The Ninth Planet

Styx Base, 2112: Humanity has established a foothold on Pluto, at the very edge of the solar system. Story and his companions arrive just as a crisis is brewing. Humanity plans to spread its empire to the stars, but there are other forces at work. The destiny of the human race is at stake, and the Time Lord and his friends may be the only ones standing in the way of impending doom.

This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the second of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that started with The Terror Out of Time.

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  • Episode 1
    Story and his companions arrive on Styx Base and are apprehended by security forces, while Captain Juliette Desjardins makes a startling discovery.
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  • Episode 2
    The Mi-Go capture Lt. Colonel Bruce, while Juliette Desjardins captures one of the Mi-Go and brings it back to Styx Base.
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  • Episode 3
    After a confrontation, the Mi-Go demands that all humans evacuate from Pluto and is exchanged for Lt. Colonel Bruce. As preparations to leave get underway, loyalties are tested and divsions come to a head.
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  • Episode 4
    The confrontation with the Mi-Go turns violent, and the survivors must flee Pluto for their lives. But will the crew of Styx Base bring humanity's doom back to Earth with them?
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