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  • The Brotherhood of Death
    Rome, 44 BC: The long and bloody civil war is over, and Julius Caesar has emerged triumphant as the undisputed ruler of Rome. The Republic appears to have been saved, but all is not right. Dark schemes and intrigues abound, and unimaginable horror lurks behind the scenes. The Time Lord and his companions, along with various people living in Rome, are caught up in the middle of it all. Can they unravel the mystery before chaos consumes everything?

    This is Classic Doctor Who meets Cthulhu Invictus, the fourth of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time, The Ninth Planet, and The Shadow Over Dunwich.
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  • Leagues of Adventure
    In Leagues of Adventure the characters are all middle and upper class Victorians who go on wild adventures in response to wagers, handsome payments from rich patrons, invitations from adventuring leagues, or
    simply out of sheer boredom. Opportunities abound to thwart dastardly deeds, discover lost cities, mingle with new cultures, and plumb the darkest depths of the globe.
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  • The Eyes of a Stranger
    Victorian Horror. A fashionable London party, a murder in mysterious circumstances...
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  • The Burnt Man
    December 1880. The characters are tasked to assist in the case of a suspected haunting by a recently murdered landowner on Dartmoor. Investigations will drag them into a confrontation with an ancient horror, and a terrible curse.
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  • The Masterwork of Nicholas Forby
    During a sweltering August in 1881, one of the members of the Seekers of Enlightenment receives a letter from an old friend, requesting help in solving a family mystery. It will soon become a matter of life or death…
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  • Carcosa Rising
    Cannich, Scotland; Late October 1921 The adventurer Henry Hancock has found a site of ancient ruins and he's invited his friends to come on holiday to help him excavate it, but before that fun can begin the Silver Twilight Lodge decides they want what Hancock has found. To make matters worse, the cultists of Hastur find out and want it too. With the investigators in the middle of two murderous and opposing cults, they'll be hard pressed to protect the strange artifacts that have been found, let alone themselves and the world.
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  • Shadows Over Scotland
    Splendid, a vacation in Scotland, just the ticket. Let us begin with a short boat trip and take in some of the fresh, sea air.
    Call of Cthulhu in 1920s Scotland, first scenario ‘The Ballad of Bass Rock’.
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  • The Rat's Haunting
    The old Corbitt house is shrouded in dark rumours and fearful whispers. Its past residents have all had grisly experiences in there, and the few which are able to speak of it will not. Now, pulled in by the promise of money, several investigators try to to find the house's dark secret.
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  • Find Him, Please (Trail of Cthulhu)
    New York City, 1933.

    A man is missing and the girl wants him found. What more do you need to know?

    This game will be run using the Trail of Cthulhu (copyright (c)2009 Pelgrane Press).
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  • Escape from Innsmouth
    A small and decadent village in the coast, with a blasphemous secret. And sometimes, what you see is only the beginning of the horror…
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  • Forbidden Journey: An Adventure in China
    "Most journeys begin less abruptly than they end, and to fix the true beginning of this one in either time or space is a task which I do not care to undertake."

    -Goodbye. Goodbye and good luck.

    -Au revoir, mes amis.

    The train track turns and runs through low hills, the locomotive disappears, all that can be seen are puffs of steam; aboard it are Peter Fleming, Special Correspondent to The Times, and Ella Maillart, Swiss adventuress, they are at the beginning of a secretive--to the Chinese authorities, anyway--travel adventure. Their goal is British India.
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  • The Haunting
    Boston 1920: Strange events at 20 Copp’s Hill Terrace have left minds ruined and families shattered. But how believable are such tales as strange figures and moving inanimate objects in our modern age? How readily should we disregard the influence of the otherworldly? After the recent real-life horrors of poison gas and industrialized slaughter, can we give credence to tales of odd visions and supernatural presences?

    Investigating 20 Copp’s Hill will prove that we should not dismiss such tales too lightly...
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  • A Star on the Shore
    August 1921, Boston.
    A dead guard at the abandoned chapel, a stolen statue revealing strange numbers and a burnt postcard. A strange night sighting by a Harvard professor only 2 days later has led to too many coincidences to ignore.
    Dr. Chambers is forming another MAPS team, and you have been called.
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  • Edge of Darkness
    Arkham, Massachusetts, 1928. The last dying plea of an old friend and mentor leads to an encounter with a horror beyond description. Unwittingly released into the world nearly fifty years before, it is now time to finally confront the mistakes of the past. But it will come at great cost...
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  • The Madman
    May, 1928. A journalist disappears in the midst of strange goings on in the mountains of Vermont. Was it a simple accident, or something else? A terrifying conspiracy is underway, and it is up to an intrepid band of investigators to stop it before hundreds of lives are lost.
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  • Dead Man Stomp
    Boston, August 1928. The jazz age is in full swing, but there’s one trumpet player whose music does a lot more than merely inspire people to dance. An encounter in a nightclub will lead to the investigators being plunged into a sanity-shattering chain of events while they try to prevent greater catastrophe.
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  • Hockomock Hounds
    The headline in the newspaper reads 'Huge Hounds Haunt Hockomock'. The police have closed the case as only being coyotes and a crazy farmer. But you know better when it comes to stories that don't seem quite right. Where do these black hounds come from, what do they want (besides their nightly chicken dinner)? And how do you stop them?
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  • The Chapochaug Tunnel Haunting
    A student has gone missing and the investigators have been tasked to find him. What is the connection to the mysterious abandoned railway tunnel at Chapochaug, which is rumoured to be haunted?
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  • Dead Light (7th Edition)
    Despite racing against the rain on your way northwards, the storm finally caught up with you in earnest and with it the night has fallen, abyssal black and riven by lightning. Conditions on the rain-swept road force your speed down to a virtual crawl so that your head-lamps can pierce the gloom and keep you on the path. The only thing certain now is that the weather behind you is worse than that which surrounds you, driving you onwards. What should have been an eventless journey has become something dangerous and unpredictable....
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  • A Little Knowledge
    The strange death of a student on the Miskatonic University campus involves the investigators again in a chain of horrific events. What is the link with the bizarre experiments conducted by the notorious Herbert West?
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  • Paper Chase
    It''s 1922, books have gone missing from the Kimball house. Stranger still in the year prior, Douglas Kimball the owner of the house had also gone missing. Thomas Kimball, the nephew of Douglas Kimball, now resides in the Kimball house and requests your assistance.
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  • The Sign of Virgo
    Portland, Maine
    August, 1928.
    Steven Gilbert is a wealthy businessman, a leading exponent of the bourgeoisie of the roaring twenties. He sees his heritage project going up in smoke, when Timothy, his only six-year-old son, disappears.
    A group of investigators will try to find his missing son. The group may include:

    1) Police detectives
    2) Private detective hired by Gilbert
    3) Relatives or friends strongly motivated to find the missing kid

    But Timothy´s disappearance is not the only gloomy burden weighing on the Gilbert family. Alyssa, Timothy's mother, committed suicide one year ago, and the reason for such an extreme action is still obscure.
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  • Mr Corbitt - 7th Edition
    The date is Sunday, 15th June 1924. The place is Bolton, New Hampshire. Looking after a sick relative, the investigators are about to get to know one of the neighbours a little better than they would like.
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  • Home Front Mythos
    Investigators must deal with the difficulties of the British Home Front during 1941 on a day to day basis only to find that the entities and cultist of the Mythos are finding ways to turn these problems to their own advantage.
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  • The Glendale Spirits
    Modern-day exploration of the quiet Cumbrian village of Glendale to investigate the reportings of ghosts and fairy folk.
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  • The Shadow Over Dunwich
    1985, Dunwich, England: Will the Time Lord, his companions, and a team from UNIT uncover the secrets that this decaying town harbors, or will they fall prey to its horrific perils?

    This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the third of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time and The Ninth Planet.
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  • Servants of Chaos
    In the latter part of the Aeon When the Stars Are Not Right, a Ghoul stumbles upon a lethal secret. His colleagues assemble a band of monsters-turned-investigators to avenge his death. In a twisted version of Call of Cthulhu, the players are the unspeakable terrors learning just how insane the terrestrial race is.
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  • Ash
    Listen. Sometimes it hurts to let it all slip away. Sometimes it's easier just to die. But how can we do that when we know that she's out there? Waiting for me. Waiting for all of us. If you would only find her, maybe we could finally rest.
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  • Sukakpak
    Spring, well north of the arctic circle. 1975. A small surveying camp sits just south of the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk and Bettles river confluence, among dense forests of spindly spruce trees. Above it, the ramplike prow of Sukakpak mountain dominates. It is a striking, curious and isolated peak south of the Brooks range. A survey team is re-flagging the original pipeline route that was flagged in ’71. There is great urgency, as construction of the North Slope Haul Road has already begun and will reach Atigun pass in less than a month. The route must be clearly marked.

    And now a man has died.
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  • Roots
    It's the summer of 2017 in small town Virginia. The tranquility the residents take for granted is shaken by disturbing news: Karen Parker is missing. To some she may be a friend or neighbor. To others, a daughter. But regardless of the relation, the investigators set out to bring her home. But ancient evils lurk everywhere, and as the investigators are about to discover, some are very close to home...
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  • Delta Green: Khali Gati
    The player characters are agents of a secret conspiracy within the U.S. government known as Delta Green. The Group (as it is known) has pulled some strings within the agents' day jobs to get them sent to Afghanistan, and now they have a mission. DG's insistence on operational security means that the agents know next to nothing about what they're doing other than: Collect intelligence, and, if a supernatural threat exists, end it.

    Kali Ghati is © 2015 by Shane Ivey.
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  • The Ninth Planet
    Styx Base, 2112: Humanity has established a foothold on Pluto, at the very edge of the solar system. Story and his companions arrive just as a crisis is brewing. Humanity plans to spread its empire to the stars, but there are other forces at work. The destiny of the human race is at stake, and the Time Lord and his friends may be the only ones standing in the way of impending doom.

    This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the second of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time.
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  • The Memory of the World
    Thousands of years ago, in the Hyborian age, a hero changed the world- Conan. But other heroes who have been forgetten existed, and this is their story.
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  • Titanic Horror
    In the late 22nd Century, there is a small human colony on Titan. Operational for six months, life is tough and challenging, but strange geological activity threatens to unearth alien horror and madness!
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  • Achtung! Cthulhu - Fate
    April 1941- Vichy France.

    You are, you are assured, somewhere over France. But whereabouts, your guess is as good as anyone’s. Beyond the small windows of the Lockheed Hudson all you can make out is darkness, and one patch of darkness looks like any other. Suddenly that darkness is broken by five patches of light that seem to burst into life. Five fires that should outline the drop zone. Five fires that show you are expected, and that friends wait below.

    The converted bomber passes over the fires, then turns back.

    “Green light, good luck chaps”
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  • The Provost of Eton's Inheritance
    When the Provost of Britain’s most prestigious college for boys is bequeathed a parcel of land in a rural backwater he’s never even heard of, the venerable old man calls upon a select number of friends to look into the matter.

    Why was Dr. Preedy mentioned in the last will and testament of the Squire of Wergyn Hall? Where are the ruins of St. Wergyn’s church, of which he has become the unexpected custodian? What is the truth behind the strange tales and legends that haunt the benighted countryside?

    Set in the 1900s, The Provost of Eton’s Inheritance leads the investigators from the rarefied air of the college cloisters to the wilds of the English Marches, in this 7th edition Call of Cthulhu adventure inspired by one of H.P. Lovecraft literary heroes: the master of the ghost story, M.R. James.
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  • A Cool and Lonely Courage
    This is a tragic role playing story game about the women of the Special Operations Executive in World War 2 France, for two to five players. You have been captured by the Nazis, and are facing interrogation and death at their hands. Together as players you tell the stories of these brave women through their training, deployment, missions and eventual capture, and discover their lives through flashbacks. Playing cards are used to determine whether the focus of each scene is one of love, failure, success or death. A scene may directly involve other player characters, or it may involve other people who are played in the scene by other players around the table. The game ends with a final session where together you work out who lives, who dies, who tells their stories.
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