is nearly overwhelming. But Victorian pluck and courage allows for adjustment and what passes for acceptance to quickly appear. India is a mystery, and a welcome one, for the young East Indian Company officials or Company soldiers, or perhaps their spouses or fiancees, who are assigned as staff members to a newly appointed District Commissioner for the recently pacified region of north India the British are calling the Oudh. Destiny is calling, as is adventure and mystery. Are you willing to participate in this call to your duty as well as the lure of potential profits beyond even your wildest beliefs?

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