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Mr. Handy
Games Played:
Eternal Lies(Dr. Holly Chastain)
Masks of Nyarlathotep (7th Edition)(Amy Lawrence)
Servants of the Lake(William Preston, Esq.)
Devon Cthulhu 1920(Felicity Hayward)
The Condemned(Alice Stanton)
Fear Forgotten(Lt. Commander Ralph Harper)
The Two-Headed Serpent(Dr. Harry Smith, Jr.)
Groovy Ghastly Affair(Dr. Liz North)
Groovy Ghastly Affair: Dark Shadows (1967 timeline)(Victoria Winters)
Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home(Jocelyn Leigh)
The Lower Deeps(Laurent Toussaint)
Delta Green: S-Cell(Special Agent Vanessa Marchand)
Joint Task Force - Special Operations(Miranda Waterhouse, Agent Lee Shaftoe)
Ghastly Affair(Dr. Henry North)
Ghastly Affair: Dark Shadows (1795 timeline)(Reverend Orville Trask, Victoria Winters)
The Titan Incident(Samantha Golightly)
To Race the Thunder(Servius)
Arkham Horror(Mark Harrigan)
Games as Keeper:
Zombie Apocalypse - Blood Brothers style CoC
Space Oddity - CoC meets Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes in 1969 Philadelphia
A Cool and Lonely Courage

Doctor Who/Call of Cthulhu Campaign:
The Terror Out of Time (4 episodes) - 1930 London, England
The Ninth Planet (4 episodes) - 2112 Pluto
The Shadow Over Dunwich (5 epsiodes) - 1985 Dunwich, England
The Brotherhood of Death (3 episodes) - 44 BC Rome
The Horror in the Blackout (4 epsiodes) - 1940 London, England
The Masque of Nyarlathotep (? episodes) - 1517 Auvergne, France

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Doctor Who/CoC Campaign:
(viewforum.php?f=176)The Terror Out of Time
(viewforum.php?f=191)]The Ninth Planet
The Shadow Over Dunwich
The Brotherhood of Death
The Horror in the Blackout
The Masque of Nyarlathotep